Nokia 6620

Nokia 6620 Front View

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Canada: Bell


February 2005


  • Integrated Video Recorder & Camera
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Colour Display
  • Integrated handsfree speakerphone


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4 Stars out of 5

a solid quality unit

Reviewed on Thursday January 12, 2006 by , calgary
i've had this phone for about 6 months now and I figure it's time I can give a fair and honest review. First of all it's a big and chunky phone especially by today's standards. That being said the screen is outstanding and makes the pictures look far better than 0.3 mega pixels, you only notice the low quality of the pictures if/when you transfer them to a computer. The reception is outstanding, few dropped calls if any. The large screen makes text messaging a breeze and makes the calender/organizer really useful. The Symbian OS makes it compatible with several 3rd party programs you can download to the phone to spruce it up. Downloading pictures and mp3's are a breeze although the transfer rates are extremely fast (but what cell phone is !).

If I did have any negative things to say about this phone it would be
-32 mb memory card is a joke, to add anything to the phone be prepared to shell out for a decent memory card.
-keypad is small considering the size of the phone
-video is poor quality even when played on realplayer.
-for a nokia, i've found the battery life to be average at best.

All in all, a great buy, excellent phone and I don't regret the purchase 6 months later.
1 Star out of 5

doesn't always answer

Reviewed on Tuesday August 23, 2005 by , Mississauga, Ontario
I bought this phone a month ago and so far it is great except it does not answer 80% of incoming calls. When I press the green key or the answer key it mutes the ring and still displays the person calling . this phone sucks!!!
4 Stars out of 5

my 1st nokia, bye bye Motorola 4 ever

Reviewed on Wednesday May 18, 2005 by , Montreal
I was waiting for nokia to come up with a phone that would bring the colour screen resolution to the level of motorolas ex. v300, v551...and the 6620 does. This is truly a great phone, easy to use, text messaging is a snap! But be aware...if you ever use the internet browser make sure to disconnect the browser in options, advanced navigation options, DISCONNECT otherwise your battery will drain just in a couple of hours, I don't understand it but it seems that even if you exit the browser by clicking exit, the GPRS connection does not log off. But otherwise this is a 4 star phone. But c'mon Nokia give us a flip phone now! As for the previous review with the phone shutting off all the time, this has never happened to me and believe me I am a heavy user, data browser approx 50000 kb/mth, sms mms approx 400/mths...I work for Rogers...I got this phone 1 month ago so its kinda new, I will write another review in 1 month to let you know if I am still satisfied. But so far so good!!!
2 Stars out of 5

6620 nokia problem

Reviewed on Wednesday May 11, 2005 by , toronto
i bought 6620 nokia, this is a good phone, but one big problem is the phone keeps shutting down and restarts again while i am talking on the phone, not only me but 4 of my friend have the same problem, please be aware of it.