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The LG Xenon has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 21 reviews.

1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday February 22, 2012 by , Canada
This phone is a piece. It freezes constantly, has a really poor touch screen, and overall just feels cheap. You will find yourself increasingly annoyed by how long it takes to load menus or even just text messages. Very little customizability visually as well as in terms of software. Possibly worst of all is that the inbox does not automatically delete messages, but instead stops receiving messages once the inbox is full, requiring you to manually delete messages. Depending on how much texting you do, this can become a huge annoyance. The only good thing I have to say about this phone is that the battery life is fairly good.
1 Star out of 5

xenon from fido

Reviewed on Tuesday May 24, 2011 by , mississauga
P.O.S. This phone sucks. It is so locked up Im suprised I can make calls. WARNING DO NOT BUY.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday April 28, 2011 by , Canada
This is one POS. The folks at LG could not be bothered to actually field test this hunk o junk. The response time on the so-called "touch screen" causes double entries if you do not adjust to their idea of how quickly users input keystrokes. Then the ruddy touch screen died completely. $25 diagnostic fee on a phone less than one year old? DO NOT BUY LG ("Lucky Goldstar") crap.
4 Stars out of 5

Alright phone.

Reviewed on Monday March 7, 2011 by , PEI
I love this phone, but recently I started having trouble with my touch screen It wasnt calibrating right and It was a serious pain. After gettin the rub around I am finally gettin it fixed. They camera and keyboard are awesome and the batterylife is really good. I would recommend this phone to anyone although I would recommend a case. The phone is durable but only to a certain point.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday December 14, 2010 by , UK
this is my second phone, first screen cracked and I cant for the life of me figure out how to connect it to my PC to upload pictures. other than that it is a great product
5 Stars out of 5

cool phone

Reviewed on Wednesday November 24, 2010 by , canada
awsome phone
2 Stars out of 5

Its alright

Reviewed on Friday August 13, 2010 by , Canada
I like it, the touchscreen, qwerty keyboard, the flash when you use the camera. There are just a few things I'm having trouble with. First; when I download a ringtone from one of those free websites I can't use it as a text ringtone, only voice calls. Second; when someone sends me a picture MSG I can't save it, or it saves and I can't find it after. And when I try to upload my pictures to facebook via txt MSG; for every single picture I send it also sends a few blank pages along with a bell logo. So I end up deleting it all and it takes me like 20 mins to upload 1 picture and delete all the blank ones. I just got this last month and I'm already thinking of getting a new one.
5 Stars out of 5

my opinion

Reviewed on Monday June 28, 2010 by , Ptbo
i have only had the phone for over a week but i like it alot compared to my rumor 2 that just up and quit on me i also hate the lock key when talking checking voice mail is interesting to say

in the specifications it says it doesn't come with facebook unless i got an upgraded phone mine does

so far i like it but also still playing with it
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday May 26, 2010 by , canada
not good phone
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone!! Super Happy Customer

Reviewed on Monday May 17, 2010 by , unavailable
I have had this phone for a while now and i love it so much. My phone is with Fido and might i say that, apart from what others think, they have great service and great plans. When I first bought my phone the lady at the counter showed me everything that I needed to know and was very nice.

The phone is easy to use, with a touch screen and a QWERTY ketpad. It also has a great camera, for both videos and photos, aswell as picture editing on the phone.It also has easy acess to bluetooth, google and facebook.

The phone is very durable, i know from my droping it every day. easy to use calling and texting and even comes with a usb that connects to the phone for uploading your pictures to the computer, facebook or twitter.

I would recommend this phone to everyone, teens and adults, because it has everything you would ever need!
2 Stars out of 5

custom MP3 as ringtone DOES NOT work and no pause dialling

Reviewed on Saturday April 3, 2010 by , Alberta
This phone does not work if you use your own MP3 file (even under 300KB) as your ringtone. This phone has no pause dialing. Hoping the R&D (software division) of LG should fix this right away. They will loose another customer because of this small features. Pause dialing is really helpful to busy business person. HOPING from the R&D department must REALLY FIX this issue. Customer service rep in LG Canada is NOT really helpful.
4 Stars out of 5

Pretty good phone

Reviewed on Wednesday March 17, 2010 by , pheonix
Descent phone overall. The only major down fall for me is that I have large fingers and so the keypad is a bit small for someone like myself and you end up hitting two buttons at the same time.

The other complaint that i would have is that it automatically goes into "lock" mode which is a pain when you are in the middle of a call and you have to hit "lock" to get to your number screen or something.

Maybe it's just me, perhaps there is a way to get this off the phone but I haven't figured it out.
3 Stars out of 5

The Xenon

Reviewed on Saturday March 6, 2010 by , Surrey
Really cool phone. Had it for a week. Still getting use to it, but it's crashing when trying to login to utube. Thing just shuts off. It's also been locking up when I've tried to download a flash application. Going to send it back for a new one
1 Star out of 5

ecant tactile

Reviewed on Thursday February 18, 2010 by , st lin
ca fait 2 semaine que j ai mon lg xenon et j ai deja des problemes avec lecran tactile qui ne s allume pas quand j active le telephone.le probleme c est qu il est intermitent.je suis aller chez le detailiant rogers a terrebonne,j ai expliquer le probleme et ils n ont pas voulu rien faire asous le pretexte que le telephone ne fait pas le probleme,bien qund j atais la tout allais bien.ca commence mal....
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday February 3, 2010 by , vancouver
This phone easily earned 4 outta five stars. And for those of you who want to argue, complain about the details and low ball the stars on this phone, try reading the manual for instructions on how to USE this phone. While 5 stars are possible, technically, that lofty grade will be saved for the cell the angels use....
5 Stars out of 5

i~good phone~!

Reviewed on Sunday January 24, 2010 by , amazon view
its a pretty good phone!
3 Stars out of 5

no GPS

Reviewed on Thursday September 17, 2009 by , Markham
this device has hardware GPS, but there is no software supporting it in the Roger's crippled version afaik (AT&T has a yellowpages app that works with the GPS for free)

way to go rogers...
4 Stars out of 5

that's right

Reviewed on Friday August 28, 2009 by , White Rock
What're you talkin about, bob? The LG Xenon does so have the Facebook, Yahoo and google shortcuts, It's shown in the Rogers print ads for the phone, it's shown on the screen of the display phones they have in Rogers stores, it's even mentioned in the above description of the phone, Mike's right, if you don't have those things on your phone than you must not have the LG Xenon and are confusing it with another phone.
5 Stars out of 5

REsponse to clarify

Reviewed on Thursday August 27, 2009 by , Okanagan
Just as a response to Bob, yeah, there IS google, facebook and Yahoo shortcut. If there isn't, then you must not have the Rogers version (canadian Carrier). If you have the AT&T version (American carrier), then that could very well be different so please do not confuse users with incorrect information between the American and Canadian versions of this phone. Are you sure you're simply not confusing the Xenon with the Neon, Vu or Secret? All are made by LG and three of them are Slider phones (Teh Vu is strictly touchscreen, while the Secret does not have a qwerty keyboard however, but the other two do)

Second, there's isn't a homepage, there are THREE homepages. If your phone does not have THREE homepages, you do not have this phone. Each are selectable by touching one of three buttons near the top of the screen under the row of icons and above the time & date. The main homepage (the center button) represented by a House symbol has no shortcuts of any kind. You must select the widget tab (bottom left of screen) and then drag each of six shortcuts onto the main homsecreen. The six shortcuts are Calendar, Clock, Worldclock, memo pad, picture viewer and Internet shortcut, none of them are the music shortcut. If you phone does not have these, then it is NOT the LG Xenon. It is a different phone.

You can also touch the very top of the screen for a second drop down menu on all three homescreens, and within THOSE shortcuts are Music Player, Bluetooth, Ring and vibration, five messaging shortcuts (voicemail, Text, e-mail, etc) and your alarm and calendar. Again, if you do not have this drop down menu, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE LG XENON.

The second homescreen, the right button represented by a Star, DOES in fact have five non moveable shortcuts (Facebook, google, Yahoo, and the two Rogers shortcuts Tones & more, and Shop) and you can set the other four shortcuts to anything you want. AGAIN, if you do not have this homepage, YOU DO NOT HAVE AN LG XENON. Or do not have the Canadian version of the phone, which, again, please do not post incorrect ifnormation as it will simply confuse people.

The third homescreen, the left button represented by a little person, allows you to place up to 6 contacts per page on up to three separate pages (switchable by touching the three little dots at the bottom of the screen right above the Call, Contact, Messages and Menu shortcuts) for a total of 18 of your favourite contacts. Again, if you do nto have this homepage, YOU DO NOT HAVE AN LG XENON.

Using a non Canadian Carrier version of this phone, or debranding it will result in different information being displayed possibly, so please do not say the phone does not have something if you don't have the phone that is being discussed. Unbranded phones or phones from another carrier can be different, so if you don't have the Canadian carrier version, please dont' say what it does and doens't have because you're giving out wrong information to people who may be relying on information like this to decide on their next phone. If your phone does not match what was listed in this or my previous post, then YOU DO NOT HAVE THE CANADIAN CARRIER VERSION OF THE LG XENON, OR PERHAPS NOT EVEN THE LG XENON AT ALL. And if in doubt, simply call up the carrier and ask them whether or not this phone has the features I said it does and you will find out very fast that yes in fact it does.
4 Stars out of 5

Cool Phone

Reviewed on Sunday August 23, 2009 by , ?
It does not have a google, facebook, or yahoo shortcut on here. I have this phone and so does my brother and 2 friends we all love it but there is some problems. Mostly the contact list the email turns into korean writing. Web browser is cool. But just to make it clear there is NO google, facebook or yahoo shortcut on this phone. Also on the homepage there is not a internet shortcut its a music player shortcut, But there is some problems on the other review. But all is good.
5 Stars out of 5

Fantastic phone!

Reviewed on Monday May 18, 2009 by , Okanagan
I just love this phone! It's so easy to use, the real keyboard is way easier to use than the dummy model you see in stores. I don't know why, they look the same, but when you try them side by side you can tell the difference. And, if you don't feel like using the keypad to type, you can also use the virtual numeric keypad to text like a normal phone (T9 or multitap, or whatever it's called when you press the number key 1 - 4 times to get the desired letter)

The touch screen is very responsive, I was pleasantly surprised, internet surfing is terrific if you do a lot of text heavy sites as you can zoom in and the fonts get bigger but are very clear. Pictures on the internet on the other hand, if you zoom in more than 100% then they get distorted.

3 home screens, one to arrange your favorite contacts (3 pages of those!) so you can call or message then just by touching their photos, the home screen you can put a selection of 6 widgets on and place wherever you want(Internet shortcut, picture slide veiwer, world clock (which only allows your location and one other location), analog clock, Calendar (which takes up the whole screen) and even a little post it note looking widget that you can put a reminder to yourself so you see it everytime you take out your phone) and a shortcut homescreen which by default has facebook, google, and Yahoo! shortcuts, as well as "tones & more" and "shop" shortcuts, all of which you cannot get rid of, but you CAN add up to four more shortcuts on that screen of whatever you want!

The bar at the bottom is "keypad", "Contacts", "Messages" and "Menu" no lame Vision or other Carrier icons here that you cannot change! in between the call and end buttons is the task manager button so you can minimize one program, open up another and then switch between the two as you like.

Even if you touch the very top of the screen between the bluetooth and calendar/alarm icons (which appear when you have those functions on) ANOTHER widget pops down with shortcuts to Music Player (the phones own music player! not the lame Carrier one!), Bluetooth, Ring profiles, 5 black shortcut keys to your various messaging options (text, mobilemail, IM, Windows Live and Yahoo! messengers) and your alarm and Calendar shortcuts, ALL of which turn red when you have a new item in whatever program they represent! The only problem with this, in protrait mode sometimes touching that area works, sometimes in doesn't, but in landscape mode it always works, so I dunno. It's weird, but awesome when it does work!

VIDEO CALLING!! As far as I know it's the only non smart phone in Canada that has a qwerty keypad AND video calling, and the quality is quite good! No delay (with the person I videocalled with, anyway) the video quality kept up to speed with the voice (it is a VGA camera, so probably 0.3 megapixels on the videocalling camera) but it still looked, sounded and functioned quite well! I don't know what options there are in the Video Calling area, because you can only access them while on a video call.

When you take a picture (with the 2mp camera, which also has a flash!) it auto rotates! SO, when you take a picture in landscape or portrait mode, it will always be right side up when you go to look at it! The flash on the other hand, is nice to have but not that even. It flashes, but by the time the picture gets taken part of the picture is brighter than the rest, it doesn't illuminated evenly. not a huge deal, my last phone didn't even have a flash. Also, when you take a picture, there's a split second delay from when you hit the button to when the picture is taken. The pictures are still crisp and clear, but if you're taking a picture of something in motion, you may get the shot a little later than what you wanted.

Great music player (you can search musci by playlist, artist, album, genres or even in the "all songs" option you can actually search for a specific song title! and if it's true that you can use a 16g memory card like all the sites and documentation says, that could be a VERY handy feature!)

16gb capacity! Supposedly according to websites and the documentation it should be able to accomodate a 16gb microSD memory card! Documentation has been wrong before, so I don't know for sure if it does, but if it does, WOW! That's a wonderful feature!

Messaging is so awesome on this phone! It has a threaded text message view so you can see your conversations with a particular friend, and on the qwerty keypad it has shortcuts to all the different types of messaging you have. The only minor thing here is that if you do type using the keypad instead, it randomly defaults to T9, so if you use that, no problem, but if you're like me and prefer letter by letter, you just have to remember to look at the T9 key before you start typing (it has a bright green circle when it's on, and it's located right beside the 9 key, so it's easy to turn on and off if you need it) plus in the virtual keypad mode, there's an option to copy and paste what you wrote!

Tools include a Calendar, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Voice Recorder (which you can save your voice notes on your memory card!), Voice Command, Notepad, world clock (THIS world clock, however, allows multiple locations in list format) a task list, stopwatch, tip calculator and unit converter.

Even the call quality sounds great! I was worried about this, but when on a call, it sounds terrific! (although, being in a 3G area probably helps the call quality significantly) and the battery life blows me away! MUCH better than my old Razr2! My last charge was almost two days ago and I go onto facebook several times a day just because I'm bored, texting constantly and even some calling, and I've still got one bar out of 3 left!

And for people sick of the different plugs, this uses the Micro USB plug! (the same one motorola and blackberry uses, and more and more companies are starting to use) so if you're like me, you can use your same charger for your phone AND your headset (I have the motorola H710 headset, which also uses Micro USB) and if you do have a motorola phone with the car charger, etc, etc, you don't have to throw out your old Micro USB stuff, you can just use it for this phone too! It's a wonderful phone and I would strongly recommend it!

One final note, the web browser may not be compatible with your bank's mobile website, as I am finding when I try to log into mine from my phone, so if you also have that problem, please contact your financial institution about having them upgrade their site to be more widely compatible with your phone.