Motorola MOTOGO! EX431G Reviews

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The Motorola MOTOGO! EX431G has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

3 Stars out of 5

Bluetooth - like, yeah, right!

Reviewed on Tuesday June 17, 2014 by , AK
I have never used my new Bluetooh headset, but I bought this new Motorola to replace an old one that was getting cranky. Bluetooth capability and the Triple Minutes for Life were my main attractions, along with many favorable reviews Amazon (I did take the less-than-favorable reviews into consideration. My last Tracfone LG800G or something like that) did connect with my new car's Bluetooth - for awhile. Then nothing anyone, including the dealership, could do would restore it. Since I drive on military installations as well as civilian settings, I have to have Bluetooth to conform to very strict prohibition of hand-held phone use on base and now in a growing number of states as well. 3.7 of the EX431G's colorful manual gives clear directions for how to connect Bluetooth "for headsets." Apparently it does NOT connect to cars, which is a definite downer for me!

Also, 3.8 in the manual directs the phone user how to take and forward pictures with the cell phone. Ha! I took some two days ago at a big family picnic and wanted to share them with some distant relatives and friends. Not! Every time I tried I got a disclaimer-reject informing me: "File size too large" or something close to that. Cell phone manufacturers need to understand that one of the main reasons cell users take pictures is to forward them! Why take pictures so "large" that they cannot be forwarded? What is the reasoning or justification behind that? The manual does not offer any resizing instructions and I have not been able to figure out any.

Although I NEVER shop by phone, I've already forfeited minutes TWICE by hitting Browser by mistake! Phone manufacturers adding that as an application need to be aware that not everyone wants it, and post in their ads and packaging, "No Browser." Also, "Bluetooth only connects to headphones" and "Ignore page 3.8 for "Taking and Sharing Pictures. You can take, but not share."

(Unless it's just me...)
0 Stars out of 5

Loss of airtime (tract Phone)

Reviewed on Monday August 12, 2013 by , Biloxi, Ms.
I bought the phone and a 120 minute card- transferred 120 minutes from old phone(360 total) With phone not in use, at different intervals the browser would activate and remove air time. I called Tracfone and they would not help me. I had gone from activated minutes to 70 left when I deactivated the phone and I am now looking for a phone to purchase.