Samsung A600

Samsung A600 Front View

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March 2004


  • picture messaging
  • built-in 300,000 pixel digital camera with a Rotating Camera Lens
  • high definition 65K TFT colour display


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2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday November 30, 2006 by , mississauga
This phone was handed down to me from my cousin. I personally don't really like it because of the style of the phone. I think the top bulges out, which doesn't quite make it sleek. but that's probably due to the fact that you can twist the scrren around (tht's the cool part about it). I like how you can take pictures but I don't think that this phone has many features that yuo could play with. So, all in all.. if you're planning to get this phone, you should think twice and take a look around at the other phones first.
4 Stars out of 5

Quality Samsung

Reviewed on Sunday March 6, 2005 by , Calgary, AB
I just upgraded my phone from the Audiovox 8450. This phone is far superior in many ways.

For those of you who want some features, as well as EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY, then the Samsung a600 is for you. While talking to people on this phone, they sometimes think that I'm on a land line. The only other phone that I've had this type of sound quality on is my old samsung N370.

-flash with the digital camera
-big display
-solid casing
-average battery life
-ok picture taking
-SOUND QUALITY, ear piece volume has 6 or more settings.
-nice 3 colour LED on the outside
-easy to use menu system

-quiet ringer (even on the loudest setting, but this is usual for Samsung)
3 Stars out of 5

Not quite ready for prime time

Reviewed on Tuesday June 1, 2004 by , Vancouver, BC

Lots of directory capacity (300 entries)

Voice dialing works well with most normally spelled names, but names that are not usual English words, abbreviations, etc. are not understood by the phone, and are unrecognizable when the phone tries to read back these directory entries.

Color display looks good indoors and in the dark (but not in sunlight – see below).

Allows some user customizable functions.


The phone seems to experience frequent reception difficulty including excessive audio clicking. The signal strength seems to read lower (less than two bars out of five) in areas of the city that were four out of five bars or better on my last phone (Qualcomm Q-phone). The phone has very choppy reception if the signal strength is less than two bars out of five.

The display can not be read in the sunlight – the display just goes dark. Shading the display with your hand does not help.

The battery drains very fast (in approximately three hours) when the phone is open and the display is set to "Always Illuminated".

The phone is VERY SLOW to do things: over 25 seconds to boot up after turning the phone ON; five seconds to boot the camera function before you can take a picture (not good if you want to catch a photo-op that isn’t going to wait for you); a very lengthy and complicated button pushing routine and more delays (50 seconds) before you can send a photo; yet more delays between voice input commands.

They could have gone much further with user customizable features, display options, etc. For example: you can not add new Directory Group Names – you are forced to accept their four; no vibrate-then-ring option like the LG line of phones allow; limited choice of distinctive ring tones; powering the phone ON or OFF is accompanied by goofy music, which can be shut off to be silent, but I would have preferred the choice of a simple beep tone to provide audio confirmation. Yet they allocate menu space and allow endless options for marginally useful things like display background images and games.

All of the directory entries and all of the functions must be programmed through the phone’s keyboard – very time consuming and awkward. The option of doing this through my computer would have been nice, not to mention the ability to save my settings there.

Not enough memory: only 300kB maximum photo resolution; you can not store many photos, so the phone runs out of picture memory soon and does not tell you this until you have taken one photo too many - which you then must erase; and you can not use camera zoom when set to high resolution.

The photo quality is terrible and the photos frequently lack proper focus, especially for up-close detail (like photographing a written page), and in dim lighting (the built-in flash is useless). This camera feature is really just a toy or a conversation piece. Do not expect to be able to use it for taking any real pictures.

There is no IR or PC connectivity. If you do take a photo, you can not save it directly to your computer. At least with my service provider (Telus in Canada), you must upload the photo to their website or email it to yourself at a charge of $.25 per photo.

The phone seems to archive all of your picture captions which eventually causes a "This message is too big to send" warning to appear and prevents you from sending any more photos until you manually erase all of the archived captions (weird).

The keyboard illumination is poor. It uses a very dark blue light for the keycaps, which provides poor contrast in darkness. In addition, not all of each key is illuminated and some of the keycap letters are left dark.

There is no external display unless you want to flip the display around to face outward (and keep the display not illuminated if you want more than a few hours of battery life).

You must flip the phone open to power the phone ON or OFF – there is no external power button.

I find the phone to be a little too small. I would have preferred a slightly wider casing with a larger display (so that any name with more than eight characters does not have to scroll across the display), and a less crammed keyboard.

The casing is small and slippery. It could use some roughness or rubber to enhance holding friction.

The phone’s manual is sketchy, and its index is light on topics.

5 Stars out of 5

Best Phone Ever!!!

Reviewed on Sunday December 7, 2003 by , Calgary,AB
I bought this phone the first day it came out for $724 and by far this is the best cell phone ive ever owned. It has the best screen quality out there, awsome reception, and the pic quality is really good. Ive already downloaded some pics to my online album and thought the quality was amazing. The multi shot feature is great!!! Also this phone has a digit dial feature (just say "digit dial" into the phone then say the number u want to dial and it connects...its that simple). Everything works great on the phone no problems at all. Two thumbs up!!! Way 2 go Samsung.