Motorola V635

Motorola V635 Front View


May 2005


  • 1.23 MP Embedded Camera
  • External & Internal colour screens
  • MP3 Player
  • Unlimited memory with memory cards


Latest Reviews

4 Stars out of 5

great phone but

Reviewed on Wednesday July 22, 2009 by , scotland
this phone is a fantastic buy.i have had it for aout a year now and i have dropped it, chucked it squished it and it still works great. the camera is great.

there are two problems i have found

1. it is a little to large

2. i cant get it to work on my computor (any help from anyone)
4 Stars out of 5

Motorola v635

Reviewed on Monday February 5, 2007 by , Toronto
I've been using this phone since Sept. 2005 and haven't any probs. I travel often throughout North America and found that I get better than average reception (not sure if it's the provider or phone). Yes, the aluminum case is solid, I have dropped it often like any other phone, but has stood the test (aluminum case can be slippery at times). I previously figured out the fix for the side buttons (as per previous reviews). My Previous MP was a v300. The side button will cycle through the ringer setting and end up in silent mode. this was infuriating, as it would be silent for the whole day. The solution is to password secure this function, so if the button is accidentally pressed it gets stuck on "enter unlock code". That was the fiest thing I did upon purchase. I do not use the mp3 player. it is long to boot-up and only works with the wired headset provided. There are no external mp3 controls and if phone is closed/folded the mp3 player will shut off. I use a bluetooth headset, the video player sound works w/ this function. this phone came w/ the 512mb trans flash and I have placec 11 one hour TV shows (3gp format) plus 4 music videos, and still have plenty of room for photos and video recordings (have a 4 yr old son). As a phone it works exceptionally great, but is not a feather wieght. Battery life is exceptional. My only problem is, its time to upgrade and there are very few phone to choose from that is not a downgrade. This is why I am here writing a review while researching new phones.
4 Stars out of 5

Nice phone, but a few issues

Reviewed on Tuesday October 31, 2006 by , Waterdown Ont.
This is a really capable phone, and has pretty much any option you might be looking for. It's very comparable to the Razr, but in my opinion a little more rough and tumble. That is, I'll toss this phone around, but I wouldn't want to sit down with a Razr in my pocket.
As for my issues with this phone, they are few but significant. The volume and camera buttons on the outside of the phone are far to pressure sensitive, so you are constantly turning on the camera and taking pictures of your phone case, or turning your volume settings on. It's really quite annoying. I know at least 5 people with this phone, and it does the same for all of them. Purse, pocket, belt clip, doesn't matter. You will definitely be pushing them by accident.
Next, the built in MP3 player is cool, but takes forever to load up, and it's a real pain getting your songs to be usable as a ringtone.
These are my only issues with this phone.

I saw on another review on this site that someone was disappointed that the V635 was discontinued in favour of the V635i, but that isn't true. The i was simply added to the phone name when the 512mb card was bundled with the phone. Anyone who purchased the phone before the card was bundled should have been able to go back where they bought the phone, and gotten the card free if they showed their original receipt.
4 Stars out of 5

Phone has lots of features but at a price!

Reviewed on Sunday October 22, 2006 by , Central Alberta
Hi... I purchased the Motorola V635i almost a year ago (October 24/05) from a ROGERS Wireless Dealer. Within 10 days of purchase, I had to return it for warranty exchange because the phone repeatedly locked up (freezing), power cycled on/off, slow to navigate thru menus and could not format the 512MB Transflash Memory Card. To this day, I still have problems with it (above mentioned).

BUT it is an awesome phone. It is packed with all the features I used on a daily bases. Despite it "hissy fits" from time to time, it is a great little phone. I'm sure that Motorola has been made aware to the issues and have developed a patch for it.