Nokia 2760

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March 2010


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good little phone

Reviewed on Friday August 7, 2009 by , ontario
Hi, I had this phone for about four months, I just lost it last night :( along with my bag.
It's a very good phone for the price, the features are quite simple but has the essentials: alarm clock, calendar, vibrating alarm :)
The speaker is good and the microphone catches well, I was able to talk while doing something else just by turning the speaker on, other phones were not clear enough but with this one I was properly heard most of the times.
It isn't a bad looking phone and quite reliable, I didn't have dropped calls.
The menus are quite easy to master, I disliked the fact that it didn't have a USB cable to download ringtunes. You're able to assign specific tunes for a group but not for an specific contact, so creating a 'group' was an extra step.
Overall, this is a good phone for someone looking for that, a phone to make calls :)