Samsung A520

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November 2002


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5 Stars out of 5

So Far So Good

Reviewed on Wednesday August 20, 2003 by , Edmonton
I have had this phone now for six months and I love it. It is the easiest phone to figure out without reading manuals. My husband has had the new Motorola T720 for four months and it is impossible. Even the kids can't figure out how to get around the phone and they are usually good at things like that. I used to be a die hard Nokia owner but their phones don't have the sleek looks and samsung does. I only complaint for my phone is the antenna. I wish it could be a little shorter as I worry it could get caught or bent in my purse or if I wore it on my belt. But other than that I love my phone!!
1 Star out of 5

Expensive Junk

Reviewed on Monday June 9, 2003 by , Edmonton
I purchached this phone for my wife Christmas Eve, and not even 5 months later it quites working due to what I'm told is corrosion. The phone has never been dunked, or wet to my knowledge. It is always a leather case. When I took it in to the dealer, there were 2 other customer with the same complaint. When my wife went back to the dealer two days later the were 3 other customers with the same problem, and they say NO warranty coverage. I was also shopping around Future Shop to see if they had any complaints, and they said yes. I feel there has to be a manufacturing probem, either contact surface quality, and/or lack of a humidity seal. I still have my old Motorola DCP555 Flip phone (since 1996) that still works, and it has had the abuse of 2 kids that are now adults.
It was a great little phone when it worked.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday May 7, 2003 by , Montreal
Its been 3 mths since I bought this handset and it is one of the better handset by Telus. I personally will rate this handset the n#2 handset behinf the V60ci. The only con with this habdset is the battery life, but everything can't be good.Easy navigational keys, amazing phone book, great reception even in the metro system, good audio quality.If price is not an object in your decision I will strongly recommend this handset, because the V60 is a bit more expensive. Also, it Telus continue to market this type of handset, they are certain to see their customer base increase