Motorola V300

Motorola V300 Front View


Canada: Rogers


January 2004


  • Compact, Flip Phone
  • Colour Screen
  • Integrated Digital Camera
  • Picture Messaging


Latest Reviews

4 Stars out of 5

Its Mixs

Reviewed on Sunday May 28, 2006 by , Toronto
I had V300 for year and half. It has give me the same problems that everyone has.
1 Star out of 5

Pile of $#!@!

Reviewed on Thursday September 1, 2005 by , Thunder Bay
ive had this phone over a year now and it is junk. it looks nice and has pretty good features and camera for its time but it gives LOTS of problems. so far the volume cuts out so u can hardly hear, next comes the constant freezing and after that is the fact that after u press the green button it takes 10 seconds after that to answer a call. add to that the fact some pictures get corrupted for no reason and u cant view them and also the thumb nail pic is diffrent than the actual fill size picture! argggg! DONT BUY... hopefully the v635 is better because i was intrested in buying that.. so far nokia's rule
4 Stars out of 5

Motorola 300 is great

Reviewed on Thursday September 1, 2005 by , Ontario
I have used this phone for over 1 year, and I really enjoy it. It keeps its charge well, the sound quality is good, and the camera has been very useful (I even used it at a wedding and sent the photos to the family by email) and fun.
It feels good in my hand and yet it is not too small in a man’s hand…
The voice activated dialling works well.
It is nice to have a flip phone! That means that I do not have to worry about locking it before I put it in my purse or pocket. (once, I forgot to lock my previous Nokia and as I put it in my purse I must have pressed a key that redialled the last number, then recorded nothing for two hours). From now on I will always choose a flip phone.

I used it in, Europe and Australia, and had no problems with it.

However, using it with a separate, Motorola ‘hands free’ earphone attachment, it does not provide as good a voice quality, and people have had trouble hearing me… … but this feature is useful while travelling. The only part I do not like is the sounds that came with it are all so similar, and many are ‘new age’ types…
I give the phone itself 4 stars.
1 Star out of 5

This phone is crap

Reviewed on Thursday August 25, 2005 by , Toronto
I've had the V300 for just over a year now and bought it on a President's Club upgrade on the recommendation of the Roger's sales "experts". The volume on the earpiece is nothing short of crap... you can't hear incoming calls or voicemail messages. I've had it in for repair on two occasions and the repair was temporary at best. This phone also drops calls with much more frequency than any of my previous 3 phones (all Nokia)What good is a phone if you can't hear the voice on the other end...I use this phone primarily for business and this is clearly unacceptable, therefore this phone gets a "crap only" designation. Prospective phone buyers should not waste their money or time on this phone. My contact with motorola customer service was also a waste of time. I'm biteing the bullet and going back to Nokia.