Samsung Rugby 4

Also known as the Samsung SM-B780W, Samsung SM-B780A

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Canada: Bell, MTS Mobility, NorthernTel, Rogers, SaskTel, Tbaytel, TELUS


October 2014


  • 3.0 MP camera
  • GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Rugged, military-grade casing
  • Dust-proof and water resistant


Latest Reviews

1 Star out of 5

Same problems as everyone else

Reviewed on Wednesday May 25, 2016 by , Chilliwack, BC
Speaker died within the first week, they sent it back to the factory and instead of fixing it, they sent me a new one. Makes me wonder whether the inherent speaker problems are design flaw. Now I've had this one for two months and the battery is good for about a day before it dies. My Rugby III would last a good week. Don't buy this piece of garbage, its not worth the headaches....
1 Star out of 5

Poor Functionality

Reviewed on Monday March 21, 2016 by , Guelph ON
I recently switched from the Samsung Convoy series which is the comparable Verizon phone. I had Convoys for over 6 years. No contest. This Rugby is painful to use compared to the Convoy. What can be done in one click on the Convoy requires 3, 4, or more clicks on the Rugby. Absolutely everything requires going through multiple menus. There are no hotkeys or shortcuts (i.e., that are actually short). The address book functionality is horrible. If I want to scroll to names that start with "S" I type in S and I get any name that has any S in it in any position. Texting is truly a pain. Phone sound quality is terrible and I have the same problem as others with being unable to hear the other end. I don't understand how Samsung can have produced both a lemon like this phone and the Convoy, which is sleek, lightweight and functional.
1 Star out of 5

Sound died

Reviewed on Monday March 14, 2016 by , philly
Been back to repairs 4 times had phone replaced once now sound in ear speaker will not work.
Out of warranty so I need to buy a new phone in 14 months

Worked super until this defect which seems to be common
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday February 18, 2016 by , Vancouver
This phone would have been OK 10 years ago but in 2016 its junk. Texting is painful, the phone is below average in quality, the camera is junk by today's standards. Why would Samsung produce something like this now? Don't be cheap get a real phone.