Sony Ericsson T310 Reviews

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The Sony Ericsson T310 has an average user review score of 5 Stars out of 5 based on 1 review.

5 Stars out of 5

An excellent choice!

Reviewed on Saturday October 25, 2003 by , Regina, Saskatchewan
What a great phone! After comparing both the T300 and the T310, the T310 comes out on top by just a hair.
The size: perfect; easily slipping into any pocket.
The feel: solid; unlike the T300 which feels a little flimsy.
The features: numerous; lighted keypad, tri-band frequencies, 250 phonebook capacity in phone, games, pictures, themes, sounds (monophonic and polyphonic), voice recorder, event book, alarm, timer, stopwatch, calculator, integrated AIM, SMS, e-mail, WAP, infrared link, vibrating function and call/data counters.
Not everything is perfect though.
1. The battery cover is cheap. Take it off carefully or it will break the teeth that hold it in place.
2. The volume of the earpiece seems a little low, especially when driving or walking in a loud mall.
3. WAP is great for surfing sites, but you will not be able to download anything greater than 3KB. I suppose this isn't a phone thing, more of Fido's WAP service. Esentially, I can't download anything from any of the sites since most items (that are good anyways) are greater than 6KB.
Overall, this is THE phone to pick up if you are starting a new service with Fido. If you're looking to update the old brick-sized phone you have, you can't go wrong either. If you are looking for the top of the line Sony Ericsson phone, wait for the T616 with integrated camera, Bluetooth and higher resolution screen.