Sanyo Pro-700


Canada: Bell, MTS Mobility, Latitude Wireless


January 2009


  • 10-4 walkie-talkie, military-grade durability and GPS Nav


Latest Reviews

5 Stars out of 5

Best phone I've ever had

Reviewed on Tuesday June 5, 2012 by , Dunham
Je n'ai jamis eu de telephone plus solide et performant.Acheté en mars 2009 et il fonctionne toujours très bien qouique passablement endommagé ( le cosmetique ) Dommage qu'il ne soit plus disponible
4 Stars out of 5

rugged indeed

Reviewed on Sunday May 6, 2012 by , canada
I actually ran over my phone with a semi tractor and it was unscathed ... very impressive thought it would have damaged screen or something
3 Stars out of 5

Info hard to come by

Reviewed on Tuesday January 31, 2012 by , Redvers,SK. Ca.
When I purchased my phone ,all I got was the phone. No charger of any kind, no driver to connect to P.C., no USB cord, and precious little help from the Sasktel rep.Now I'm trying to find a driver so my computer will recognize my phone. Any suggestions?
5 Stars out of 5

simply indestructable

Reviewed on Tuesday December 13, 2011 by , langley, bc, canada
awesome phone. have in coverall pocket all day everyday. been dropped hundreds of times rained on lots. even been through FULL wash cycle, then spin,then rinse, then spin again... thought it was a gonner. dried out for 24 hours on heat vents with battery out. that was a year ago and my phone is looking a little ragged but works great!