Samsung Rugby

Also known as the Samsung A836

Samsung Rugby Front View

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January 2009


  • Meets military specs
  • Access on the 3.5G network
  • Operates from -10C to 55C


Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

Ability to use phone

Reviewed on Saturday February 5, 2011 by , Vernon
I bought this phone for my husband who is phone/computer dumnb. I am astute at these things, and even have trouble trying to figure things out on it without a manual. Just to delete a picture takes too many different buttons. The texting is like trying to read another language backwards. This may be able to be thrown against a brick wall without breaking but it is useless for people that have no clue about cell phones
2 Stars out of 5

Media player sucks, ring tones limited

Reviewed on Thursday August 26, 2010 by , Vancouver, bc
Media player from original phone as well as Rogers both horrible, no volume control while music is on, distorted audio.Equalizer-bad, no base boost . . . Quality is also bad. Compare to other phones this one is not the best. Over all just a regular phone with LIMITED ring tones functions.
1 Star out of 5

bad batteries

Reviewed on Wednesday August 25, 2010 by , Cambridge ONT
I just wondering if any one else has had this phone. I'm on my second one and both of them only hold a charge for two or three hours. Rogers is a pain to deal with matter on hold for over an hour twice
5 Stars out of 5

Great Cell Phone ..........

Reviewed on Tuesday March 9, 2010 by , Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
The samsung SGH-A836 is a great phone. I work at the airport and I'm in all weather conditions and the SGH-A836 has not let me down. I had a RAZOR K1 before not a good outdoors phone. I'm not real good at navigating the phone features yet but I'm getting there. I would strongly recommend samsung SGH-A836 for someone who needs a resilient talking piece.