Samsung A840 Reviews

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The Samsung A840 has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

Amazing phone!

Reviewed on Sunday December 22, 2013 by , Tennessee
I think that this phone is amazing! The camera is good, the battery life is good, and it is fun to use! This is just my opinion about this phone. I love it!
1 Star out of 5

i hate it!!! ... but after 3 yrs it still works

Reviewed on Saturday July 11, 2009 by , calgary, ab
I just hate the phone, the photo quality sucks, the speakerphone sounds horrible, a lot of funny noises... you cannot download the pics or ringtones to your computer.... i just hate, cannot wait until my contract is over to get rid of it!!!!
1 Star out of 5

Lasted two years. But i HATE the phone.

Reviewed on Monday May 26, 2008 by , Sherwood Park, AB
I have had the phone for 2 years now.
It has been dropped alot, and its survived.
I spend alot of time at the barn (horses), so my phone
has been through alot.. its still kicking.

However. I hate the phone.
When i talk on it for a while, the buttons start to get really hot.
Camera sucks... when i e-mail the pics from my phone to my computer, the pictures are horrible.. poor quality.
The speaker phone is aweful. It cuts in and out all the time, so i have never been able to use it.
And it does this crazy thing in the winter when its cold out... when i close my phone.. it shuts off and turns back on... so i have to close it really really really gentlely.
Ring tones are not very clear.
There is just tonns of things i can't stand about this phone.
The only reason i have had it for 2 years is because the phone i had before this one broke before my plan was up, and i was told(by telus) that when i got this phone, if it broke, telus wasn't going to let me get another one..
1 Star out of 5

Data unfrendly

Reviewed on Wednesday June 6, 2007 by , Toronto
Yes you can take pictures but there're not yours [service provider] gets a royalty when you wish to download them for printing you must sign up for internet access because you can't get a data cable that allows you to interface with your computer.

Yes it has a voice recorder but you can't download those files either.

Yes it's your phone book but there's no way to download/upload the data base to you computer for editing or to use with other software like MS Office.

If I knew this I wouldn't have I got the phone .

The phone is NOT FREE it's a BONUS for signing a long term contract.

Other than that I don't find it any better than any other phones I've used.
3 Stars out of 5

pros and cons

Reviewed on Friday March 2, 2007 by , canada
well i had this phone for about 5 months and then i dropped it in water so i gotta buy i new one because its never going to work again, im not buying the same phone only because the camera sucks, you gotta hold it soooo steady to take a picture plus theres no flash so no night pictures, as well as the speaker phone sucks and if you download ringtones they dont play very clearly at all so you really just waste your money buying them. Other than those things the phones alright...
2 Stars out of 5

Not Impressed

Reviewed on Sunday October 29, 2006 by , Medicine Hat
I bought this phone, The guy at the store had told me how good it was. After about a two weeks i took it back, You can't hear anybody talking to you, It cuts out like the phone has been dropped in water or something. There is no flash on the Camera so it has to be pretty bright. Also when you add numbers to the phone, It will show you who you are calling but when somebody calls you it comes up at 403 then the number, So you have to add 403 before everyone's number but then it wont show you who you're calling.

1 Star out of 5

WoW This Phone Sucks!

Reviewed on Wednesday October 25, 2006 by , Abborsford B.C
I would think twice before buying this phone. It not only gets worse reception that phones 3 years older than itself, it also has a speaker that gets worse with age. It started off a decent phone than.... slowly got worse. When I am talking to people I hear about every 2 or third word. The first half a minute of conversation is good and than the speaker drops the voice way below what it was so that you cant hear what the person is saying. Than on top of that it starts to cut out and I loose so many calls. It was so bad that when I phoned telus they asked me to call from a lan line. I responded," I got this phone to be my lan line, and I have to put up with this on every call I make." They responeded that they couldnt hear me and to come in an talk to my reprsentative in person.

I have had it repair two times and it has not improved in the least.

You know a phone is bad when your provider asks you to phone from a lan line!!

I am only giving it a one b/c the functions and menu are good.
4 Stars out of 5

Overall good phone

Reviewed on Wednesday May 31, 2006 by , Toronto, On
Well i have had this phone for about 2 months, after my other one broke in a car accident. It is overally a decent phone, the only thing is that the speaker could be better, it is a bit grainy.

I like the camera on it, as i have an very unsteady hand, and small shakes, still gives a very good picture, the only thing that is a disadvantage is that it has no flash.

Another great feature is that everything is internal, meaning the antenna and speaker.

Out of 5 I give it a 4.