Samsung m510 Reviews

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The Samsung m510 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 14 reviews.

1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday February 16, 2011 by , Private
WEll ermmmmm this cellphone is HORRIBLE
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday December 14, 2009 by , Winnipeg
I've had this phone for a while and it just recently broke on me (not out of nowhere) it's very dependable i've had no problems with it just a great phone
5 Stars out of 5

Po pire

Reviewed on Wednesday April 8, 2009 by , Québec
Super bon téléphone. Ya du monde cave qui trouve ça trop compliqué d'utiliser une carte microSD pour transférer? Bordel c'est pas fort.

On peut toute faire avec ce phone, même nos propres sonneries...
5 Stars out of 5

great phone!

Reviewed on Saturday March 14, 2009 by , mississauga
I've had this phone for a year and a half now and I love it! Very comfy to use and I'm surprised to hear people complaining about the camera on this phone. I actually think it's quite impressive quality for a phone cam and I've even made printed some of these pics at digital photo places in standard size. They look good, not pixelated at all. Sound quality is good for music and i love the flat keypad. Prob wouldn't be too good for a guy with big fingers, though. I give this an A.
4 Stars out of 5

Not bad

Reviewed on Sunday March 8, 2009 by , Vancouver
-Looks good. Smooth.
-Strong, won't break easily
-Doesn't seem to scratch easily
-Godly connection -even when it says no signal, it often does have one if you dial. (note: I use Bell)
-Difficult to flip open. Sometimes you click buttons by accident, or must flick the screen to open.
-Navigation is a bit convoluted
-Battery life is around maximum 3 full days for me
-Camera is good, but it can be annoying trying to start the camera (button is small, on the side)
2 Stars out of 5

not good.

Reviewed on Thursday October 16, 2008 by , Edmonton
I think this phone is very very poorly set-up/made. It seems like a simple phone but it has many flaws...first of freezes a lot, second of all...the battery life is not long AT ALL, it quickly dies so carry around a charger at all times. The camera is not good quality no matter how hard u try to make the picture look good. I supposes it an ok phone if you don't use it too much and are just directly focused on using it for phone-calls. Samsung...disapointing.
4 Stars out of 5

reply to media issues

Reviewed on Monday September 1, 2008 by , Ontario
You must first create a media folder in your memory card on the phone to put songs into it. Then put your songs inside the media folder from your computer to be able to play them on your phone.
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday August 16, 2008 by , montreal
Goes to show you cant judge a book by its cover....
Beautiful and sleek, but trying to download using card is extremely frustrating, every download cannot be read because of file format.Hard to play games with the key pads,AND WHY it doesnt come with usb cable is beyond me, my wifes cheaper lg did, this is the last samsung i will ever buy...LOOKS GOOD FROM FAR BUT FAR FROM GOOD!!
2 Stars out of 5

... dont care for this phone

Reviewed on Monday April 28, 2008 by , Canada
ok so i had this since nov. and i must say i miss my LG phone.... the keypad sucks on this phone the back button is so small.... i hate when im texting someone and it closes the text and goes back to the main screen before i have a chance to send the text... it does this twenty times a day :( i cant get music onto this phone because it wont read the music i put on it... sometimes it wont save a picture onto the phone when i go to save it for a screen saver so i have to turn off my phone for five minutes then turn it back on and try to save the pic for a screen saver again... they really need to change the keypad cause i always hit the ok button when i want to hit the direction buttons.... i do like though how bright and vibrant the screen is... the screen is easy to scratch though... its built tough though i havent broke it yet and iv dropped it a number of times... its ok for picture taking... i love that you can take long videos with it... but i do want a new phone already im sick of this phone and its little issues they drive me crazy
1 Star out of 5

memoire auxsilaire cable usb

Reviewed on Monday March 31, 2008 by , montreal
il vendre des telephone m510 avec camera mes pas de fil de transfere bon tu peu prend des photo mes tu peu pas transfere
3 Stars out of 5

relier mon telephone

Reviewed on Tuesday December 18, 2007 by , deux-montagnes
je veus relier mon telephone a mon ordinateur et je ne comprend pas comment,bell ma dit quìl na pas de fil
1 Star out of 5

Pas de batterie

Reviewed on Sunday November 11, 2007 by , Laval
Je ne comprend pas pourquoi ma batterie est toujours morte ,je la charge durant la nuit et meme si je ne l'utilise pas je vois l'icone de batterie baissé je dois le charger 2 fois par jour si je l'utilise et c'est une batterie neuve que j'ai maintenat ,Acheté neuf il y a une semaine deux batterie
4 Stars out of 5

Good phone

Reviewed on Saturday October 27, 2007 by , Ottawa, ON, Canada
I've had this phone for almost 2 weeks now and I'm overall pretty impressed. The first thing you notice is how sexy it looks; very sleek and pretty. Although it feels solidly constructed, something feels wrong to me about the way the flip-top sits (due to its reverse hinge design). It doesn't feel like it's going to break off, just seems a little more fragile than other flip phones I've had. The external screen is small but still clear and vibrant. The external controls (camera and volume rocker) are very small and not easy to press (especially the camera button). The covers on the microSD and USB connector slots feel pretty good compared to other phones, and it's nice to have access to the SD card without having to take out the battery. Of course, it sucks that the phone doesn't come with the USB cable for data transfer but transferring files with bluetooth is fast and easy.

When you open the phone, you first notice the gorgeous colourful, vibrant screen; it's very nice. The keys look great but as they are almost totally flat, it can be difficult to dial. The control pad area is the hardest since everything is flush, you can often press the OK button instead of a direction (or vice versa). So far the keypad is probably the biggest downfall of this phone. The # buttons are pretty big though, so they aren't too bad to use, although i can imagine it will be almost impossible to use with gloves on.

As for calls and features, the phone is great. The sound quality has been great for the calls I've made and reception has also been very good. I've noticed it getting signal in areas where others on the same network but different phones(Bell) can't. Texting, other than the keypad issues, is easy and the predictive text, along with T9, make it quick. Menus are nice but nothing special.

As for extra features, I always said I wouldn't buy a phone for anything other than being a phone, but this is pretty nice. I haven't used the music and video playback features much but the beautiful screen make the videos look nice. The fact that you have to use the included headphones is somewhat annoying, but just because i don't like earbuds. I wish you could use imported music as ringtones, but you can't. It doesn't have external music controls but since I don't plan on using this as an mp3 player (I have a real mp3 player for that), it isn't a big deal for me. The camera, despite not having a flash, is really nice and takes really great pictures in good light. They are actually very impressive. However in darker settings, I've tried playing with the options and still can't get it to take nice pictures, they're always a little blurry. There are lots of options, such as settings for different lighting conditions, brightness, night mode, etc. The quality of the pictures is good enough that I will probably use the camera quite a bit more than initially anticipated. Videos also come out nice, with good picture and sound.

So far, I've only needed to charge the phone twice in 10 days (it came charged for some reason); although i haven't been talking on it much, i have been playing with it quite abit to learn the features, so it looks like battery life is as good as advertised (i have bluetooth and positioning turned off; only turn bluetooth on when i use it).

All in all, I really like this phone. Other than the keypad and outer button issues, I like almost everything about this phone and would definitely recommend it.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday August 14, 2007 by , Barrie Ont
I look at this Cellphone and say, What a cool looking thing, it has Style, and all the things you need in a phone...great job..and around of applause for the creator..