Siemens C65

Siemens C65 Front View

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August 2004


  • Tri-band world phone
  • Colour screen
  • Integrated digital camera
  • GPRS handset


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5 Stars out of 5

Very gud fone

Reviewed on Tuesday August 23, 2005 by , Missisauga, Ontario, Canada
This is a gud fone everything operates the way it shud operate on a regualr cell but the camera has a problem, its blurry when i take a picture nd that really pisses me off but u cant expect a gud camera with a fone only 100 bucks on prepaid soo im happy witht the fone i dunno wut u ppl are saying about the firmware on my fone the firmware wrks gud no problemz at all this is a fone for beginnerz definetly!!for teenz like me i jus need a fone in case of emergency'z nd for talkin to ppl but having a camera come with it i am very happy:D appreciate wut u have cuz some ppl dun even get a chance to afford a cell phone to be pleased i luv the fone excellent id reccomend this fone for ppl that want sumthin cheap nd operates the way it shud its a gud fone for simple ppl that wud also like a camera, the best thing about this fone is u can record songz on the fone nd use it as ur ringtone i use it for all my 50 cent songz instead of downloading crappy ringtones hear the real thing by recording it on the fone overall exceptional fone for yung ppl!!
1 Star out of 5

Not good for photos

Reviewed on Monday March 28, 2005 by , Athens Greece
This phone has many diasdvantages
First regarding the battery it needs needs a recharge every 2 days or sooner, under heavy use
Second the Camera sensor takes very low resolution pictures 230x165 pixels and at night the images are worse
Also there are some bugs in its firmware, the phone hangs while playing games or during navigation in varius menus
3 Stars out of 5

Not bad

Reviewed on Wednesday March 9, 2005 by , Calgary
I've had this phone for about a week now and while the interface is nowhere near as complicated as the other reviewers make it out to be, there is one drawback. The volume has been a little disappointing. Maybe it's the abundance of time I spend using my iPod that has ruined my hearing, I don't know but, I find the speaker to be far too low for any calls made outside.

Would I buy this phone again, probably. I know I'm going to look at some others while still with in my satisfaction period.
4 Stars out of 5

this phone's got my approval

Reviewed on Tuesday December 14, 2004 by , toronto
excellent reception (picks up signal quickly and hold signal longer). also, the earpiece and handfree speaker have excellent volume and clarity. battery life is also exceptional, being able to hold charge longer, even in cold wintery conditions. it's loaded with tons of sensible features which you can use in your everyday real life (i've seen a lot of phones having features which are totally nonsense). The organizer works like a charm, especially the dictation mac. everything else is organized in a menu that's easy to navigate. few cons however: it really is a phone for serious cell users who knows how to navigate compact menus. definitely not for beginners. also, the directional toggle is small but once you get the hang of it, you'll get around pretty quickly. for such a hardworking and elegant phone, this phone's got my approval.