Nokia 6555

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March 2008


  • Quad band World phone
  • Music player
  • Bluetooth


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2 Stars out of 5

Phone OK. Battery life Sucks. Service provider Morally bankrupt

Reviewed on Sunday April 13, 2008 by , BC, Canada
After extensive research I purchased this phone for 3 main features. 1. Bluetooth 2.0 for connection to car handsfree, Headset and computer file transfers. 2. Advertised battery life. 3. The ability to use my prepurchased MP3 ringtones. Well I guess 1 out of 3 isn't too bad eh?. The bluetooth has been great. I was really happy to find it was super easy to connect the phone to my hands free in the car (My bluetooth headset has not arrived yet). It was also super easy to connect to my computer and transfer files back and forth to either the phone memory or the microSD card. I was even able to transfer all my previously purchased mp3 ringtones. That's when I started to run into problems. When I went to use them as ringtones I get an error message that goes "Not allowed by activation key". Basically after talking with Nokia and Fido what it comes down to is that fido (And other morally bankrupt service providers) alters all of thier phones so that you have to use DRM enabled ringtones purchased through them and downloaded through their wap website via the phone (Costing additional data transfer fees). they claim this is to protect the Artists rights. There are a few problems with this explanation. First of all why is it only the ringtones have to be protected and not the actual music that the phone plays? Answer: because not everyone uses the full capabilities of their phone and many people don't use the mp3 ringtones extensively. But if they were only able to play music purchased from Fido they would be outraged in large numbers instead of smaller more manageable numbers. 2nd why is it that a 30 second clip of music costs $3.00 or more plus data transfer costs when the whole song can be purchased generally for $.99 or less? Answer: because think they can get away with it and it is a new cash cow for them. OK I guess that is enough about that rant. Now on to the battery. I don't know who rated this battery / phone combination for 6.5 hours talk time but it is more like 1.5 hours talk time. and 10 days standbye? lol. Plan on recharging this phone at least every other day with extremely light use (Less than 1 hour talk time per day and don't use the phone for any thing else) If you are a moderate user (1.5 hours or more of talking on the phone during the day) plan on charging the phone at least every night. If you are a heavy user plan on either having an extra charged battery with you or a car charger.
So if using mp3 ringtones are important to you (Or if you are opposed to having a company tell you whether or not you can use them) then you should boycott Fido and any other service provider that alters their phones in such a way as to force their subscribers to pay extra money for features that are supposed to be already available in the phone and which have nothing whatsoever to do with the services provided by the service provider! I know this is supposed to be a review of the phone but the truth is that if Nokia had not allowed the reprogramming to happen the Fido would not have been able to do it (That is probably why Fido has such a poor selection of phones).