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The Public Mobile BUZZ has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 49 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

Very good service for my family

Reviewed on Wednesday July 12, 2017 by , Ottawa, Ontario
I have used Wind Mobile (Freedom Mobile now) for 2 years and moved to Public Mobile. Main reason was national coverage. One drawback is Provincial call plan I chose, but when I buy International Long Distance add-on, it solved. Price, coverage, LTE data speed and quality, I like all of it.
0 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday November 3, 2015 by , Montreal
Public mobile = telus = Koodo
For the last 6 month i'v been having problems 5 out 10 incoming call goes to my voice mail 25% of the time can't send text but can received them. Call the costumer support they tel me it's my phone the problem. buy a new phone 600$ same problem call costumer support again i have a bad phone. send the phone back to company get an other one same problems. the only problem i have is i don't pay enough 25$ phone and txt

change to Koodo 35$ voila problems solved funny same network
4 Stars out of 5

Good but not perfect

Reviewed on Wednesday October 7, 2015 by , Windsor
The pricing and plans are great. Cheaper than anyone, coast to coast coverage and no overuse charges (data/long distance). You get to use what you paid for and can't go over that limit.

One draw back is that you can never call/text a US number but really how many times do I have to?

You may see people complaining about horrible customer service having to email/use to forums to solve an issue but this is a No Frills company. They are owned by Telus but we are not paying Telus prices. You are able to talk to a customer rep but it's a little bit of a work around. Most of your common problems and solutions can be found on the forums.

Another Bonus I received is $10 off per month for 12 months for signing during Beta. Also if you sign up for Auto pay you get an extra $2 credit on your bill. This may not seem like a lot but with my plan it means I get 1 month free use this year.

One current issue is that they charged me twice in 1 month for the service. Which they quickly caught refunded me and sent a free movie pass as make up for it. We are doing Beta testing so issues are bound to happen.

Overall I have to rate this company as good. Don't listen to others reviews who expect "top quality" service while paying cheap prices. I went from paying $1980 a year to Rogers for 2 cell phones to paying $720. So for $1260 I can deal with a few headaches.
1 Star out of 5

Very Poor - Waste of Time & Money

Reviewed on Tuesday October 6, 2015 by , Toronto
Yes it has telus coverage in canada however there is zero customer service and hugely limited international calling/texting abilities (only a few countries available). I have switched out after 34 days.
0 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday September 10, 2015 by , toronto
Bad bad bad service for new customers you need to go online write your problem and wait till they reply to fix it.. stupidd you cant call like the old customers to fix any problems you had.... i switched because it was cheaper i was with virgin.. worst mistake was leaving virgin mobile for this shit company.. my service is active but i cant even use my phone... i have iphone 5 and cant even use imessage, also public mobile isnt 24/7... like other companies thats how cheap they are.. and its just horrible... the only good thing about it is you pay less every month for your bill. not worth it thou.
0 Stars out of 5

Clueless people

Reviewed on Monday January 26, 2015 by , Markham
I tried to port my number on Jan/02/2015 over from Koodo to Public Mobile since they are sister companies owned by Telus they assured me that everything was good to go and that in a couple of hours maximum the port over would be complete.
We are now 25 days later and still the number has not been ported over, they keep telling me they are working on it I have spent at least 1-2 hours on the phone with them every other day to get it fixed, they only thing they keep telling me is that they are working on apology, no reason and worst they are lying to me all they time telling me they don't know where the number is and nobody is taking responsability for their screw up.
I should have switched to Wind and save my save the aggravation
0 Stars out of 5

Public Mobile and Telus

Reviewed on Sunday January 25, 2015 by , Toronto
Public Mobile was best company with plan cost and service
25 for Canada wide unlimited call + text+ voice mail
(there was even cheapest plan)
then it was purchased by Telus and moved to Telus network

all costumers was ENFORCED to switch old phones to new that will work with Telus network bands with 50% discount, it was not convenient but prices was nice

then Telus was trying to eliminate cheapest plan but it was canselled by costumers complains

NOW on January 2015 Telus that Public mobile belong to THEM with a lot of crap talking about how they care about you and how you can save changed their plan system
sample for my plan for unlimited talk+ text Canada wide that I paying $25, new price is $40
for cheapest in Canada plan for province
the cheapest plan before was about $20 for call text unlimited NOW cheapest plan is for $30 for unlimit call only

HoHoHo costumers enjoy from FC UP!
before I was recommending to all my friends public mobile because good quality and cheap price for text and talk NOW WITH NEW PRICE IT USELESS CRAP!

GOOD JOB new Telus/Public management you did it!
before January 2015 my rating for public mobile was 5, now it 0
1 Star out of 5

Worst Company...bad program, bad customer service

Reviewed on Tuesday December 2, 2014 by , Canada
My quick review: The only good thing is the price, the rest sucks. They claim their phone service works with apple products but they gloss over the fact that DATA does not work (you have to know to search for that information before you sign up). Their customer service staff is really stupid and poorly trained, they kept telling me false things multiple times I called, I told them I had an iphone they didn't mention there was a data problem even when I said I had an iphone. They claimed I could get a phone number in my area , I couldn't . Their phone system is designed like a maze. They keep you on hold a long time, their phone staff claim to not be able to do anything, like give refunds, look up your proper payment info, etc. They try anything to not put you on the phone with a supervisor so its a giant fight to get anything done. On top of that their service is VERY bad, the quality is very very poor based on my experience and I barely got reception. Not worth the 20 bucks in savings. SOOOO if you want to fight and struggle to get things done and have poor quality for relatively minor savings go with them. It might be worth it if they had an unlimited data plan that worked but they don't so f-them. And especially f-them for making everything a struggle. (I expect they hope that most people will hang up or stop fighting before whatever refunds or minor problems they have solved). I've jsut been fuming over this company for weeks now. Sincerely, pay the extra bucks, go with Virgin (not telus or koodoo..who are connected to Public Mobile), their service has been great so far and they have very competitive price, no complaints.
5 Stars out of 5

Good and getting better every day.

Reviewed on Thursday November 6, 2014 by , Simcoe
I transferred from Koodo and have been with Pubic Mobile for awhile. Lower pricing was the main reason why I switched. I have had a few problems like being unable to register my credit card and not being able to log into my account, but after talking with customer service the problems were fixed within a reasonable time frame.

Telus/Koodo has the best customer service in Canada and the least amount of complaints of the big three and I believe that they will bring that sort of feedback to Public Mobile.

They are trying to make Public Mobile a sim only self service carrier with great pricing. The only one in Canada. They are having growing pains but I believe that it will be well worth it in the long run.

I have read many questions and comments on the their community forum and have found that some of the problems are Public Mobile's fault but the majority of the problems are due to customers lack of knowledge pertaining to their own cell phones and the operation of them.

I would highly recommend Public Mobile to any one of my Family or friends and really hope that they make it work or we'll all be paying alot more for our cellphone service.
0 Stars out of 5

Non-existent customer service

Reviewed on Friday October 10, 2014 by , Toronto
1. Over the past 2 weeks I have been trying to find out what my bill is going to be. Yesterday I finally got a response, basically telling me to figure it out myself. The account profile can only be understood by an accountant because no HST is included in it, nor is there an option to view the bill.
2. Public Mobile only accepts payments based on a voucher system. These vouchers have a value of $ 10.00 to $ 60.00, with increments of $ 5.00. This invariably means that the customer is forced to overpay their bill. If they would have 100,000 customers, this could amount to $ 475,000.00. In essence, the customer is forced to subsidize the company. Customers are not able to pay the exact amount of the bill.
3. Bill payments can only be made by going out and buying a voucher or by REGISTERING a credit card. On-line banking has been taken away since Telus took over the company.
4. Do not try to call them! You will be put on hold forever. If somebody finally does answer, you will most likely found out that they don't have a solution. If you send them an e-mail, it will take up to a week to get a response.

Stay away from Public Mobile
0 Stars out of 5

can telus get any lower?

Reviewed on Thursday October 2, 2014 by , hamilton,ont
If you ever have a problem with public mobile well guess what? Its even worse now that Telus has taken over. Average wait time for a customer service( or should I say dis service) is 20 min or more. My suggestion is to switch to wind and pay less for a much much better service. And for now not owned by the likes of telus or bell.
0 Stars out of 5

horrible company, very poor customer service

Reviewed on Monday September 1, 2014 by , Toronto
Switched end of October 2013. By February 2014bproblems phone. service centre in Ajax claimed nothing wrong with the phone so will not sercice it. went back in April twice but they refused to honour the warranty because the company moving to new network. Bought new motorola phone July 28. August 24 went Jane/Finch mall location because of phone problems. They refused to help. Said no longer public mobile. Called company 3 times after. 1 hour wait time for reps in India who can't solve problem. 3rd call India transfer call to person in canada who fixed problem in 10 mins. But was rude to my complaint about the company poor service and lack of transparency. Switching to another carrier
1 Star out of 5

Worst company since sold to Telus

Reviewed on Wednesday August 27, 2014 by , Brampton
I have 3 lines with them since 2010-at that time they rushed us to buy 15$ plan now they shutdown everything no phone no service when you call them after 40 minutes waitng nobody takes your call they answer just one email out of 10-
I paid 300 for my handsets now garbage imagine 20000 clients multiply by 100$ average phone price.two million dollars of canadian dollars paid to chinese phone and nobody cares.
5 Stars out of 5

Public Mobile has been fair

Reviewed on Sunday August 24, 2014 by , Canada
The only negative about Public Mobile's switch to Telus' network is the loss of the old phone. In return they have compensated us users with the following:
- two months free service
- great price on unlimited Canadian talk and text
- complete transfer of outstanding balance to the new account
- two very good phones (Moto G and Blackberry Q5) for excellent prices
- an option to buy a non expiring block of data rather than a monthly data plan

My wife and son are currently on their $25/mo. plan. They are travelling in BC. Call quality home is excellent. I am happy with the transition.
0 Stars out of 5

Bad idea to screw over your customers

Reviewed on Sunday August 10, 2014 by , Richmond Hill
Do not go with this company. We had the phone for almost 2 years and were not informed that the system was being taken over by Telus and being shut down. No phone!!! No service and they don't care. Their response was go to one of our stores and buy a new phone on the new network. They are closing all their stores by the end of this month!! Where are we supposed to get a new phone then? On the internet!!! No phone now! No service now and they don't care!!!!

Do not get Public Mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0 Stars out of 5

public horrible

Reviewed on Friday June 6, 2014 by , tor
first off anyone thinking about using them run they r incompent the website and customers service do not know whichs stores r open and closed and the phone service is horrible you cannot hear anyone on there phones
0 Stars out of 5

Public mobile are thieves!

Reviewed on Wednesday May 21, 2014 by , Toronto Canada
I never had a problem with public mobile until they tried to be all fancy with a new network like the bigger companies. First of all the reason MOST people go with smaller companies like public mobile is because we don't like to deal with the same headache and hassle the bigger companies like Rogers, telus, or bell gives us. You guys used to be simple and straight forward. Now that you changed you guys are a piece of CRAP!

I run a business on my public mobile phone and I spend hundreds of dollars of advertising per week. After paying my bill for the month I didn't realize that the network was down. I was wondering why I hadn't received any calls. I called public mobile and they said it's not working cuz they are changing things. So she explained how I could get my phone up and running again. I followed her instructions and my phone is STILL not working! I asked her if I could either get an extension for all those wasted days or at least re compensated and she said they no longer do extensions. On top of that they expect me to spend MORE money to buy a new phone that is compatible with the new network. If I don't buy this new phone my phone will not work. So not only do I lose $50 on the month I paid for my phone service (which by the way used to be about $30! They jacked up the price without warning) I also lose out on $500 advertising for my business! I can say I'm very displeased that public mobile is more concerned with making money even if they have to rob it than they are with keeping LOYAL customers satisfied and happy the way they used to. I WILL BE SWITCHING FIRST CHANCE I GET! You guys will not be robbing me again in the future.
0 Stars out of 5

Worst Phone and Customer Service Correy

Reviewed on Saturday April 5, 2014 by , Scarborough Ontario
This is the worst phone and customer service is horrible.
I pay for my phone service monthly at the Parkway Mall.

Correy took the cash money I paid and did not record my payment for the month of March although my phone remained on because I did pay in April I payed again and he refused to turn the phone on because he claimed I hadn't paid in March. He then "gifted me" a free payment which was no gift since I had paid and when I asked for compensation for the few days that I had had no service he threatened to call the Mall Security. I had been completely polite with him just wanted what I had paid for.

The phone is another story. It is such junk. People can't hear you clearly on it. This is just the worst phone service and I am switching this month.

But Correy is another matter. Worst customer service ever and he will try to steal your payment so hold on to all your receipts. He will claim you didn't pay 3 months ago or something. Then if you try to deal with him fairly he will threaten you with mall cops lol
1 Star out of 5

Worst Service...

Reviewed on Thursday December 12, 2013 by , Canada
Here is the complaint I posted on their FB page. I know they are going to delete this from their FB page. So I thought I post it here, message below is self explanatory..

I spoke to one your CSR supervisor letting them know my line got disconnected for non-payment when I noticed it on Dec 06. I made the payment using the phone and my credit card on Dec 04. Payment due is only on Dec 05.

I checked visa online and the payment was made to Public Mobile on the same day. After speaking to your staff I called the Visa and spoke Visa staff and they confirmed that the payment was processed on the same day. Now my telephone got disconnected again.

I very clearly told your staff that this is my primary phone I use it for my business. If there is a problem again, inform me, either by email or text or even by calling, before line is disconnected.

Now I just noticed my line got disconnected again without any notice.

I know you are going to delete this post as I have see several of the people complain about your service and also those customers' posts also deleted.

I want my damn phone connected and connected immediately.
1 Star out of 5

It's a piece of s***

Reviewed on Sunday September 1, 2013 by , Quebec
I thought it was an amazing deal, but it ended up being a real piece of crap. I would take pictures and they wouldn't come out at all, they had weird grey patches all over them. The internet stopped working, even though I was friggin paying for it. Calls often get cut off. Texts either send six copies of the same message at a time or none at all. Youtube often froze and shut off. A lot of the apps would not function properly. The wifi NEVER turned on. Honestly, invest in something better. This phone is not worth it. I had the ZTE touch screen android.
0 Stars out of 5

useless phones

Reviewed on Monday August 19, 2013 by , hamilton
Phones are very bad.I spent 120$ 6 months ago.They replace my phone with a useless phone. I have to delete all memory every day. Then only this phone is working . If there is an Issue public mobile customer service says Warranty is given by store. They have no control on those things, They are saying to buy new phone to solve the problem.This scrape phone again I cannot imagine.
0 Stars out of 5

Horrible Experience

Reviewed on Thursday August 15, 2013 by , toronto
I went to replace my old phone at Public Mobile and was upsold into buying a new phone with a new plan. At the last minute the salesperson told me I wasn't able to keep my old number. After trying to deactivate my old account, the customer service said I was able to keep my old number and that there was a activation in error. I had to go back to settle this issue and the salesrep refused to give me my old number saying that she could not change the plans. I eventually wanted a refund and she told me that the VISA machine wasn't working and to come back the next day. I came back every day since and the VISA machine was never working. On the 5th day, I said that I wanted a cash refund or else I would call customer service and make a complaint (only have 7 days after the purchase and less than 30min talk time on the phone to get a full refund). She then said that I could not get a refund because I refreshed the phone (to get rid of my Facebook and Gmail information) and that she couldn't see if I had gone over 30 min talk time. She then called customer service, told me to leave, when I came back she told me I used more than 30 min talk time (which was a lie) and that she could not give me a refund. I told her I wanted to see for myself and she told me that only her manager (never there) or supervisor in the call center could see my phone usage and that I had voided my warranty by refreshing my phone. Finally, she said it wasn't fair that I wanted to return my phone 5 days after purchase, that I must have used it for more than 30 min (which I had not) and that there was no evidence to support my claim. I wanted to return the phone the same day that I bought it but it was because the VISA machine was not working for 4 days that I could not get my refund. Very frustrated, angry and will never go back to Public Mobile again after I have enough money to buy a new phone with Rogers.
0 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday June 28, 2013 by , montreal
worst phone company ever. Client service sucks waiting time to reach them is insane I KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE GET LUCKY. I'm not one and that is with 2 phones and 1 replacement. $3.00 TO TRAVEL TO THERE STORE AND PAY THE BILL, there charging me for doing all the work.I despise being ripped off. THANKYOU PUBLIC SCAM.
2 Stars out of 5

being cheap comes back to haunt u

Reviewed on Monday February 18, 2013 by , oshawa
Slow internet..siren music is a disaster..customer service is awful
1 Star out of 5

Public Mobile buzz

Reviewed on Thursday February 7, 2013 by , toronto
I HAVE A PUBLIC MOBILE BUZZ AND I HAVE TO SAY, ITS THE WORST PHONE ON THE MARKET. I got this phone because i wanted an aforable phone after coming to canada from britian and did no have much money but not i with i had gone in to debt to get a good phone like iphone or blackberry. If publc mobile does not get a better selection of phones and improve their customer service im going to swi24tch to bell or rogers.
5 Stars out of 5

Amazing phone, service and price

Reviewed on Friday January 11, 2013 by , Scarborough
I've been with Public Mobile for over a year now and It's been great. In my area,no other providers have reception but me. I pay about $30 monthly with unlimited calling and data! The Phone is very durable; it's been dropped a couple of times and still works perfectly. so overall i have no complaints about public mobile.
0 Stars out of 5

Customer Service

Reviewed on Sunday September 2, 2012 by , Mississauga, On
Public Mobile customer service people have absolutely no courtesy when speaking with customers. I spoke with an agent this morning - he absolutely had no clue how to speak with anyone. Same goes with the staff at the public mobile store - very difficult to deal with. Would not recomment Public mobile to anyone.
0 Stars out of 5

Worst cell phone company

Reviewed on Thursday July 5, 2012 by , Toronto
I have a cell phone ( garbage) that stopped working. I brought it to a store to replace it with another cell ( piece of garbage). They were not able to help me at the KIOSK so they sent me to a corporate store to change the phone. I drove for 15 min to the other store ( corporate store) who told me that the phone may have physical damage even if it has no crack, scratch or any external damage. Basically they wasted my time, were not able to change a $35 phone and they have no customer service skills. No matter how much your monthly fees are , at the end of the day everyone looks for good service and for you to appreciate their business. You are competing with big names like Rogers and Bell. With the level of customer service you provide, I will never give business to you and I will make sure that I tell everyone I know how unprofessional your staff is. I will make sure you will loose the business of my family members, friends and colleagues.
2 Stars out of 5

Can somebody help?

Reviewed on Sunday July 1, 2012 by , Hamilton,ON
Okay, so I got this phone about a week ago. And if anybody knows something useful about this please email me asap.

Okay, so when somebody sends me a picture message, how can you save it in your phone? As if to use for a wallpaper or something, also, how can you send a picture to an email? I can only send pictures to other numbers.. So if anybody knows why or how to fix this, please email me asap! thanks :)
1 Star out of 5

Go with Chatr, Public Mobile is Horrible

Reviewed on Monday June 18, 2012 by , Montreal
I was with Public Mobile for 2 months. Had nothing but problems, dropped calls everywhere. Switched to Chatr and now I have no dropped calls as they use Roger's network.

I truly regret the day I set eyes on Public Mobile.

Honestly, save yourself the aggravation, bypass Public Mobile and go directly to Chatr.
1 Star out of 5

Stay away

Reviewed on Monday June 4, 2012 by , Montreal
This phone was less than satisfactory and when trying to return the product, they told me I couldn't. Montreal's public mobile client service is awefull. They ping ponged me back and forth between one location to the other, they have lost a client for LIFE.
0 Stars out of 5

Worst Phone and Company

Reviewed on Monday May 28, 2012 by , Toronto
Move over Rogers...Public Mobile is the new crook in town! Who knew there could have been a worst phone company than Rob-bers? Public Mobile has no problem to tell you " S.O.L" now please pay your bill!!!
Public Mobile has been nothing, but a nighmare since day one! They refuse to address ongoing issues, makes you believe they are working on it, customer service is poorly trained and the buzz is a piece of "crap" ! The store rep do not stand by the products and customer service finds someone to blame.

I would be curious to know, how many other people are also experiencing the same problem. Social media anyone?
3 Stars out of 5

driver wanted

Reviewed on Thursday March 22, 2012 by , montreal
I want to connect a public buzz mobile phone as modem to surf web from my laptop. as I expected, it is hard to find the drivers, please, if you have them gve me the url. thanks
4 Stars out of 5

Good basic phone

Reviewed on Tuesday February 28, 2012 by , Laval
I have been with PB for 6 months now and I bought the Buzz phone, its perfect for talking and texting. Its basic and works excellent. If you are used to Android or IPhone of course there will be dissapointements,not as may apps. All is great with this phone. Also the plans are excellent with PB and you dont feel like your being robbed at the end of the month. You get a lot for the price. Its what cell phone should be according to me.
5 Stars out of 5

No Complaints - Works good

Reviewed on Saturday February 18, 2012 by , Toronto
I realize that the Buzz phone is a no-name made in China, Blackberry lookalike.
Bought this phone for $69 at Public Mobile about 4 months ago. Works good, no problems. Unlimited everything for $35. You can't beat it.
1 Star out of 5

Dont like it

Reviewed on Thursday February 2, 2012 by , montreal
I think PM has came a long way since the beginning i have been with them but i think their phones are disapointing... The only thing i hear with my Buzz is that others cant hear me well and ive had problems with the speaker falling in ive been satified all toggether with their service the phone is garbage.
3 Stars out of 5

not enough space

Reviewed on Wednesday December 21, 2011 by , toronto
I like the phone and I mainly use it to text and call which is great. The ONLY thing I hate is that I have to delete messages once it reaches 100 because it won't allow you to receive more texts once you clean out your messages. This is something they have to fix by getting some better phones so you can keep a history of your texts.
5 Stars out of 5

Good solid phone

Reviewed on Saturday December 10, 2011 by , Toronto, ON
Kids are spoiled these days. Look at the negative reviews posted here by high school kids... The complaint is my mom did not get me a nice enough smart phone, this thing does not do Android. Then there is this review: "It is worse than a $300 Blackberry". Come on! This is a simple, less than $100 phone, that works reliably with voice and QWERTY texting / emailing. What more do you guys want? It does not run Blackberry or Android app but it is not supposed to be. It is like getting a Honda Civic and comparing it to a BMW 7 series. You want a high end product, spend the money for it. You want a value product, doing what normal phone functions need to be done, THIS IS THE ONE.
5 Stars out of 5

Amazing BUZZ

Reviewed on Thursday November 10, 2011 by , Toronto
Phone is very reliable. The price $49.00 can you believe that!!! $35 Plan -TALK TEXT CAN LONG Distance and many more features. Go there and pick up before it goes back to $99.00. While you are there pick up a case of BUZZ at Cool Beer. The buzz will last longer.
5 Stars out of 5

Super pour le prix le monde chiale pour rien! Stop complaining its only 69$!

Reviewed on Tuesday November 8, 2011 by , montreal
This is the perfect phone for people who want to speak and txt.... Forget about the app thing my phone is working great and do what i want to!

Pour le prix honnetement et vu les forfait c est le best!
5 Stars out of 5

You Cannot Beat the Buzz

Reviewed on Monday October 17, 2011 by , Montreal
I have had a Blackberry Curve 9300 for a year and got tired of paying $80 a month to Rogers. So I bought the Buzz for $70 on a $35 a month plan and I am in heaven. The email is absolutely reliable and guess what... its "push" email just like my Blackberry! The web browsing gives me the news and the weather and the occasiional website just fine. (It is slow though...) As a phone it never drops calls and is very reliable. If it could keep messages in conversations like my Blackberry that would be great... but its a $70 phone for god's sake!

The Buzz cannot be beat. It is an advanced phone but not really a smart phone. It has push email. It can browse the web. Its call quality is very good. It is inexpensiove to pourchase and to use. Its not an iPhone or a Blackberry, but for me its a great device that dioes exactly what I need it to do.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday September 22, 2011 by , Mississauga
Not bad for its class. Lots of room for improvement and offering more features. But again, for that price it is not bad at all.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Friday July 15, 2011 by , Toronto Ontario
Imagine if you were an Android user, the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S, then one day it gets stolen from you and you look for a quick and inexpensive but decent phone to replace it.

Look elsewhere. My mother came home with this thing for me (I'm in high school) and I loved the way the plan sounded. Cheap and affordable, unlimited calls and texts, wow! This was all amazing until I opened the box.

First off before I even turned it on, the phone felt cheap. Not just cheap either, it reminded me of those fake iPod nano's from china that feel like a dollar store product. The buttons felt flimsy, but I was willing to try to look past this.

Next thing I know, the phones on and makes some awkward noise when it goes on. I tried to text someone but the interface was a complete mess, the screen resolution was something of 2003, and it was just flat out terrible.

I didn't want to be rude but I thought it was a sick joke. This phone is an abysmal monstrosity, its a cheaply made china style dollar store phone. Fortunately I begged her to take it back and I ended up with a blackberry curve from fido.

Do not EVER buy from Public Mobile unless you just need a phone that can call people. If you need to check e-mails or anything else, its just not going to happen. I tried to open google on the web browser just to see what it was like and this piece of trash took a good 20 seconds to load. Even worse, it looked like the web browser in a nokia phone from 2003.

There are much better options out there, unfortunately you'll have to go on a contract to do this but I now have a blackberry curve 9300 and its a great phone.

I'm sorry this review isn't in more depth but I wanted this nightmare away from me asap.

Stay beautiful, yours truely..

4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday June 23, 2011 by , Oshawa
I guess I understand what the above are saying but for me this and Public are amazing. I was paying over $70 bucks with Telus just for calls n text, with Public Mobile I text on my Buzz anytime and call anyone all day for like $27 bucks. The internet is slow but works for me.
1 Star out of 5

Buzz Drops too Many Calls

Reviewed on Monday May 23, 2011 by , Montreal
I bought the Public Mobile Buzz a couple of weeks ago and I have so many dropped calls it’s ridiculous– never had a problem with Fido. At home in Dorval I get 4 or 5 bars and my calls still drop. I was walking in Lachine and I had 3 dropped calls in 5 blocks. Either the phone or the network or both are of low quality. You can only return the phone if you use it for less than 30 minutes, which makes it impossible to test the phone. I spent twice that much time talking to technical support, of course I had to make the calls on my balcony or they would drop. So essentially there is no return on the phone. Don’t buy the Buzz or use Public Mobile, I urge you. Go with another network such as Fido, it’s a little bit more in price but it’s well worth it. Save yourself the frustration.
1 Star out of 5

BUZZ - Worst Phone Ever!

Reviewed on Monday May 16, 2011 by , Toronto, Ontario
I purchased a BUZZ yesterday from Public Mobile. I have to say, it's the worst piece of garbage I have ever bought. The web browsing capabilities are practically useless. Navigation is poor and the menus are very poorly designed. If you're thinking you are getting a blackberry alternative, think again. I am very disappointed with this phone.. I tried to return it, but apparently I spent 30 mins on the phone with tech support over why Google Maps doesn't function. And, if you go over 30mins, no returns/refunds/exchanges... So, I'm stuck with the worst phone ever.. I should have dropped the 300$ on the Blackberry Curve, at least it doesn't look like a 4yr old designed the GUI. And at least browsing websites isn't impossible, like the BUZZ.

You've been warned! (I wish I was...)
1 Star out of 5

The Buzz is Busted

Reviewed on Thursday May 12, 2011 by , Toronto
Better be careful of someone sending you a big text message, a buddy send me one today and my so called good phone by Public Mobile called the buzz crashed. that’s right…it crashed…not working , he forwarded me something from his Iphone and it came as broken down text messages over 90 of them, guess what Public mobile does not know how to fix the phone. And the retailer some guy that got a franchise from them won’t give me a replacement
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday May 4, 2011 by , Montréal
Au départ, j'étais contente de mon achat, il ressemble a un black berry mais quelle déception, après moins d'une journée, il ne fonctionnait plus, Public mobile m'on offert un deuxième et là....mais la grosse déception survient au moment de mon premier texto, pas d'accent aigu....Il me semble que c'est prioritaire surtout pour les francophones...
3 Stars out of 5

laisse à désirer

Reviewed on Wednesday April 20, 2011 by , montréal
le fait que le Wifi ne fait pas partie des caractéristique du cellulaire, rend le téléphone classique malgré son design qui ressemble au Blackberry.
personnellement je le trouve bien mais un peu cher.