Sony Ericsson T237

Sony Ericsson T237 Front View


April 2004


  • Colour screen
  • Handsfree speaker
  • MMS enabled


Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

Short term use ONLY

Reviewed on Sunday September 18, 2005 by , Ontario
What can I say?
I've been using this model for a year now. (Got it replaced twice and it's acting up again)

And VERY consistently,
about every 3 months, the mic part dies out.

So basically, you can hear incoming calls, but they CAN'T hear you.

First time it happened, bad luck.
Second time it happened, OMG it's FXXXing annoying.
Third time.... What can I say? I've been expecting it.

But during the three months, it works pretty well.
So if you want a temporary phone and you don't mind getting another one in 3 months, go for it.
(I've become an anti-sony ericsson, as you can see)

You get what you paid for.
1 Star out of 5

This is like running winXP on a intel 386 CPU

Reviewed on Friday May 27, 2005 by , AZ
OK, I've been using cell phones 7yrs now. This phone by FAR is the SLOWEST damn thing I've ever used. No cell phone I've ever bought has lagged like this does. To make it more clear, I've never had phone that lagged at all till I recieved this one. You push a button, and it does..... NOTHING. You wait 3 seconds, then if it decides to it does what you asked. Dial in a number, have fun dialing and not having the phone respond at ALL for over 5 seconds, then the numbers display, then it dials. Perhaps people have a soft spot for phones with dissabilities, that's the only explanation I can see why someone would think this developmentally disabled cell phone is "cute." Sony Ericsson either put either a way to slow processor in this thing or the software engineers that developed for this thing are still in gradeschool.

Either way, STAY away from it, unless you like a phone that lags when you press a key and has a blurry screen. To clarify, my family also has the same phone (they live in New England though) and have the same issues. Just a poorly designed phone, worst I've had the pleasure of using.
1 Star out of 5

Do NOT buy this phone

Reviewed on Sunday May 8, 2005 by , Ontario
I've been using cell phones for over 10 years, and this one is the worst yet!

1. BAD reception. Alot of buildings, houses, basements will not be able to get good reception which leads to =>

2. Sound breakage. Hard to understand the other person if it keeps getting cut off, eh?

3. Horrible mic quality. Can you believe it? I've exchanged my phone through my warranty twice already and it hasn't been a year yet since I've got this phone. Why? Because the microphone keeps failing after about 3 months use.

If you want to get a phone that's worth it, don't go for Sony Ericson, I'd go for Motorola, LG or Samsung. It's worth the money.
5 Stars out of 5

Synch with Outlook is great!

Reviewed on Saturday March 12, 2005 by , Ottawa, ON
I wanted a phone that didn't have a camera and would synch with my Outlook contacts so I wouldn't have to spend hours typing all my numbers into the phone. This phone does just that, with a USB cable and software from the manufacturers web site.

Reception and battery time are good, menus are intuitively organised. Buttons are a little small, but I have small hands so don't find this a problem.

This phone meets my requirements at a reasonable price.