Nokia 3390 Reviews

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The Nokia 3390 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

Great Phone, I need new battery though

Reviewed on Tuesday June 15, 2004 by , Vancouver BC
I have been using this phone for nearly 2 years now on Fido network. This is a solid little phone, I have been very pleased. Just that now, I need a new battery but am having problem getting one. The replacement battery is costly and not easy to get since newer models have been introduced. Some Fido stores sell them at over $60 Cdn + taxes. Many people told me for that kind of money I should just get a smaller phone with newer technology. I think the prices for the batteries should be lower, and Nokia should not be so eager to do away their older models of cell phones.

If someone can help me with getting a replacement battery I will be very grateful.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday June 5, 2004 by , Vancouver
What a piece of garbage!! Worse than my wife's 3360, and my fridge sized 5125 was 100 times beter. Unrealiable reception!! I don't mean no reception, losing reception on the same spot next minute. Don't do it, buy Samsung. Am losing patience with Nokia and Rogers as well. Am a very unsatisfiend customer.
2 Stars out of 5

Would be ok if it weren't on Rogers AT&T.

Reviewed on Thursday January 1, 2004 by , Deep Cove, BC (east of North Vancouver)
I bought a 3390 just before Christmas 2003 for myself from Rogers AT&T in Canada. I bought the refurbished model from their website for $70 Canadian (regular model is $150 CDN) on the Pay As You Go Prepaid Plan with no contract. I ordered it 9:00pm Dec 22nd and it got here by noon on Dec 24th. Wow! That's free shipping too! Well that's Rogers' service not the phone. I'll get to the phone soon.

Why I bought it:

I had a V-Tech A700 before the 3390 and it was junk. It kept crashing (yep just like a Windows computer) and the case broke in a couple different places because it was so flimsy. Fido-Microcell the service provider replaced the software on the phone after several trips to the Fido store in Downtown Vancouver. The price to fix the damage was $60 CDN, so I decided to look at phones that a> are GSM (all the new towers are GSM) b> are Nokia (My dad has a 5160 and it's really good) & c> is under $150. The refurbished 3390 from Rogers AT&T fit all this criteria. Altough Fido is a GSM only service provider, and they have cheap phones, their signal is is the worst in the country, so I wanted to switch to a network with better signal.

The actual phone:

The 3390 is very similar to the 5190 (and the 5160 to a lesser extent) except smaller, lighter, and with a few added features such as an A.I.M. client, a calender, a calculator, and newer revised games. Nokia's trademark the "Navi Key" is very useful, but it takes some getting used to over other phones. The keys fell nice and sturdy so far (I've only had this phone for a couple days now). The keypad is replacable and comes out when you take the face plate off. The phonebook is easy to use and is accessable by pressing the down scroll key. The scroll keys also select things in the menu and adjust the volume. The predictive text messing can be handy, as my V-Tech A700 had this too, but I still find it easier to type it out normally. Everything else works just as predicted.

My complaints:

My phone came shipped with a faulty battery cover, but remember it is a refurbished model. Rogers AT&T was very kind by offering a replacement model shiped ASAP by UPS, and free return of the old one back to them. (Note: The replacment was also broken. It had a chipped back cover. I ended up sending that one back and getting a third 3390. All three phones were here within 36 hours of ordering it, another WOW! on Rogers' part. I'm greatful that their customer service staff were helpful, capable of speaking English properly, and polite.)

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a basic cell phone as long as they're not using Rogers AT&T.

I've decided to return this phone to Rogers through their 30 day exchange policy because their network kept dropping my calls, and I couldn't get good enough signal to make a decent call even in urban areas. I blame this on the Rogers AT&T GSM network that the phone uses. I've had no problem with the replacment phone itself. I've decided to try a Bell Mobility LG TM-250 CDMA 1X "Solo" Prepaid phone next. I would not recommend Rogers GSM service to anyone in Greater Vancouver. Thanks for reading this review.

5 Stars out of 5

Great phone, it's also a fido network phone

Reviewed on Tuesday November 11, 2003 by , Vancouver
Well since its only my first cell, I can't compare, but my experience has been great.
Battery lasts 4 days with useage, talk time is about 2.5 hrs. I like the ease of use, button feel and arrangement, straight forward easy programming. Lottsa features that I use, altho I don't play the 3 games installed. I payed $50 for it with my fido plan.
1 Star out of 5

nokia 3390

Reviewed on Saturday October 18, 2003 by , mississauga
Nokia 3390 is a great phone, but it would have been better as a triband or world phone. For a single band phone $149 is a little bit high price. Sound network and everything else is very good, as compared to Samsung and Motorola..