Nokia 3205i Reviews

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The Nokia 3205i has an average user review score of 5 Stars out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday November 21, 2009 by , TORONTO
This phone is one of the best phone that i have owned. I have a blackberry at this time and i absoulty hate it. Im switching back to this phone as soon as my plan is up. You get alot of features for such a small phone. The personal faceplates that you can create is one option that you cant get with other phones. Yet again its a simple phone but it has alot.
4 Stars out of 5

Nokia 3205i review

Reviewed on Wednesday June 29, 2005 by , Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This phone is by far the best phone that Telus Mobility offers. Priced at only $180, it is a bargain for the features that you get. This phnone does have some bad points. The menu system is plain awful and is hard to navigate. Also, the way that features such as the calculator and text message features are harder to use than most other phones due to Nokia's lack of a centralized "ok" key. While using the calcalator, Nokia would have been much better off using the directional arrows to chose between +, -, *, and / instead of forcing the user to scroll through the operations using the * key (past Nokia users would already be used to this though). So although, the physical design and the usuability of the phone through the menus is very, very poor, this phone does wonderfully where it actually counts. This phone has a much better sound quality than the Samsung A600 and better sound quality than the much more expensively price Motorolla V710. The sound volume on the Nokia 3205i needs to be a bit louder in my opinion but this phone will provide such clear audio which more than makes up for any lack of volume. The speakerphone is amazing on this phone any many people I have talked to could not even tell when I was using it. So overall, if you can ignore Nokia's poor costmetic deisgns and the fact that this phone is more difficult to use than some others, there is absolutely no other phone that Telus offers that can even compare to this one.
5 Stars out of 5

Wow, cool phone.

Reviewed on Saturday November 27, 2004 by , calgary
Normally, I avoid Nokia products as I used to classify Nokia to be the 'ficsher price' of cell phones. However, upon receiving my Nokia 3205i from TELUS Mobility, I am thoroughly impressed with this feature rich device.

Although Nokia has primarily stuck with the 'candy bar' style cell phones, while consumers generally prefer 'flip phones' (including myself), I find this particular Nokia handset to be very small yet comfortible to hold and is the same length (flip phone antenna counted as part of length) as my LG 6070 flip phone (while closed).

Also, the unparalelled customization opportunities, Nokia's user friendly menu navigation and menu appearance, as well as it's video/sill shot capabilities make it a force to be reckoned with in the market.

Kids love to be 'unique' as to most adults (secretly or openly) and this model offers a huge advantage in customization with the removable front/rear plates that allow one of 3 included 'backgrounds' to be inserted. Not only can you add 1 of the 3 included backgrounds, you can also use your PC to create your very own background images and included is some perfectly cut shapes that you can print onto, punch out the holes, and insert it into the phone. Very cool.

So, all in all, although I prefer flip phones, I definitely suggest users consider the Nokia 3205i as their next phone.