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The Sanyo Katana has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 30 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

Katana is the best phone

Reviewed on Monday May 28, 2012 by , ontario
i have had my Katana phone since 2006(6 years)and it works perfectly,it is so user friendly. i got a replacement LG,used it for 3 weeks,hated it,not user friendly so i went back to my katana. I have dropped my Katana so many times, the back comes off, i just put it back together and keep on going. It is still using the original battery. I know it is going to die someday,it can't last forever. I have no idea what i'm going to do that day because then i will have to find
a new phone than is comparable to my Katana. I'm sure it's going to be hard.
2 Stars out of 5

transfert de photo(s)

Reviewed on Tuesday August 25, 2009 by , 36 mois
Je voudrais transférer de mon téléphone une ou des photos à tagquebec, j'aimerais savoir comment procéder. Merci.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday June 10, 2009 by , Canada
I've had my Katana for 2.5 years now and LOVE IT!!!! BUT...DO NOT buy the newest version of sucks. But my original one is AWESOME. There isn't ONE THING that I don't like about it. Mine is still like scratches or chips. Love the big screen. Great reception. Big keys that are easy to read and use. LOVE IT. BUY IT.
5 Stars out of 5

My personal view;

Reviewed on Saturday January 24, 2009 by , Puerto Rico
I believe this phone is extremely good. I've had mine for almost two years [2nd year on March], and it still works same as it had the first day. I never have troubles making calls, sound quality for ringtones is the same as it had always been, closes correctly, and for the kind of camera it has, I've been able to take some amazing pictures with it. And lastly, the battery still works perfectly. It can last me up to three days without charging. I honestly think this phone would last you quite an amount of years if you know how to use it. [And yes, I've dropped it quite a number of times, still works.]
1 Star out of 5

this phone sucked

Reviewed on Thursday January 15, 2009 by , ontario
i bought this phone awhile ago and only had it for 9 months and i got fed up with all the problems i was having with it. nothing worked probably on this phone. the browser never worked and txtin never workd and calls didnt come in right. and its too cheap
3 Stars out of 5

good phone

Reviewed on Saturday November 15, 2008 by , NO VA
I bought the first version of the katana when it first came out. I liked it because it was slim, small, and was pink. I bought it and loved it! After having it for about a year, there were some dings where I dropped it and the hinges where the phone flips out was a little loose if you had your phone only opened half way. One thing that irritated me though is that the vibrate setting was very weak and I'm not one to keep my ringer on. By the end of my time with the Katana, the vibrate setting would work sometimes and I missed a lot of calls because of that. I now havea a palm centro and like that a lot better.
4 Stars out of 5

sanyo katana

Reviewed on Wednesday April 9, 2008 by , Canada
ive had my phone for just over a year now, and i love it. the camera has pretty good quality, its easy to use, realllly durable (i drop it about 3 times a day and it isnt phased at all) and i get service pretty much everywhere. i also like that with text messaging, after the inbox has gotten to 200 (180 for outbox), the bottom message auto-deletes when a new message is received. this is really handy, instead of having to delete my outbox 4 times a day. the only thing ive noticed is after having it for a while, it doesnt close all the way. my buddy has had the same phone for a little longer than me, and his only closes about half way unless he holds it closed. has anyone else noticed this?
1 Star out of 5

tres decu

Reviewed on Monday March 10, 2008 by , 3 ans
moi c`est pour mon travail pour trasnferer les donne rien ne fonctionne. photo ect
1 Star out of 5

Pas bon

Reviewed on Wednesday February 20, 2008 by , Sept-Iles
Oui moi je possede un katana en ce moment je l'ai depusi 6 mois deja et je peux dire que je suis decu de mon achat. Valeur qualité prix je suis amplement decu..le son n'est vraiment pas bon avec le temps les touches s'afessent et ne fontionnent qu'a moitié je vous rapelle que cela fait seulement 6 mois que j'ai l'appareil en ma possession il faut que je le gardes durant encore 30 . Mais qu'est ce que l'avenir me reserve avec un tel citron...Sans parler du satellite qui ne fonctionne pas dans certaine grandes suis allé a chicoutimi durant 3 mois et j'avais beaucoup de mal a utiliser mon cellulaire... bon bien j'ai terminée
3 Stars out of 5

Not the pick of the pot

Reviewed on Thursday December 13, 2007 by , Manitoba
The phone for the most part works for what a "phone" needs to do and it gets fairly good reception. The vibrate only works randomly when it feels like it which is really frustrating. When i text though it will say its from one person in my contacts and its really from another phone even though the number is set to a different contact. The front screen also cracked one day for no aparent reason as it didnt get dropped and nothing pressed on it. The keypad is awesome for texting. once you figure out how to turn the web off its good to becasue the web botton is on the side and even the slightest press causes it to go on and then i get charged a crazy amount. the charge though holds for a pretty long time especially with the amount of texting i do and it still lasts about 2 days. its decent but im brining it in to get fixed or replaced.
5 Stars out of 5

I love the name katana so much I....

Reviewed on Wednesday November 21, 2007 by , Vancouver bc
I got my phone in july while I was pregnant with my daughter. I picked it because I liked the looks of it... Well I was thinking of a name for my daughter I kept seeing the name katana on the phone. Thought it was cool so I named my daughter Katana after my phone, she was born on sept 4th 2007. :)
4 Stars out of 5

It's a phone for heaven's sake

Reviewed on Tuesday October 30, 2007 by , North York
(Ok, so it took me a little while to figure out the ringer volume could be adjusted on the outside edge). Compared to my old Samsung which really had a low volume, my Katana is VERY loud on the highest volume. The photo quality is terrible, but I only considered that to be a fun "toy" feature and not for anything serious b/c after all, I bought a PHONE. The paint job on the blue is perfectly fine. No chips, no scratches, and my phone is constantly bumping around in my bag with keys and pens. But I'm ticked off that 1) I can't selectively block out an individual number (some telemarketer seems to have got my number) and 2) I can't figure out how to increase the number of rings before a call goes to vm. Can anyone help?
3 Stars out of 5

where's the computer link cable

Reviewed on Thursday October 11, 2007 by , newfoundland,canada
phone is ok but unable to find link cable to move pictures to computer
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday October 8, 2007 by , Canada
This phone was decent for the year i had it but it never really wowed me now it has stopped working for no reason and i hate it the vibrate only works half the time and the camera is absolute garbage. There is no zoom that i could find and i had it for a year, the picture quality is crap, and it doesn't even do videos not to mention the camera is in a stupid place because you always have your finger over it. The delay between when you click to take the picture and when it actually takes the picture sucks too so if you move your hand your picture is messed up. It can't take a memory card so you can't take many pictures and unless you want to spend money sending every single picture to yourself then you can't do much with your pictures besides make them your background. It does get decent service but still loses it quite often never dropped a call but thats more [service provider] than the phone anyway so good work [service provider] but you shold have released it in black because it looks way cooler but i guess who cares i's garbage no matter what colour it is.
5 Stars out of 5

Options géniales

Reviewed on Wednesday October 3, 2007 by , Bedford
J'ai acquis ce nouveau cellulaire en août 2007 et je le trouve génial. La facilité d'entrer des messages textes, la facilité de gestion des dossiers dans le téléphone, la bonne réception (meilleure qu'avec d'autres cellulaires bien connus), look super branché.

J'adore ce téléphone !
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday August 21, 2007 by , Peterborough ON
I am looking at buying a Katana, but concerned about methods available to retrieve pictures from the cell phone. Is it possible to connect the phone directly to a computer via USB cable to download the pics? and/or, I noticed in the Kodak machines there is a USB port, can one take the cell in there to print the pics off?
4 Stars out of 5

Sanya Katana 6600

Reviewed on Friday August 17, 2007 by , Ottawa Canada
I've had my phone for about 3 weeks now and I love it! And I don't know what everyone is talking about when they say that the ringer is quiet? Just set the volume higher - I must say that I was nearly blown out of my seat by the volume on my phone. I had it mistakenly set on high and it just about scared the heck out of me! And let's face it, it's a PHONE - it's not a digital camera nor an mp3 nor a video player - all of which I already have. I just wanted a good phone for when I'm travelling/on the road in my car. And that it is... The only negative thing I have to say is that in order to download the pictures from my camera to my computer, you don't only need the cable but need to purchase the software that goes with it - I think that should have come included with the phone.
3 Stars out of 5

My few hours experience

Reviewed on Saturday August 4, 2007 by , mississauga
I just got the sanyo katana and i think that it does scratch pretty easily because i just got it and dont remember doing any damage to it but it has a small scratch like the paint is chipped off. I'm not sure if it does that with all of the colours though, i have the pink katana and when i was comparing the pink and white one the white one seemed to have different kind of paint, and seemed stronger but i don't know. so far i'm pretty happy with the phone, but the features from the motorola razr are more appealing to me.
1 Star out of 5

My experience

Reviewed on Wednesday July 18, 2007 by , dont come get me
Well, i had a katana, but firstly, it scratches really easily because the paint is so thin.
Secondly, the vibrating (ring tone) doesn't always work so you miss many of your calls, and
Thirdly, it doesn't come with games or have vidoes
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday June 30, 2007 by , B.C.
How could anyone take a serious opinion from people who can't even spell QUIET. IT IS QUIET NOT QUITE. I'm amazed at how many people do not even know that. The Katana is a great phone as long as you arn't looking to use it as a all in one MP3, 4MP camera or something- If you want that, buy a palm or blackberry. This is a great phone for teens and adults who want to be able to make calls with great reception, take pictures, download ringtones and backgrounds, and have a cute phone though it all!
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday June 6, 2007 by , St.Johns
I've had this phone for about ten minutes now and I already wish I had my razr again. One problem the downloaded ringers are way to quite. Txt is way to long to type having to press buttons three and four times were as the razr faster texting another thing is the downloadable backgrounds don't cover you'll whole screen saver.. deffiantly a thumbs down in a ten minute review also speaker phone needs to be loader..
1 Star out of 5

below average

Reviewed on Saturday May 5, 2007 by , Canada
I find this phone below average. For one thing I miss many calls because the ringer is so quiet

Secondly the ear piece jack is not comparable with most ear pieces

Thirdly I recently went to a bell store to get an adaptor so I could use the Phone to connect my laptop to the internet. Bell didn't have The adaptor, so the phone will not work as a go between. Now I have to buy more hardware to connect my laptop to the internet, and buy another service.

I am not impressed
4 Stars out of 5

Excellent reception

Reviewed on Saturday April 21, 2007 by , Québec
Better than a Motorola Razor.

Good speaker quality. A lot of my friend who works at Bell Canada have this Sanyo 6600. If you don't need mp3 and you just wish a good quality cellphone for business, its the best choice. In case it's for music, choose the Fusion.

Best cellphone I've ever tried since the last few years.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday January 25, 2007 by , sanyo katana
j'ai eu un téléphone sanyo katana de bell et croyer moi,
c'est pas la mèere a boire, c'est ben trop chèere pour le peux de comoditer qu'il a..penser s'y deux fois avant de vous le procurer, il est peut-etre beau mais c'est tous ce qu'il a, moi j'ai été trèes décus, je pense même a l'échanger pour mieux ..sérieux bell vous me décever
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday January 6, 2007 by , Terrebonne
incroyable, fantastique, gracieux, surprenant, sans scrupule, invulnérable, fascinant, crédible, gentleman,
précipice, flamboyant, magnifique, JUDICIEUX, marant,
4 Stars out of 5

Amazing phone

Reviewed on Saturday January 6, 2007 by , Canada
This phone is a an amazing piece of technology. The capabilities avaliable on this phone make it simple and easy for anyone to use. I LOVE my sanyo Katana to the max!
4 Stars out of 5

Pretty good

Reviewed on Monday January 1, 2007 by , Ontario, Canada eh
i just got the new sanyo katana phone and i am very impressed with it. It is a very slim phone so girls, you can fit it in a jean pocket. It comes in four awesome colours and is good for teens. The camera is pretty clear but i dont know how to get the pics on my computer (help). Over all id say its a pretty good phone. By the way, how much does it cost to go on the internet??
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday December 27, 2006 by , winnipeg
I also find the ringer quite quite I just gort mine three days ago. I do not like how you have to go to the web to retrieve pictures that some one else sent you wich then costs you an extra 54 a month where the razor phones you don't have to.
4 Stars out of 5

pretty good

Reviewed on Thursday October 19, 2006 by , London, ON
I have been using this phone for 2 days now. Pretty decent phone with a great look. I am browsing the net a lot which seems to be killing the battery really fast. I wish the ringtones were a little better in the phone and you could do some videos. I have used a razr for a day but then returned it and got this one (didn't want to pay 80 bucks more for just video capabilities). So far, liking the decision of switching to katana.
4 Stars out of 5

Sanyo Katana 6600

Reviewed on Tuesday October 3, 2006 by , Ontario
Just got my Katana through Bell Mobility and so far so good.
The keys are pretty flat but there is a feature (echo keys) that repeat each number as it is pressed.
The pictures look pretty good for a VGA camera.
The reception seems good as well. Better than my wife's Samsung (from Bell as well).
The external screen is small and the picture really can't be seen at all but the clock can be read quite easily.
The speaker phone works well for the person being contacted but volume is a little low, as is the ringer, for noisy environments. Having said that, my hearing is not as good as it once was....
The battery only lasted 24 hours the first day but I was doing alot of playing around on the phone putting in contacts etc. so it was really not a fair test.
Overall first impression has been good. No there is no MP3 player, or a megapixel camera as in the new Razr, but it does have analog capabilities which is nice when you're out and about on the back roads. I would've been willing to pay more for a Katana with these features because of convenience, but I need a good PHONE, i've already got a Digital Camera and a MP3.
It is GPS Assisted and apparently supports finder Services, e911 etc.
It does let you screen calls where you hear the person leaving you a message so you can decide whether or not to answer. For instance, you can guage how angry your wife is and make up your lies before you answer.
Unless something untoward happens this phone will definetly be a KEEPER.