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The LG Rumour has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 56 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

LG rumor

Reviewed on Sunday June 29, 2014 by , Vancouver
I've had this phone since grade 10, so it's been 7 years. You're probably wondering why i had a phone that closes randomly, can't send pictures(sometimes doesnt work), no smart phone or internet capability. Honestly, i have no idea. Almost 8 years now with this phone and im finally getting rid of it. It still works fine despite how many times it fell. Only real problem was it shutting down pretty frequently when it has low battery. All the buttons on the phone still work fine. Regardless, i had fun with this phone but it was time to move along.
4 Stars out of 5

Awesome Phone :)

Reviewed on Sunday August 7, 2011 by , Canada
I had this phone for about a year.
I got it as a hand me down from a friend and she had it about 1-2 years before me.
I love this phone!
It worked great!!! The keyboard is so easy to use! It worked perfectly, shut off randaomly maybe 3 times in that year. But it kept all my memory and saved stuff.
This year it broke and the screen started to flash and shutoff.
One little thing I had an issue with was the camera, it wasn't as good but i guess that's what you get for a cell and i couldn't figure out how to zoom up.
The whole time i had it I was happy and I am getting another one :)
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday August 25, 2010 by , armstrong bc
PROS: full QWERTY keyboard
strong durability

CONS: mine snapped in half
laggy in inbox outbox ect/

overall: an alright phone but defanetly could have been alot better than it is.A good first phone but I DONT RECOMEND IT AT ALL!
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday May 31, 2010 by , Sturgeon falls
I have bought the Lg Rumour texting phone it’s now been a while. I really enjoy typing with the keyboard; it saves me time and its way easier to text.

However, I have a problem that I want to share. My cell phone has been closing on its own randomly not too long after I bought it. I did return it. Twice actually and they said they upgraded stuff to fix it but after a week, it started to do it again. I was really disappointed because it took them about a month to ‘’fix’’ it.

It would be gratefully appreciated and not stressful if somehow it stops doing this. I consider looking into trying to do something about this pathetic error.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday May 16, 2010 by , Canada
The LG Rumour is a good phone for about 4 months. My LG Rumour worked properly for about 4 months, and it just got worse. It started with it turning off randomly, and then the backlight started flashing on and off, I am now getting a new phone because the repairs cost more than the new phone would. This phone is horrible, don't get it.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday February 17, 2010 by , quebec
thi phone has been nothing but trouble. i have had it for a few months and it shuts itself off randomly and wiped out my memory card.
if you have to choose between going to jail or buying the lg rumour you should take prison it would probaly be easier on you than a lg rumour.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday January 19, 2010 by , Canada
I had this phone for around a year but a lot of things i had to endure. This phone always died on me and recently its doing it a LOT and it does it a lot in the middle of the text. Also, the charger has now given out on me, before it was fine and then i had to tape it to my phone, and now it wont even charge unless you hold it tight against the phone and keep it there..
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Friday January 8, 2010 by , Prince George BC Canada
I would NOT have purchased the LG Rumour! I purchased an LG Rumour mid-September 2009. It started randomly (and annoyingly) shutting itself off on 17Dec2009. Plus the "send" key has to be held down in order to send a text msg. They won't replace it, so it's had to be sent away to be repaired. I am not happy at all with this product. When I took it to the Bell store where we purchased it, the Bell employee told me it was a chronic problem with LG Rumour (turning itself off). Why is the product not being recalled then? :(
1 Star out of 5

Do not buy!

Reviewed on Saturday January 2, 2010 by , Ontario
My phone has not worked properly since I got it in 2008. I have called customer service multiple times to fix the various issues: turning off all the time, sending/recieving multiple msgs, recieving lates msgs up to 4-6hrs, phone not ringing when people call, etc. I had my phone completely replaced and its only taken less than 5 months for all issues to return. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!
2 Stars out of 5

Not good!

Reviewed on Thursday December 24, 2009 by , BC
always turn off no were during the day... and the batterie is full! i think getting another one!
2 Stars out of 5

Its alright..

Reviewed on Thursday November 26, 2009 by , Manitoba
I really like the keypad that slides out but my buttons are beginning to stick.. it always sends duplicates of texts. Cant take good pictures or video if its the slightest bit dark.. and you cant send or receive pictures or video.
1 Star out of 5

Dont buy it!

Reviewed on Wednesday November 25, 2009 by , Peterborough, on
Had a phone for just over a year, 2 months ago sent it in for repairs, 6 weeks into repairs, they had to replace mainboard because it was shutting off on its own... now started doing same thing again.... cant browse the net because its always has "insufficient memory"... The loaner that was 3 years old was browsing net just fine...
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday November 18, 2009 by , saskatchewan, regina
okay so apparently iam the only one that liked this phone :S i found it super easy to text and call. i loved the video's it took, and i liked the menu and nothing was backwars on mine. so in all i loved it:)
3 Stars out of 5

OMG! stay big or lose it all.

Reviewed on Sunday October 18, 2009 by , Regina
Ok, I bought this phone the first week it came out, i put it on a two year plan and out of a whole year I've only had it for 4 months, I just sent it in because the buttons stopped working. LG can't even get the parts for it right now and it's been gone for 3 months, so i got a stone age loner phone. Anywho,
1. The inbox can hold 100 messages and once it gets to about 45 it starts to freeze and slow down.
2. After about 2 - 2 1/2 months it can't keep up with the speed of your texting.
3. the camera is to slow to take pictures and they turn out blurry.
4. When we got mad at the manager she promised a credit to purchase a new phone, HAHAHA it was $99 and only two phones were that cheap, we paid $230 for it.

But other then that it was ok.
1 Star out of 5

never buy

Reviewed on Saturday October 10, 2009 by , ontario
the LG Rumor is very bad. Ive had it for about 11 months now, going on a year ,and the bottom of it is cracked, the screen is peeling, it ALWAYS shuts off, its off more then its on, its absolutly ridiculous. You can only type 140 characters when your texting. The camera is horrible, it shouldnt even be considered as a camera. This phone shouldnt be sold.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday October 6, 2009 by , Toronto, Ontario
Well, this phone is OKAY. Seriously, there are it's pros and cons.

-Full QWERTY keyboard, allowing really fast typing.
- Easy to use
- Good battery life

- unable to personalize with special ringtones.

Yeah, there aren't much complaints for me other than lag and no way to personalize my ringtone. :( But surprisingly, I dunno where you people are getting "it's crappy and it breaks easily" because mine works really well. Hell, it even went through A FRIGGING WASHING MACHINE, AND IT'S STILL WORKING IN GREAT CONDITION! ROFL. (really, it went through a wash and rinse, and it's still working after letting dry for a week. :D) Not to mention I fidget all the time with it, and nothing bad happens to the screen.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday September 14, 2009 by , Canada
I got the rumour in December and Ive had no issues with it what so ever. Yes, its a big laggy going into text messaging and inbox and stuff, but thats not a problem. Ive had no freezing or shutting off issues. No cracked screens. Ive dropped my phone so many times, Ive eve kicked it across a highway trying to pick it up! Dropped it horse back riding, or dropped it picking it up. Its still going strong! Love it. Battery life is amazing. Its still going and its been 5 days. Its at 2 bars left. Love the phone. Love the green color :)
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday September 13, 2009 by , Milton
The keyboard of this phone is awesome.
But there are multiple problems in other places...
A lot of my friends have this phone also and we all get things like:
a) Lagging text-msgs. [recieved hours or even days after they were sent]
b) Its very large design makes it difficult to fit into pockets or cases [especially for girls]
c) Screen cracks easily.
d) It is a phone made for texting, Trying to call people or recieve calls is not very good quality. Voices are usually crackled out due to bad speakers.

If you plan to text a lot and not call often, it IS a good phone. Just dont drop it. Or put it down with too much force, or it WILL crack.


Not a waste of money, but I just replaced it with a Samsung Cleo (:
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday September 12, 2009 by , Winnipeg
i hate this phone, everything on the screen is backwards, the only good thing is that i've got the hang of reading backwards. Do NOT get this phone.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday August 28, 2009 by , Toronto. ON
My LG Rumor has had a few problems. One thats a waste of money is that all of the car chargers, the little "metal" piece on the end of them always gets stuck in the phone. The you have to go out and buy a new charger. I must have gone through, like 10 chargers. The battery dosn't last long at all. Last but not least the battery is just plain crap, sometimes it'll be in your pocket and it will randomly shut off.
2 Stars out of 5

4 months later

Reviewed on Tuesday August 25, 2009 by , ontairo
my phone worked great for 4 months then the key board stopped working so i sent it in to get fixed came back and it worked great for 2weeks and then it stopped working again so i sent it in to get fixed again and lets hop this time it will work for longer than 2 weeks
1 Star out of 5

LG Rumour

Reviewed on Tuesday June 30, 2009 by , Canada
This phone is GREAT in the beginning, but it starts to SUCK a few months later. = ) Mine turns off on it's own so much, and it's just such a tank.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday June 7, 2009 by , canada
the LG rumor is one of the best phones i've had, ive had it for 2 months no problems, the full keyboard is very handy. When you slide the phone to get the keyboard the messaging system comes up automaticaly, and there are many easy to use features. Music can be uploaded by using a micro SD card. I sugest to get this phone, they now come in many different colours. Such as, white, black, orange, and a very light blue.
1 Star out of 5

Lg Roumr

Reviewed on Saturday May 23, 2009 by , Re
This phone eis garbage i had 3 of these phones and all they do is keep breaking all the same was!

P.S if your looking for a good phone do not buy this one it is a waste of your money
1 Star out of 5

bad phone

Reviewed on Wednesday April 8, 2009 by , pembroke
i have the phone. and every day it shuts off randomly when im texting, or even not touching it, i dont like this phone, 30 freaking dollars for unlimited texting! :@
3 Stars out of 5

okay for basics

Reviewed on Tuesday March 24, 2009 by , canada
I got this phone 10 months ago, and for about 7 and a half months it was working perfectly.


-Full qwerty keyboard with well spaced keys
-Good reception, calls were always clear
-Good battery life, lasted over a week when not used often, and 4 days with constant use and texting


-Laggy when trying to get into text messages and inbox
-Would often restart itself for no reason
-Web browsing slow and basically useless
-Camera is awful, pictures were almost always dark and blurry even with flash

This phone was working well for me up until about 2 and a half months ago when it randomly would start to freeze. This turned into the screen turning either to horizontal lines, inverted, or just completely white. Eventually it just remained as a big white screen so I sent it away. Two months later the phone finally came back, unrepaired. LG has refused to fix it even though it's under warrenty, so i'm stuck having to buy a new phone.

So even though my experience with this phone didn't turn out so great - it is a decent phone if you just want to make calls and text. If you're looking for more features like fast web browsing, a good camera, etc, I would look into getting a different phone.
5 Stars out of 5

Mine works perfectly

Reviewed on Thursday March 19, 2009 by , US
I've had the LG Rumor for almost a year, and it sill works perfectly. (Even with a toddler who takes it and throws it on the floor from time to time.) I've had no white lines, no problems starting, or powering down, and I can send picture mail and videos without a problem. If you're having problems sending pictures, it may be because you dont have internet access on your phone. When you send a picture or video (on Sprint at least) The phone has to first connect to the internet. If you SHOULD be able to send pictures, but you're getting error messages try going into settings>more>security (type in the security code. Most likely the last 4 digits of your number)> Erase/reset>reset picture mail. Then turn the phone off and restart it. it SHOULD reregister your picture mail settings and you will be able to send pictures again. (It wont erase any pictures, don't worry) Hope this helps someone.
1 Star out of 5

LG Rumour screen troubles!

Reviewed on Sunday March 15, 2009 by , Sasktel
I have had this phone for almost a year now. But just yesterday the screen started going distorted and lines going horizontally across the screen. I am on a three year plan and not sure what to do. If I take it in for warranty I will have to wait forever. I am with Sasktel. I would reccomend not to buy this phone. It is awesome for texting but lots of people having problems...
4 Stars out of 5

LG Rumour

Reviewed on Tuesday March 10, 2009 by , MB
I have an orange LG rumour and my sister has the blue and black one!
She texts ALOT and they say that even when you text alot the buttons wont wreck well u should feel how hard it is to press down on the buttons!!
3 Stars out of 5

how lame

Reviewed on Saturday March 7, 2009 by , nova scotia
I have to start out by saying that this phone works well for me to do most of what i want to do however there are many faults the camera takes dark fuzzy pictures i only have a few nice pictures and u cant watch videos like off of youtube which really sucks and u can get onto gmail but it squishes the page up so it makes it hard to see what ur doing theres a few other problems like not being able to download flash and not being able to send or receive videos or pictures on it or even see pictures that are in email accounts etc but i guess this will have to do until i get another phone.
3 Stars out of 5

how lame

Reviewed on Saturday March 7, 2009 by , nova scotia
I have to start out by saying that this phone works well for me to do most of what i want to do however there are many faults the camera takes dark fuzzy pictures i only have a few nice pictures and u cant watch videos like off of youtube which really sucks and u can get onto gmail but it squishes the page up so it makes it hard to see what ur doing theres a few other problems like not being able to download flash and not being able to send or receive videos or pictures on it or even see pictures that are in email accounts etc but i guess this will have to do until i get another phone.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday March 4, 2009 by , ontario
I got this phone about a year ago and the first thing i noticed about it was when you are going through your menu and you select say "messaging" it is very slow. it takes about 3 seconds just to load the next page, this happens with all the applications.
the camera is worthless. i havent gotten one picture that isnt completely fuzzy. and ever since about a month ago my phone has been going crazy, the screen goes completely white, or its cut in half with fuzzy lines every where.

never buy this phone, its a complete piece of c***!
3 Stars out of 5

My Friend Has It ...

Reviewed on Saturday February 28, 2009 by , NB
My friend and my mom has this phone .. my moms hasnt had any problems but she barely uses hers. My friends went all white and she had to send it to Virgin Mobile to get it fixed, Im guessing her screen went like this because shes texts A LOT. If you want this phone i would get it threw Bell even tho they are overpriced but if it breaks they give you a new phone but with Virgin Mobile you have to send it to them for them to fix so your stuck without a phone.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday February 17, 2009 by , Canada
This phone was great to start and lasted quite a while for me. but then about 2 months ago the screen started getting very fuzzy and it just got worse and worse like unbelievably worse. This has happened to many of my friends with the same phone. Then i sent it in to be fixed! it came back fine almost brand new! then now my phone can never find a signal and the clock is missing and i cant call/txt message anybody! and the keyboard wont work! something is wrong with this phone but its good for a short term periode
1 Star out of 5

dont fidget

Reviewed on Friday February 6, 2009 by , british columbia
The stripey screen is due to the flex cable (that turns the screen from vertical to horizontal when you slide out the keyboard) comming loose. Don't get it if you are going to fidget with it too much!
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday January 27, 2009 by , SK
I have had this phone for about a month now with virgin mobile and haven't had any serious problems with it. It froze up on me once, but has been fine ever since. I really don't like that you can't create or use custom ring tones, and the downloadable ones are overpriced. When sliding open, if you don't control it, it opens much too hard and I'm sure that isn't good for the phone. The wire inside probably loosens every time and could be the reason why everyone's screens are malfunctioning, take it easy. All in all I really enjoy this phone,and texting is so easy I will never have a phone without a keyboard. All the extra features are good too.
1 Star out of 5

Distorted Screen

Reviewed on Saturday January 24, 2009 by , Ontario
Just got my phone back today after its month long journey to get repaired. The screen went white white with many lines going up-down and side to side. DO NOT BUY!! Right now i am wishing i had went with a more durable phone rather than this LG or a Blackberry.
5 Stars out of 5

Amazing Phone

Reviewed on Tuesday January 20, 2009 by , Canada
Okay u guys i love this phone i have done nothing bag to it and i have had it for a year and nothing has gone wrong with it just to let u guys know is dont use Sprint it gives u viruses and so does the internet NEVER GO WITH SPRINT THEY SCREW UP YOUR PHONE AND THEY WONT REPLACE IT SO GET BELL OR VIRGIN MOBILE TRUST ME!!!!!! dont get me wronge its a great phone just dont get it from Sprint!!!!!!
5 Stars out of 5

Best Phone in the World

Reviewed on Monday January 19, 2009 by , Canada
Okay you all may be thinking what is this person thinking about saying its the best phone well im saying that because it is the best. the keyboard is great and the screen is good too i dont see why everyone is complaning about this phone cause i have had mine scince it came out and its still fine so i think for you guys to take tcare of your phone better!
1 Star out of 5

Lack of basic features

Reviewed on Thursday January 8, 2009 by , Montague PEI
I purchased 2 LG Rumours for my teenage sons this Xmas, thinking that I got them phones that they could personalize to suit them, only to find that bell has blocked many features that are available in the US with Sprint LG Rumours.
The big one and most fustrating is that you can not create and use your own ringtones, you have to but crappy ones from bell at an overpriced cost. Both my sons are very disappointed that they can't create their own ringtones. None of what is available thru bell come even marginally close to what they want in a ringtone.
I spent 4 hours pulling reccommended programs together for the US Sprint Rumour and creating ringtone files in the proper format only to be thwarted by bells software that doesn't allow you to use it.
I am now exploring ways to get out of my 3 yr contract with these phones and move to Rogers.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday January 7, 2009 by , Canada
This phone, it absolutely sucks, I had it for not even 4 months and the screen went white, i seen blue and green lines all through the screen. The sound quality is not good at all. The camera is not very good either. now, i cannot even use my phone, because the screen is stuck white. It has been for over 2 weeks now. This phone is horrible, I would not recommend you buy it. I love my old phone compared to this phone. Which was a red samsung. Just dont buy the rumour. Not worth the dissapointment it will put you through. Not satisfying at all.
1 Star out of 5

Don't buy this phone

Reviewed on Monday January 5, 2009 by , Ottawa, ON
I got it for Christmas 2008 from Virgin Mobile and it lasted five days. The screen suddenly went blank without any contact. The Virgin Mobile rep told me that it's a very common problem and in fact, they call it "bleeding screen". The rep also added that Virgin Mobile won't replace it! LG should remove the Rumour from the marketplace until they sort out its screen problems.
2 Stars out of 5

how much

Reviewed on Friday January 2, 2009 by , regina
how much is this phone and would you recomend this phone what oyher phones are good i am so bad with phones
5 Stars out of 5

good phone

Reviewed on Monday December 22, 2008 by , wadena sask
I dont have any problems with my phone even tho i dropped it alot and sat on it. overall the camera has a good quality and its easy to type on the keyboard.
1 Star out of 5

terrible terrible terrible

Reviewed on Sunday December 21, 2008 by , regina
I absolutely hate this phone, between bad reception, dropped calls, unreceived texts, cracked screen, exploded pixels, I am completely fed up with it. I will not be sending this phone away to get fixed, it's not even worth it. The only option is to get a new phone. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone, it's not worth the hassle, or the money. Do not buy it.
3 Stars out of 5

Is It True....

Reviewed on Tuesday December 16, 2008 by , Ontario, Canada
that the LG Rumour phones cannot mail pictures from it's camera? Isn't that pointless if you can't share them with family and friends? I have had my phone for 2 1/2mths and STILL can't send pictures to anywhere.
1 Star out of 5

Rumour sucks

Reviewed on Thursday November 27, 2008 by , canada
I had my phone for 4 weeks and the same thing happened, the screen was upside down etc. I sent it in and they had to replace the mainboard..
1 Star out of 5

Not the best..

Reviewed on Wednesday November 26, 2008 by , Ontairo
I have just recently bought this phone as a replacement for a Motorola Razr V3C. The phone is not nearly as good and I am not able to turn the phone off or it takes aprox. 20min to power back on. I would not say that the Rumour is a good phone. P.S. My old Razr rocks compared to the LG Rumour.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday November 14, 2008 by , Newfoundland Canada
I love my LG Rumour but the only problem I have with it is that I cannot put any free ringtones on it. No file extension i try is compatible and ive tried everything and it just wont work!
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday October 17, 2008 by , California
my phone is acting all wierd. i have all of the same problems everyone else does. i've had mine for about eight months and the screen is going all weird. yeah i've dropped it a couple of times but not ever bad enough to break it.i take care of my phone, and it hasn't been mishandled in any way. the screen is completly blank now and i can't see anything. i can call and stuff i just don't know who's calling me. and on top of all that i didn't get insurance. :( i don't know what to do!
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday October 13, 2008 by , Saskatoon, Sask.
thanx 4 writing your reviews it's actually helping me pick a phone so ya thanx!;)
1 Star out of 5

screen went white

Reviewed on Monday September 29, 2008 by , Alberta
I have had my phone for less than 3 months, loved it, and then the screen went white with these coloured lines down it. I took my phone to the Bell Mobility store and was told that I was the second person to come in this week with the same problem and that because it was "damaged" that it was going to cost me $25 to ship it off and approximately $150 to get it repaired. My phone was in a Lowe Pro camera case along with thousands of dollars worth of equipment that is not damaged. The phone was not dropped. I don't understand how the phone became damaged "all by itself". I have recently found online reviews about a Sprint recall regarding this phone and am finding that there are alot of other people out there with the same issue (as well as many others) on their phones and getting the same run around from their providers. Don't buy this phone because chances are it will not even begin to last the duration of your contract...
3 Stars out of 5

i love it but....

Reviewed on Thursday August 14, 2008 by , alberta
k i agree with sara. i had my phone for like... 2 months almost 3. my phone worked really at first but then the screen when all screwy, the words on my screen went upside down, my screen would be black, then fully white, till i turned it off then on again, then it go back to normal for a few minutes then go all wierd again. and then about a day after. i couldnt do anything with my phone cuz my screen was completely blank.
i could hear people texting me like the ringtone. or if someone was calling i cud here it, but i cudnt text, or anything. or dial out. and yea so i have no idea what to do lol. but i do like it, its just messed.
3 Stars out of 5

I don't know..

Reviewed on Monday June 30, 2008 by , Alberta
I've had this phone for about three months. A little less than that. A couple weeks ago, I started having troubles with the screen. It'd go fuzzy, or have lines through it all or the writing would be all slanted upwards so I couldn't read it. Then a couple days ago, the screen went completely blank and won't go back. Before, I didn't have any troubles. I really liked it too =[
4 Stars out of 5

i like it alot but...

Reviewed on Tuesday May 27, 2008 by , La Ronge,saskatchewan
i really l0ve this phone its great..
the only thing i've been haven problems with it
is that i wanna delete the contacts on the text messaging part..and i still can't find out how to do that???
cause when i text someone there number is on the recent list
and i wanted to delete but haven problems with that part if someone can help me with that thanks...
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday April 8, 2008 by , Florida
I absolutely LOVE THE RUMOR! :) I got this phone about 3 weeks ago. I have not had any problems, & I really haven't found any flaws, though the camera doesn't have the best quality. It's still a good camera for a cell phone though. Texting is easy & simple, The phone fits right in the palm of your hand, & The lime green is really cute! :) I love how you can set videos as your ring tone. I highly suggest this phone So go get it!! :)