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The Motorola V635 has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 13 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

great phone but

Reviewed on Wednesday July 22, 2009 by , scotland
this phone is a fantastic buy.i have had it for aout a year now and i have dropped it, chucked it squished it and it still works great. the camera is great.

there are two problems i have found

1. it is a little to large

2. i cant get it to work on my computor (any help from anyone)
4 Stars out of 5

Motorola v635

Reviewed on Monday February 5, 2007 by , Toronto
I've been using this phone since Sept. 2005 and haven't any probs. I travel often throughout North America and found that I get better than average reception (not sure if it's the provider or phone). Yes, the aluminum case is solid, I have dropped it often like any other phone, but has stood the test (aluminum case can be slippery at times). I previously figured out the fix for the side buttons (as per previous reviews). My Previous MP was a v300. The side button will cycle through the ringer setting and end up in silent mode. this was infuriating, as it would be silent for the whole day. The solution is to password secure this function, so if the button is accidentally pressed it gets stuck on "enter unlock code". That was the fiest thing I did upon purchase. I do not use the mp3 player. it is long to boot-up and only works with the wired headset provided. There are no external mp3 controls and if phone is closed/folded the mp3 player will shut off. I use a bluetooth headset, the video player sound works w/ this function. this phone came w/ the 512mb trans flash and I have placec 11 one hour TV shows (3gp format) plus 4 music videos, and still have plenty of room for photos and video recordings (have a 4 yr old son). As a phone it works exceptionally great, but is not a feather wieght. Battery life is exceptional. My only problem is, its time to upgrade and there are very few phone to choose from that is not a downgrade. This is why I am here writing a review while researching new phones.
4 Stars out of 5

Nice phone, but a few issues

Reviewed on Tuesday October 31, 2006 by , Waterdown Ont.
This is a really capable phone, and has pretty much any option you might be looking for. It's very comparable to the Razr, but in my opinion a little more rough and tumble. That is, I'll toss this phone around, but I wouldn't want to sit down with a Razr in my pocket.
As for my issues with this phone, they are few but significant. The volume and camera buttons on the outside of the phone are far to pressure sensitive, so you are constantly turning on the camera and taking pictures of your phone case, or turning your volume settings on. It's really quite annoying. I know at least 5 people with this phone, and it does the same for all of them. Purse, pocket, belt clip, doesn't matter. You will definitely be pushing them by accident.
Next, the built in MP3 player is cool, but takes forever to load up, and it's a real pain getting your songs to be usable as a ringtone.
These are my only issues with this phone.

I saw on another review on this site that someone was disappointed that the V635 was discontinued in favour of the V635i, but that isn't true. The i was simply added to the phone name when the 512mb card was bundled with the phone. Anyone who purchased the phone before the card was bundled should have been able to go back where they bought the phone, and gotten the card free if they showed their original receipt.
4 Stars out of 5

Phone has lots of features but at a price!

Reviewed on Sunday October 22, 2006 by , Central Alberta
Hi... I purchased the Motorola V635i almost a year ago (October 24/05) from a ROGERS Wireless Dealer. Within 10 days of purchase, I had to return it for warranty exchange because the phone repeatedly locked up (freezing), power cycled on/off, slow to navigate thru menus and could not format the 512MB Transflash Memory Card. To this day, I still have problems with it (above mentioned).

BUT it is an awesome phone. It is packed with all the features I used on a daily bases. Despite it "hissy fits" from time to time, it is a great little phone. I'm sure that Motorola has been made aware to the issues and have developed a patch for it.
4 Stars out of 5

Help please

Reviewed on Sunday May 28, 2006 by , Canada
i got a Motorola V635i and it has the mp3. my question is how do you get there songs on the mp3 off so i have more room for my songs. Thanks
5 Stars out of 5

GREAT exept a few things

Reviewed on Monday March 6, 2006 by , Toronto
Ok for the reviewer who said you cant take long video's... I KNOW WHY YOU CAN'T. There is a setting in the videos section of the phone, click the three lined button when in the video menu. and then click video setup, now scroll to video length and press it in to change it to MAXIMIM! now with this setting you can take REALLY long videos with the 512mb card!

ok now to my review, ive had this phone for about 3 weeks now and i LOVE it, it is a billion times better then my old OLD sonyericsson T226! that phone sucked! this motorola is GREAT!

PICTURES- i love it, i can transfer it onto my phone and they look GREAT!

Video- with the "MAX" video setting i love this, i have even edited a home movie of friends and family and its GREAT

Software- is the only thing i dont like, the ENDLESS menues and bull**** that some of these menues have is annoying!
* I HATE THE PHONEBOOK!, IM NOT GUNNA TRANSFER ALL MY CONTACTS ONTO THE PHONE, then i wont have any more memory on the phone!

Memory- THE BEST, i love the 512mb card, im waitin for a 1gb!
the only bad thing is when viewing pictures off of the card, it takes a lil while to load all the pictures, and even longer to change photo folders!

Design- LOVE IT, this phone is SEXXXY, and how the memory card slot is stored away, but still easy to get to ( not under sim card and battery like OTHER phones )

Function- GREAT, i can snap a video, or HIGH quality picture with ease and comfort! the options of changing menues, and screensavers, and backgrounds is GREAT!. the battery life with my use lasts about 3 days or so, and i just charge it overnight on the 3rd day!


CON'S= its a little on a big side for a phone!, some of the menues really suck, lag on accessing memory card, battery life needs to be a day or two stronger!

conclusion= This phone is great, i looked arround for a phone for a long time, ive needed a new phone for almost a year! and finally i have one, and i couldent be happyer! the network coverage with EDGE is GREAT, i get GREAT signal, and i get signal where other rogers/fido, telus and bell phones dont get coverage!
4 Stars out of 5

SD TransFlash Card for Motorola V635i

Reviewed on Tuesday September 20, 2005 by , Whitby
I've been looking around for the 512MB SD TransFlash memory card. I just spoke to a sales rep at a reputable Electronic store. He told me the part no. is already in their system. The TransFlash card should be available in a month... hopefully!! I'm amazed by the V635i. And I can't wait to give it a boost ( for mp3 usage!) once the 512mb card is available.
4 Stars out of 5

Great phone, a LOT better than the RAZR!

Reviewed on Saturday August 27, 2005 by , Montreal, Quebec
We've just received the V635i in our store (same caracteristics, but with a 512 MB memory card instead of 32), and its been a great seller since! Apart from the smartphones, the V635 is now the most advanced phone on the Rogers network. IS it good? Read on!

PROS : The build quality of that phone is amazing! The metal casing feels sturdy and well-made (its about the same quality as the one on the old V600). The internal screen is very clear, and the colours are great (262k makes a big difference than 65k). The extendable memory makes it a true MP3 player, and now you can store a lot more pictures and video. Speaking of the camera, its now 1,23 MP and the picture quality (for a cellular phone) is very good. It has EDGE for high-speed Internet access and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity (its only missing Infrared, but seriously, is anyone still using that technology?).

CONS : The external colour screen is not that good, only 4k colours and its very hard to read on a sunny day (the one on the Samsung p207 is a LOT better). The black part on the front of the phone gets full of fingerprints really fast and is prone to get scratched too. The battery life, with all those gadgets, is not that great, two day max on a full charge.

So, if you're looking for a phone that offers a LOT of features for a very reasonnable price, the V635i is the phone to get! And the keypad lits white, like all models from Motorola. ;-)
5 Stars out of 5

Is anyone else upset that...

Reviewed on Thursday August 25, 2005 by , Toronto
I was just wondering for everyone who purchased the v635 that rogers decided to discontinue this model for the newer v635"i" that now comes with a 512 meg transflash card after only being out for like 6 months?

I for one found this upsetting, if i had known that they were going to discontinue this line and come out with another one a few months later i would of waited. not to mention the price on the newer model is still cheaper then what i had paid for the original v635!

why rogers why??

by the way, does anyone know if with an extended warranty if the v635 is defective any way of getting the newer "i" version?
1 Star out of 5

Motorola's first 1.2 pix camera

Reviewed on Monday July 25, 2005 by , toronto
Yes it is one of Motorola's first 1.23 megapixel camera to be offered by Rogers. However, it is also one of the worst phones for reliability. I have nothing but many problems. There are soo many problems that I have given up on Motorola's. Battery never last as long as other manufacturers. Reception isn't as good as the other 850mhz phones on the Rogers network that my other friends and family have.
2 Stars out of 5

One Question?????

Reviewed on Friday June 17, 2005 by , Toronto
I just want to know what color is the keypad backlight? Is it blue like MOST of the Samsung models or is it white like my V300? I'm seriously considering upgrading to the V635.
4 Stars out of 5

V635: Fantastic Phone!!

Reviewed on Saturday June 4, 2005 by , Toronto, Canada
I''ve used a lot of phones with Fido, Rogers and Telus, but this one outclasses all of them.

- Excellent RF
- Excellent Sound Quality and Build
- Stereo sound for Mp3 ringtones - very high quality
- EDGE: Zoom Zoom!
- MegaPixel Camera takes some good shots, with light for night and outside shots
- Quad-Band, excellent for travelling
- Easy transfer of images, sounds and other data from computer to the phone, can be used as USB
- Battery life is excellent

- Mp3 Player is Java-based, very slow and will skip if the Mp3 is larger than 128kb quality
- Can't use voicedial if the contact is on the SIM card, only on the phone
- Can't use Mp3 ringtones unless they are moved from the memory card to the phone
- Zoom on the camera, dont even try taking clear pictures on it
- Have to buy MobileTools package to setup drivers between the phone and the computer (unless you find it on the net for free ;)
- No change in phonebook from V511 or V600
- Video isn't very powerful, can't store very large videos

Performance - 9
Build Quality - 9
Battery life - 7
Features - 10
Software - 8
Camera - 7

OVERALL - 9/10
5 Stars out of 5

Was skeptical but great phone!!

Reviewed on Tuesday May 17, 2005 by , Toronto
i got this phone 5 days ago and this is my second time owning a motorola cell phone, first one was a piece of garbage. which made me very skeptical in getting another motorola. but the features that this phone was offering was to good to pass up on. after reading countless reviews on motorola phones, it seemed like the minor nuances were solvable and can be solved if you have any isseus with this phone. all you got to do is read other phone forums and reviews.


-mp3 player w/ mp3 ring tunes
-1.23 mega pixel cam
-trans flash memory which can be expanded to hold more songs, pictures and videos
-great looking phone
-great reception so far (been getting full or close to full reception in my basement whereas my old sony ericsson had about half reception at best)
-great sound clarity when talking to someone, have no problems not hearing the other caller
-user interface isn't so hard to navigate through after a couple days
-edge data transfer
-comes with usb cable, stereo headset to listen to mp3's/talk to others

just small annoying things such as...

-some pictures and sounds are locked and can't be deleted
-high resolution pics cant be stored on the phone only on the trans flash card (which you can't use as picture ID, only lower resolution pic's)
-can't think of anything else but probably not much at the moment.

great phone and would highly recommend it to all.