Motorola ROKR Z6m

Motorola ROKR Z6m Front View

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Canada: Bell, SaskTel


November 2007


  • Music Player
  • Camera & Camcorder
  • Bluetooth technology


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4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday August 30, 2010 by , Québec
Très facile d'utilisation. Réception très bonne. Acheté il y a 2 ans. Jamais eu de problème.
2 Stars out of 5

does amazing things , but its horrible

Reviewed on Monday December 21, 2009 by , winnipeg
This phone can do amazing things its has mp3, good camera , easy to use texting, and so on . it is built very cheap . the arrow keypad will come off, the slider will break, and they wont fix it , its not on the warranty , i had this phone for 5 months and now i dont have a phone
1 Star out of 5

this phone sucks!!

Reviewed on Tuesday May 12, 2009 by , roseville california
this phone has been nothing but problems for me. i have been through 6 already in a year!! I just recently got one a week ago and it has frozen on me once again. i have done everything from taking the battery out, to taking the memory card out and resetting it, but to no avail. i just got a new one from my carrier a week ago and once again it is frozen. every time it freezes i lose all my contacts and unsaved pictures video etc.. so today i have to go back to my carrier and get a replacement which im sure will freeze once again within the next week. so to anyone wanting to buy this phone i wouldn't waste your time. look into getting a more reliable phone.
5 Stars out of 5

Awesomest Phone Ever

Reviewed on Saturday May 2, 2009 by , Saskatchewan
This phone is the most Coolest phone ever made.