Also known as the Motorola XT615

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Canada: Bell, Virgin Mobile


May 2012


  • Android 2.3
  • 8.0 MP camera
  • Social & Activity Graphs
  • Lock screen functionality
  • 4-inch edge-to-edge high resolution display


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Not as much good as they say !!

Reviewed on Monday June 9, 2014 by , canada
I've got it since it came to market, for first six month it was very good, the problem arise when I received the message for upgrading, and problems start one after another one, and it seems won't be finished.
It asked to restart two to five times a day, and sometimes didn't start unless to remove the battery and return it back.
The last one which began from last couple months is about its camera, the message "" appear and wont let you to take a picture.
Interesting that I can't release of that because one year of term still remaining and I'm not on budget to fix that. I called them once a time and asked for almost $290.00 or more !!
Anyway I wont recommand to buy that unless get a strong warranty and support plan.