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The Nokia 3220i has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

Nokia 3220 Camera Phone

Reviewed on Monday July 25, 2005 by , ...somewhere in my BouLeVArd oF broKEn dReaMS...
I have previously owned 7 cellphones: 1 Siemens, 4 Nokia, 1 Motorola, and 1 Sony Ericsson. I recently sold my Sony Ericsson Z200 (even though I loved it very much) because I wanted a small camera phone. I bought a Nokia 2600. It was a new phone and everything, so I *assumed* it had a camera, and I didn't bother to ask. So I got home and to my surprise, it was just a basic Nokia phone. A few weeks later, I sold it and went and bought a new camera phone, Nokia 3220. And guess what?? I LOVED IT!

The Good:
- the phone looks unique and it's very stylish
- has a camera that takes good quality pictures
- can record videos
- has funky grips that light up when you get a message, or if someone's calling you
- has good games including Survivor (based on the tv series)
- the graphics are high quality
- can change covers, grips, keypads, etc.
- can send/receive pictures/video
- you can create your own cut-out covers
- has loudspeaker
- when you're talking to someone, you can hear them loud and clear
- has themes
- ringtones are good
- you can actually "write" messages in the air using the Xpress-On Fun Shell

The Bad:
- some people complain about the image quality, but i think it's awesome. if you take images at night, then the picture usually comes out dark, but usually the images are high quality, especially if it's daytime and you're taking pictures in some place bright. if you move your hands while taking a pic, though, the image comes out blurry. but the grips help a lot!
- no infrared or bluetooth, but i personally don't use those functions anyway
- no mp3, but the GOOD thing is, you can record sound clips (like for example, you record a song while it's playing on your CD player or computer) and then set it as your ringtone!

The Main Point:
- the Nokia 3220 is an awesome phone, and i really love it! the way you can record your own ringtones and create your own covers is very helpful. the flashing lights are really good and stylish, not to mention the design of the phone. the picture of the phone on this site is color white/blue, but if you buy it i recommend the black/silver one. plus, you can stand out from your friends by using your Nokia 3220 to "write" messages in the air!

The Conclusion:
- this phone will appeal mostly to teenagers, but adults might think it's too "funky"
4 Stars out of 5

Tried a Samsung but like this Nokia

Reviewed on Sunday July 3, 2005 by , toronto, on
My family just bought this phone and the Samsung SGH x426. I prefer this Nokia instead:

Nokia 3220
-turns on and recognizes phone#s in the SIM card in about 10 sec
-if you've used a Nokia in the past, the menuing system is the same. (Very consistent over the years and I still think it's the best out of all phone companies)
-everything responds immediately
-very readable and consistent font. There's no need for scrolling text because the sentence is too long like the Samsung (for a small screens like phones, it's important)
-can change the shell and customize the look
-speakerphone, camera, video

-buttons are a little small but still easy to press
-it's a 'candy bar' shaped phone so you need to do the 'unlock' key combo instead of just opening a flip-phone and the screen is more prone to scratching (you can buy a sleeve or another shell to solve that but costs $)
-not the prettiest phone
-a little heavy
-light effects are gaudy but you can turn them off (i never liked them)

Samsung SGH x426
-buttons are fantastic
-looks nice

-screen is slow. Press a button and the screen doesn't respond immediately. There's 'ghosting' of images which is annoying
-it's a little slow: press up/down buttons to navigate the menus and the phone doesn't respond immediately
-turn on the phone and it takes about a minute to recognize the phone#s in the phone or the SIM card
-looks like every other silver flip phone and can't change the shell
-a little hard to open with one hand (maybe that's just me)
-battery indicator has only 3 bars so you don't have a clear idea how much battery power you've left
-easy to lose the rubber stopper on the phone for the power plug
3 Stars out of 5

Basic Nokia with a camera...

Reviewed on Tuesday June 7, 2005 by , Montreal, Quebec
The Nokia 3220 has ben quite a good seller at our store. If you're looking for a basic candy-bar phone with a camera, you can't go wrong with this phone (even tough you won't find a lot of models with those caracteristics...)

Pro : The good old Nokia reliability and sturdiness, this phone is rock-solid, with its rubber sides. The screen is nice, at last Nokia has dropped its 4096 colours screen and went through with a 65k. The menus are still as easy to use (altough the icons are no longer in colour). The vibrating mode is powerfull and so are the ringtones. Lastly, the earpiece volume is quite loud and clear.

Cons : The camera on that phone is not that good. When you move the phone, the image reacts very slowly. The little lights that move on the sides are really annoying. A lot of my corporate customers have not taken that phone because of the design (I know, the lights can be turned off). The battery life has taken a huge hit, because of the new high-definition screen. Gone are the days when you could last a whole week with one charge.

This phone is pretty good, and our young adults customers like it. You get a lot of features for a good price and you have a reliable phone. Just don't buy it for the multimedia features alone!
5 Stars out of 5

For a Normal Phone...

Reviewed on Monday March 28, 2005 by , St. john's Newfoundland
There are a lot of people out there today who have cell phones, and for certain, each one of them have a specific reason and a different reason for wanting one. There are a lot of phones on the market today that offer you the highest or the lowest in technology, and depending on what you want, there is a phone for everybody.

This particular phone is cute, it is heavy, but durable. This phone's camera doesn't have the best quality, especially for the video shots but what do you want? a 6 megapixil camera? Its a cell phone for crying out loud. The Nokia 3220 is a good phone for the person who buys a cell phone to have a cell phone. Out of ten I would rate:

Camera - 2
Video - 1
features - 6
Battery Life - 8
Reception - 9

Basically in my opinion if you want a cell phone, buy a cell phone. If you want a Digital Camera or a Video Camera, then go buy one. For a Reliable Cell phone, The Nokia 3220 is a great buy.
5 Stars out of 5

nokia 3220

Reviewed on Sunday January 23, 2005 by , nottingham
this phones is heavy its got a lot of features like voice recorder if u record songs you can set it has your ringtone. and plus the camera quality is great but you can only save a little bit of pictures. plus the video capture you can record for 15 secs or 50 secs its what you choose. last but not least you can create your own back cover i think thats great.