Samsung Jack Reviews

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The Samsung Jack has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday August 29, 2009 by , regina, sk
I have had many phones and work for a wirelesswave location and have yet to work with a phone that is not as easy to get around, as fast, and amazing as my samsung jack. everything is pretty much one click away. also a verrrry durable wireless phone.
2 Stars out of 5

could someone help me

Reviewed on Monday July 20, 2009 by , edmonton
i got this phone a little over a year ago and it just like died
every time i try to turn it of it will get to the windows mobile screen then before it can get to the home screen it will shut down
can anyone help me with this
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday May 5, 2009 by , Montreal
I got this phone for free and I still think I over paid...I have spent more time on the line with tech support than any other call.
I exchanged the first handset because it would not hold a charge, the second one holds the charge but I was told that I need to shut down the phone everyday to prevent it from freezing, which I did but now I need to run the phone on the "Edge" network because it does some freaky stuff when I run in 3G.

My opinion, this is the worst piece of cr*p ever!!!
1 Star out of 5

Get a different phone.

Reviewed on Monday March 30, 2009 by , New Brunswick
this phone has been nothing but problems, no liq damage or physical damage at all. the battery life is terrible and it always re-sets itself. It has been replaced 3 times under warranty.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday March 19, 2009 by , Montreal
worst pda I ever owned!
If you want a PDA and absolutely need Windows mobile get an HTC.
consider yourself warned!
it freezes all the time when browsing.
just terrible!!!!
5 Stars out of 5

All around awesome phone

Reviewed on Thursday January 8, 2009 by , North Bay, ON
This phone is awesome. Its easy to navigate on.

Battery life in 3G areas is not the best, but I can deal with that
3 Stars out of 5

I Like the Jack II

Reviewed on Thursday November 13, 2008 by , Mississauga
To all where Vista does not recognize the phone. Turn off your firewalls... That was the only way all the software works.
Otherwise, i have a fido acc. and GPS works only with their provider at $10 month. which is not something i wanna do. I already pay $30 for data ...
4 Stars out of 5

Great Phone but

Reviewed on Thursday October 9, 2008 by , Toronto
Ok this has been a great phone but I have only 2 beefs with it.
1. windows mobile dose not pick up phone numbers from web pages so you can not dial directly from a web page like a blackberry it will do this from emails though.

2. Why for the love of all sanity can it not have a normal headphone jack? Itís an all in one device and at time I just want to listen to a youtube video or some music I can not take the head phone from my MP3 player and plug it in. Noooooo I am forced to use the supplied head phones with the proprietary jack or a stupid dongle or a AD2P Bluetooth headphones.

3. This is something I wish all phone makers would start doing (Sony, Samsung, Motorola Iím pointing my finger at you)

The good

Itís been stable good battery life and browser compatibility is good. The clarity and volume level is excellent and performs well in noisy environments. Picture quality is good for a phone and the speed and application performance is great.

The SD card is accessible from the out side of the phone witch is nice when I want to pop in another card with music or a movie when traveling.

My Wish List to see on a Jack or the have available

Normal headphone Jack
External charger to charge spare battery
2 Stars out of 5

RE: Jack not working with Vista

Reviewed on Wednesday July 30, 2008 by , Calgary
You are apparently just a nub. I just got the Jack today and have Vista, it works great. Installing software on it took some research, but it is fairly easy once you figure it out. You have to copy the .cab/.msi/.exe to the phone via the File Manager in Vista's Sync Center and then run the installer on the phone.
1 Star out of 5

It would be great if it worked

Reviewed on Sunday July 20, 2008 by , Halifax
I got a Jack about a month ago. I have yet to be able to synchronize it with my Windows Vista. The software that comes with it won't work. I spent an hour on the phone with a Rogers rep who kept insisting that he couldn't do anything because Rogers doesn't support Vista and finally downloaded a patch from the Microsoft site and it doesn't work. So I have a very pretty phone that won't do anything I need it to do, except talk. I'm getting extremely fed up.