Sony Ericsson W300i Walkman Phone Reviews

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The Sony Ericsson W300i Walkman Phone has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

Not too bad!

Reviewed on Monday December 3, 2007 by , calgary
I have had this phone for a little over a year, and i must say that its my favorite phone that i have owned. The reception is great, and i love that i can text really quickly because the keys are so easy to access. I love the look of the phone as well. I think my only complaint would be the plug in on the phone. I do not like that i cannot charge in my car, although i must admite that the battery life on this lil angel is amazing. I am amazed at how long it can go without being charged,love it! So for those of you thinking of making an investment by purchasing this phone, i would say..good on ya, you will be satisfied!!!
5 Stars out of 5

Very Good

Reviewed on Sunday September 9, 2007 by , Montreal Quebec
The phone comes with a removable 256 SONY M2 Memory card.
You could buy the 512 MB, 1GB or 2GB card and use it with this phone. However, the 2GB M2 stick from SONY..doesen't exist apparently. I went to every single store in Montreal to find it and none of them seem to even know if they ever had it. I then checked on the Sony website and..they don't even have a 2GB M2 Memory stick listed.. only 256MB, 512MB and 1GB. The phone however can take M2 Memory sticks that come from "Sandisk". and they on the other had do make 2 GB sticks, but keep in mind that they can be found but again, there not as easy to find as the other ones. M2 Memory cards are expecially for Sony Erricson mp3 cellphones. Other then this tiny problem, this phone has been nothing but amazing and I Recomend it to anyone.
3 Stars out of 5

It ain't a Nokia...

Reviewed on Sunday August 26, 2007 by , Toronto
Despite reading tepid reviews, I opted for the W300i via [service provider] because the Z710 wasn't in stock. Big mistake.


-good MP3 user interface.
-pretty good battery life
-many good features


-My #1 complaint: the keys may look cool, but they are terrible for texting and dialing. Maybe not as bad for women's fingers.
-it's an ugly phone
-The headphones are a nuissance because the rubber caps (in lieu of foam) get lost very easily.
-you can't use the headphones while charging the phone. It's one plug or the other...not both.

That's the last time I abandon my first love: Nokia.
3 Stars out of 5

Good and Bad.

Reviewed on Monday July 9, 2007 by , Canada
I love the look of the phone, the outside and inside. There are only a few things that don't like about this phone. The camera is REALLY had quality and takes really bad pictures. Another thing I don't like is that it only comes with two ringtones and that you can't use MP3 files as ringtones. I have to play a song on my computer, record it onto the phone, and then use it as my ringtone and it is bad quality because the recorder isn't that great. The screen is very small i wish they would take away where it says "Sony Ericsson" at the top. And "[service provider]" at the bottom and use that extra space to make the screen bigger.
2 Stars out of 5

Its alright, nothing amazing,

Reviewed on Friday March 2, 2007 by , Ontario
Ive had this phone since October 06. Its got ALOT of features such as MP3 with speaker AND headphones, radio, camera, internet browser, etc..though the camera is of poor quality.
I use to like the design, but Ive grown to think its a bit childish in my opinion. The buttons on the keypad are sort of overlapped over others which looks kinda weird and yeah... theres a few un-lit buttons, some of which are TINY. The screen is also quite small, you get use to it though.
The camera however is the worst feature. I rarely need one anyways, but when I do, Im either forced to chose between higher-quality (though, still low and blurry) but no zoom, or LOW (AND I MEAN LOW) quality, and zoom. The backgrounds and menus and stuff are alright, but Ive seen better. The sound quality is alrite, unless you're using speakerphone, whcich for your benefit, I wouldnt reccomend. Wish the outside screen was COLOR.
The cost is quite reasonable. The 1GB card and expandable memory is GREAT. The music player is quite a good feature too. I like the radio but wish you didnt have to plug in the reciever cord thing. Anyways its a good BASIC phone disguised as a full-featured phone IMHO.
4 Stars out of 5

Great Overall Quality

Reviewed on Thursday November 2, 2006 by , Montreal
This phone has been recommmended to me by a family member who used Ericssons for 10 years, and I have to agree, for overall quality, Sonys are top of the line.

This compact gadget is small enough to fit in your palm, it easily opens up with one hand and it's lighter than Razrs. It's well equiped with all the latest features.
Mp3 and RADIO (which is hard to find) are my favorite, the sound quality and reception are exceptional.
A reminder that the radio can only be listened with the headset as it works as an attenna.
Songs are easy to upload with the Sony software, once it's installed just plug your USB, drap and drop the songs.
When you purchase this cell, it comes with the full earphones, so you can actually use this as your main mp3 player.

Other phones may have built in music players as well, but you rarely see people listening to them!

A MAIN thing worth mentioning for anyone who likes a phone's appeal/design is that the w300i have EXCHANGEABLE faceplates.
You can slide/lift the front and battery cover without tools, and replace them with any colors of the rainbow, particularly found on Ebay. I have bought some pink and white faceplates for under 7$.

The battery time is an impressive quality, I can leave the phone on for 3 days, turned off at night and I don't need to recharge it.
For constant talk or music time, it provides a long 9 hours which is enough for a full day.

The camera quality is the main drawback, at less than a megapixel, the quality is rather poor, simulating webcams or other low end camphones. The w300i does a basic job and you can again upload photos via usb in seconds.

Some other slight inconveniences are: the small button located in the bottom right to turn on/off the device. The key is a little deep and needs to be pushed with tip of fingernails.
The program is very easy to navigate and it's well organized. However, if you download many 3D, Java games, you may encounter some screen freeze. (it happened to me only once)

By visiting the Sony website it's possible to download free themes, games and wallpapers, so if you're bored of the original orange Walkman theme, you may choose from a dozen others.

The greatest thing is the expandable M2 memory slot which can be increased up to 1GB, large enough for music, games and other files.

Some people have doubts about the round keypad design, resembling interlinking fish scales, but I love them and have had no problem. They have a smooth feel and are easy to press. Unless your fingers are fat, or you have extremenly short nails, it may be an issue (like with any cell phone) .
The orange buttons located on the top left edge used for volume control come in handy, primarly useful to check the time, or missed calls/ msgs.
The outer display screen can be lit up by pressing the side button, avoiding having to flip open the phone.

Aesthetically, this cell phone looks much better than conventional flip phones since it does not have the obvious antenna.

This an ideal phone for anyone looking for more than a simple communication tool, without paying a hefty price. It provides all the latest gadgets you need with simple to use and affordable package. It is considered to be ranked an intermediate level in terms of prestige/overall quality. It's full price is roughly 300$ compared to certain models that go all the way up to 500-600$.
But you will not be dissapointed, music quality is superior than standard mp3 phone.

The Walkman edition follows its title.