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5 Stars out of 5

A Great Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday April 25, 2012 by , Toronto ON
My son and I were sick of the crappy Smartphones using MS OS and I wanted something that just made phone calls as the phone prior to the HTC MS OS Smartphone.

My son meanwhile was holding and fondling the Keybro and so he also ended up with one. The combined billing was less than the monthly Telus bill for my Smartphone and as he wanted the phone for limited phone time but a large number of text messaging (his gal livesd in Scotland and he can average 1500 messages per month). He has a tablet so did not need wifi, web, etc. though the phone has web access, I found it no better or worse then the MS OS based HTC phone I had, emergency use only.

Neither of us have had ANY problems with the phones; most reliable I've had since my first briefcase sized mobile phones in the mid '80s.

We are now comong up to the end of the payoff period and recently discussed with son if he wanted to upgrade as there is nothing out of pocket but he came up with the same conclusion as I. We both want max battery time and after 2.5 years neither phones are showing any reduced battery life or shortened times before recharging is required. We both decided to stay with the Keybro as all the replacement units moving towards functions netiher of us want or need.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday November 19, 2011 by , Switserland
all you people who say this phone stinks, SHUTUP!
it's really awesome and a great phone for texting. it's really durable.
if you're prone to dropping things, buy a case
it's a good size and looks very appealling.
i think it's a great phone and i would recommend it for all.
over all, it's an awesome phone, so stop reading this review and go and buy it!
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday October 19, 2010 by , Ontario
i have had this phone since april 2010 and after the first two weeks it never really worked right but i left it alone and then when we finally went to koodo about all they could say was that they could not do anything and it was a problem with it not sending/ picking up pictures or my dads e-mails that he sent. and now it is away and i am using my old phone that i should not of every gotten rid of. but the keybo sucks and i wish i did not spend that money on it!!!! p.s. save your money and by an other phone
1 Star out of 5

TRUC pour amélioré le TEMPS DE RÉACTION

Reviewed on Friday August 6, 2010 by , Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Ce cellulaire la est pourri. Il ferme tout seul et je ne suis pas le premier à l'affirmer.

Mais le truc pour ne pas manquer de lettre lorsque l'on tape sur le clavier c'est de LE METTRE EN ANGLAIS. C'est idiot je sais, mais le téléphone ne réagis pas assez vite au accents et il mélange les lettre lorsque l'on tape.

Moi je vais asseyais de faire changer le mien demain...
Bon courage à ceux qui en on un.
5 Stars out of 5

Awesome phone!!!!!!!

Reviewed on Monday July 5, 2010 by , Canada
I love this phone, my friend has one and its awesome. The camera is amazing and everything easy to figure out. I really want this phone!!!!
1 Star out of 5

very bad phone....

Reviewed on Sunday May 30, 2010 by , st.john's, newfoundland
ok, so i've had this phone for over a year. i am careful with my phone, but it is shit! i'm on my second one now.. and the inside screen is broke, before i have had problems with it turning off on it's own, the charging broke... i have multiple friends with the same phone, all have basically the same problems... none of them are working ok. so i think you should save your money and buy a different phone !!!!!
1 Star out of 5

Trop de défauts! - Suite

Reviewed on Sunday April 18, 2010 by , Montréal
Parlons maintenant du clavier intérieur de ce fameux LG Keybo...

Je ne suis pas une as de la frappe sur clavier de téléphone, peut-être par manque de pratique. Or, j'arrive tout de même à surpasser la vitesse de réaction des touches du Keybo, c'est-à-dire environ une frappe par seconde. Si je vais plus vite, il y a un délai avant que le mot apparaisse à l'écran et les lettres apparaissent alors tout en désordre, genre "Bnonej ounree1". Le "1" à la fin est bien sûr un point d'exclamation - passer à "majuscule" ou "symboles" n'est pas une mince affaire sur le Keybo: le téléphone ne sait tellement plus où donner de la tête aussitôt qu'il a 3 lettres à traiter qu'il a tendance "oublier" qu'on a appuyé sur la touche symbole ou majuscule... Bref, entrer un message texte avec le Keybo c'est l'enfer!

Un autre défaut du téléphone Keybo: les caractères accentués des messages texte qu'on reçoit apparaissent en symboles. :(
Et les messages, on les reçoit en fragments, et même pas en ordre chronologique! Et parlant chronologie, c'est pas assuré que vous receviez les textos instantanément - il y a des fois plusieurs heures de délais... Et l'afficheur n'est pas infaillible non plus... mais bon, je suis avec Koodo, ça c'est peut-être leur faute à eux...

Bref, ne vous laissez pas attraper par la "coolitude" du Keybo: ce téléphone a bien quelques fonctions intéressantes, mais elles ne pèsent pas lourd dans la balance en comparaison de tous ses défauts majeurs et totalement inacceptables!
1 Star out of 5

Trop de défauts!

Reviewed on Sunday April 18, 2010 by , Montréal
Mon commentaire sur le Keybo:

Le téléphone portable LG Keybo a beaucoup trop de défauts majeurs pour que je puisse le recommander.

D'abord, la traduction française du Keybo de LG est pourrie (ce que ne remarqueront toutefois certainement pas, il faut dire, la bande d'analphabètes qui écrivent leurs commentaires sur ce site). Des exemples: Réglé l'heure - Nouveaux messages (à comprendre: rédiger un nouveau message...) - Rejeter/Sommeil (les deux options qui s'offrent à vous lorsque le réveil sonne...) - Mon insigne (comprendre: mon numéro de téléphone)- Gérer msg imgs (???), etc., etc.

Ensuite, le maudit clavier alphanumérique qu'on ne peut pas verrouiller convenablement: Il se réactive simplement à la pression de la touche "OK", ce que sait faire à merveille tout objet en contact avec mon téléphone dans ma sacoche. Mon porte-monnaie adore composer des numéros et faire des appels lorsqu'il s'ennuie.
Sans compter que même en mode verrouillé, toutes les lumières s'allument chaque fois qu'une touche - n'importe laquelle - est appuyée. Après on se demande pourquoi la pile ne dure que 3-4 jours (max!). Aurait-il été si compliqué de mettre une combinaison exemple "étoile + OK" comme code pour déverrouiller le clavier??

Ça c'était pour le clavier extérieur du LG Keybo. (suite au commentaire suivant)
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday March 7, 2010 by , canada
I have had this phone for about 1 year the issue I have with it is that I deleted my music from the MP3 player by mistake>. Now when I try to reload it I can't, I don't get it, all of a sudden it doesn't pick up the program. What's with that anyone have any idea's. Brought it in for repairs and of course same old story there is nothing wrong with it.. To them it is user error??????????
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday January 22, 2010 by , Saskatoon
I recently got this phone, I loved the look of it and so far all the phones I've had in the past were LG. Originally I wanted to go with the LG Dare but they have been discontinued and replaced with LG Versa so I got this phone. It's sleek good for texting and emailing and browing the internet. It's simple to use got it figured out within the first 10 minutes of playing with it! Dropped it maybe 20 times and it's holding up beautifully. What I suggest for ANY phone though is to get a hard snap on face plate to keep it looking sleek and pretty. 5 stars great phone great quality!
1 Star out of 5

LG Keybo 9100 SUCKS!!!!!!!

Reviewed on Thursday January 14, 2010 by , Calgary AB
Lame!No games! D:< >:( d:< >:P
4 Stars out of 5

I love this phone....but

Reviewed on Wednesday December 23, 2009 by , canada
I've had this phone since October '08 and I still love it!! The camera on it is amazing and the pictures turn out awesome. Also the battery life is pretty decent on it. This was my first phone with a keyboard and i love it so much. Also this phone is very easy to navigate. Some downsides to this phone is that you can't turn the sound off on the camera which is my biggest pet peeve. I've had a few problems with it too. The buttons on the front don't work on it and when they do its only half the time. My OK button hasnt worked for quite sometime now. The good thing is that I've dropped it a million times and it still works except that one time....I dropped it and the inside screen went black but you could still use it?? The screen came back in about 15 minutes but other than that I love this phoneee!
4 Stars out of 5

The phone is pretty good

Reviewed on Sunday December 20, 2009 by , calgary.AB
so far the phone as been good to me i guess problem is that if you get it from Koodo it wont be good but if you get it from LG it will be better the phone is awesome it has wireless internet and alot of fun things but the suck part is it has no games so yeah
1 Star out of 5

Koodoo IS Telus you fool

Reviewed on Thursday December 17, 2009 by , calgary
Koodoo ie Telus offer the same pile of crap phone - except telus charges more!!

So because someone spends more on a "telus" phone it will not have the same design defects like the charger coming loose from the circuit board??????

You're in outer space kid.

5 Stars out of 5

it sucks because you got it with koodo

Reviewed on Wednesday December 9, 2009 by , joshalopilis
read every bad thing with it and there all with koodo. get it with anything els and your fine
1 Star out of 5

easy to brake

Reviewed on Monday December 7, 2009 by , toronto
this phone has no rissistance for any pressher i dropped it at like 2 to 3 feet well it was opin and both of the screens broke
2 Stars out of 5

dont like

Reviewed on Wednesday November 25, 2009 by , hamilton
kk, this is my opinion. i dont like this phone bc of the keyboard and my friend has it and says its a piece of crap bc of connections and somtimes his text dont send.
but, i like this phone bc i think its nice and i like the outside of it..
5 Stars out of 5

its awsome

Reviewed on Friday November 20, 2009 by , Canada, London
I love this! One of my friends got this phone a little while ago, and its verry promising. I honestly wanna get it for myself for Christmas!
5 Stars out of 5

Awesome phone

Reviewed on Saturday September 26, 2009 by , Regina, Saskatchewan
Ok, this phone is awesome! I got it today, and i already know everything about it. It's very easy to know. The keyboard is big and useful, the front of the phone is a bonus, the camera is still and clear, and the standby time is very good. Anyone who says wrong, well, is wrong.

also this is like my 3 phone
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday September 26, 2009 by , Qc
I Love my cellphone. But i'd like to know how to put some ringtones for free... Some people says thats possible but my cellphone always send me on internet to download one... It's not what i want...
Thanks !
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Sunday September 13, 2009 by , Campbellton, New Brunswick
For all those not able to transfer pics or mp3's from your computer..Read your manual..install a mini SD card and it will..I have had no problems with this little beauty except ordinary software glitches..not unlike Microsoft Windows..but less bothersum..It's a beauty and I recomend it to all..
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday September 7, 2009 by , B.C
This phone is awesome! don't listen to what other people have to say. I have had this phone for a year and I have had NOOOOOOO problems with it!

5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday September 1, 2009 by , Ontario Canada
Okay, so you're hearing how this phone sucks and all that crap, but you're hearing it from people who also are with Koodo... I've had my phone for over a year and I am with Telus, I have had 1 problem with it (some of the buttons on the front stopped working) I took it into telus, they send it away and within two weeks, I had my phone back and working as good as new. And that was probably about 4 months ago. This phone is amazing for texts, expecially cool cuz I know how to put ringtones on it for free. The music player is great too. Everything you need in a phone is right here. The only thing I am a bit disappointed about it is that it doesn't have any games that come with it. Other than that, I would definitly recomment this amazing phone!

1 Star out of 5

What a pile of junk

Reviewed on Thursday July 30, 2009 by , Sherwood Park, Alberta
"DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE" This phone is junk. My son has his now 6 months and it will not charge anymore. I took it back to Koodo and they sent it in for warranty work. I was told the problem was physical damage. Bull.... The phone is defective as the charging port breaks away from the wiring and the phone is now useless. Don't expect Koodo or LG to do anything for you. You're on your own. $250.00 out of pocket and nowhere to turn. Stay away from these rip off artists. I'm sure you have better things to spend your money on. My review is below "0" for Koodo and thie phone.
4 Stars out of 5

Good but..

Reviewed on Saturday July 25, 2009 by , Canada
This phone is pretty amazing. I love everything about it, the style of it, and how I can text whatever I want whenever. I can express the way I feel with the full amazing keyboard, but it has horrible reception. It always cuts people off when they are talking, no matter where you are. But this is only with Koodo, I don't know about any other plan. & there are no games on this phone, so when I'm bored, I can't do anything but surf through the ringtones and contacts, which is boring when all I want to do is play a game.
So its good other then those two flaws. It has not broke yet, and I've dropped it over 100 times.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday July 10, 2009 by , calgary
i got this phone about 2 weeks ago.i loved it like it was my own child.i took it everywere.i texted like CRAZY.i used the mp3 player since i lost my ipod.however,i got a few splashes of water on it and BAM!it broke.now this happened yesterday and it seems to be recovering very slowly.but i think its stupid.i love this phone.i recommend for people who reck things easily,not do get it.but if u dont,it is an amazing phone.especially for texting addicts like myself.all in all ui give it a 9/10.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday July 7, 2009 by , North Battleford, SK CANADA
Honestly I love this phone it is my first keyboard phone but I adore it, It is easy to use, the camera is super great, I love that it has an mp3 player and that i can get my emails straight to my phone and also I love that i can go on msn on my phone and i dont have to do the alpha texting anymore i can just type like on a keyboard i love this phone because i love the keyboard and its an awesome phone I dont believe all the negative comments on this phone because i have had no problems with it I LOVE THE LG KEYBO
1 Star out of 5

Phone Sucks!

Reviewed on Monday July 6, 2009 by , Ontario
Got my phone from Koodo. I don't get 24 hours of stand by time let alone talk time! Looks great, but if I'm having these kind of issues now a week after I bought it, looking at what people are saying about their warrenty. This piece of junk is going back!

Don't buy it!!
4 Stars out of 5

Pics off Keybo to computer

Reviewed on Sunday June 28, 2009 by , Canada
I just got this phone about 2 weeks ago and so far so good. The only problem I had was getting the pics I took off my phone onto my computer. I thought it would be as simple as plugging the usb in and then going into my pictures folder and finding them there. That was not the case unless the phone is set to save the pics to the card. And in my case it wasn't. It was set to save the pics onto the phone itself. If you go into menu-settings-(6)memory-(1)save options.....
Here you can set where you want to save your Pictures, Video and Media. Change to card memory. It does it's thing and voila once you plug the usb back in and go into the my pictures folder there it is on the computer. Good luck!
Now I'm onto getting free ringtones on the phone. Will post once I learn that.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday June 22, 2009 by , Ottawa
WOW what can I say other than the Keybo is one of the biggest pieces of junk I have ever bought. It even fails as a paperweight. LG fails to support their so utterly I really question how they remain in business. I have the same issues as Andrew does above and found that both telus and LG are useless. Even worse are the crooks that LG uses to repair their phones. FUTURETEL hands out "physical damage" and "liquid damage" findings like they are candy. It sickens me to believe that these two companies continue to peddle their supposed high end electronic wares.
1 Star out of 5

Don't buy LG

Reviewed on Thursday June 11, 2009 by , North Bay, Ont
The 9100 seemed like a good phone with a lot of bells and whistles but wait - did I hear someone asking for warranty work? I hope not! My friend's LG Keybo 9100 was all of 5 months old when it would not charge anymore. She brought it in for service and was told it was due to her rough handling. It was brought in to another service company and they discovered the charging jack had come completely apart from the circuit board. I had a look at it also, and I can tell you that the soldering on the circuit board was almost inferior. It was bad soldering that allowed the charging jack to come away from the board - no amount of care would have prevented it, yet LG is not interested in looking after their customers after they have your money. This is not the first incident of LG's indifference to their customers. (I have my own horror story) Buy anything else; just stay away from LG.
1 Star out of 5

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE - LG Does Not Honour the Warranty!

Reviewed on Wednesday May 6, 2009 by , Canada
DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, or any other LG product for that matter.

I bought this phone in mid February. By mid-March I noticed that the battery life on the phone was less than optimal as it would run out of power during the day. It took me a while to notice that the problem with the phone was that the charger was disconnecting about 20 minutes into the charge cycle.

Since the phone was still working, I didn't immediately take in for repairs. Then, in early April I went on holidays and the phone stopped charging altogether. Upon my return, I took the phone to a local Telus shop to be repaired.

I heard back from the repair shop a week later and they informed me that the LG repair centre determined that the phone had internal physical damage and that such damage is not covered by the warranty. The warranty only covers manufacturer's defects. Apparently, the tech centre was saying that the physical damage was my fault. I am baffled since I did absolutely nothing to the phone and the outside of the phone is in pristine condition. To add insult to injury, they said that they charge a flat rate of $300 for the repair. I can buy a new Keybo for $300!!

I called Telus and they did absolutely nothing to help me with LG. They told me that Telus was simply the service provider and that they didn't sell me the phone, they merely "facilitated" the sale. This despite the fact that 1) I purchased the phone at a Telus store, 2) I paid for it by signing up to a three year service contract 3) this phone is exclusively sold through Telus in Ontario 4) "Telus" is stamped on the front of the phone. At the end of the day, Telus threw a $90 credit my way and sold me a refurbished Samsung for $180.

I proceeded to call LG. I spoke to a customer service representative who told me I had to speak to his supervisor. I was told he would call by the end of the business day. I sent in an email request as well. I didn't hear back from a supervisor that day. So I called back the next day and was now told that it takes 48 hours for supervisors to return the call. A full week passed and I never heard from the supervisor nor did I hear back about my email query.

After the week passed, I called again and was now put through to a supervisor (after being put on hold for 20 minutes). The supervisor proceeded to take down all of my personal information and other information for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then, without discussing the matter in any way, he told me that there was nothing he could do and that they would stand by the assessment of the repair centre. Never did the supervisor make any enquires, discuss any options or even apologize for not returning my call. He went so far as to imply that I was lying to him about not doing something to the phone, saying that they didn’t watch me 24/7 when I had the phone. At the end of the day, LG will not honour the warranty, heck they won't even bother to take a second look to see whether the technician was mistaken. When I told the supervisor that I would never purchase an LG product again, he was not bothered by this prospect. The bottom line is that LG does not give a damn about its customers and a company with this level of service is bound to have problems with its products.

I also have several precise criticisms about the phone aside from the fact that the thing broke down within a month of having the phone. First, the keyboard: The full key board is nice and it is good that they have attempted to keep the symbols on the same location as on a regular keyboard, this is a rather unique function on this phone. However, the keys, while they are generally in the correct spot, are shifted slightly from a regular keyboard, making it difficult to type accurately. This is not helped by the fact that the keys are very small.

My biggest criticism of the phone is in terms of the software. I can’t believe that the phone was released with such obvious glitches. The phone’s software frequently jams, especially on the outer screen when you use the email notification function. The software for the use of the keyboard is also quite odd when it comes to the CAPS key; it is not at all intuitively designed to facilitate typing in terms of when it decides to stay on or go off. I used the keyboard all the time and could never figure out the logic. It doesn’t help that when you use the email function, the software governing the operation of the CAPS key is completely different.

The music software is also very odd. I am a sophisticated enough user that I know how to alter MP3 tag information (not particularly hard, I know). When I would download music into the phone, it refused to recognize 2/3 of the music I put into the player. It would also ignore or misread the tag information on about half of the tracks that I managed to get the player to recognize. Sometimes it would not recognize half of the tracks coming from the same album! It got to the point that I had only managed to get the phone to recognize about 2-3 albums worth of music. I know there was nothing wrong with the tracks because my regular MP3 player handles them fine.

My last point in terms of the software is that the memory management on the phone is rather bizarre. Despite having tons of internal memory, for some reason they decided to allocate very little memory to the telephone, contacts, and messaging functions of the phone. For the little time the phone was working, it would tell me that the memory bank for the messages was full roughly once a week (I send about 80 text messages a week).

In terms of the physical features of the phone, I would have to say that the phone is rather bulky. It doesn’t seem bulky at first, but something about the shape of the phone makes it feel bulky. I think that the problem arises because the phone is relatively short, but also thick. I just purchased the Samsung Instinct as a replacement (incidentally, a much better phone with much better features), and although the phone is a good 1.2 cm longer, it is also a tad thinner and this makes a big difference. LG should have done the same and gone with a slightly longer but thinner phone.

Another comment about the physical phone is that, while the interior screen is fantastic, the outer screen is totally useless. It is far too small and the image quality is terrible. This means that you have to open the phone to do just about everything which is a real pain.

The battery life on the phone (even when mine was charging properly) is also pretty bad. I don’t know how they arrived at their 5.3 hours of talk time estimate for the battery. I do not talk much on the phone, but I found that the battery life declined drastically if I made any sort of significant use of the phone (not even close to 5 hours).

Lastly, in terms of the reception, the phone was mediocre. I live in a high-rise and the voice quality was not great. My old $50 Motorola was much better.

My advice is this: definitely forego the LG Keybo, this is a terrible phone with terrible support from LG (and Telus won’t go to bat for you, though at least they were kind enough to throw some money my way). But frankly, all of the phones in this price range ($200-$300) with a full keyboard are not great and they are all pretty bulky. Instead, what you should do is call your service provider (Telus in my case) and ask if you can buy a refurbished phone directly from them. I got a Samsung Instinct in “medium” condition for $180 (minus the $90 Telus credit). Two of the corners are slightly chipped (not at all noticeable unless you are looking for the damage) and there is a two-centimetre-long scratch near the bottom of the screen that is invisible when you turn on the phone. Overall, the phone is regularly $400 but the $180 refurbished model is much better than anything in the Keybo price-range. The minor damage is worth paying half the price.
5 Stars out of 5

getting one

Reviewed on Thursday April 23, 2009 by , canada
heey , im probably going to get a LG keybo. The reasons why im getting this phone, is probably because of the big keyboard, the letters are huge and easy to see. I like the style on the front and the colours red and black. From all the people i know who have a LG Keybo, their reviews sound great.

2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday April 22, 2009 by , world
really?...you hit "ok" to unlock the keypad, you quickly scroll down to "keyguard settings" , hit "ok"and select "always off", hit "ok"again
...youre welcome
5 Stars out of 5

extremement contente de ce telephone

Reviewed on Wednesday April 1, 2009 by , lac-megantic
cela fait une semaine que j ai ce cellulaire,et je n est que des bon mots pour le décrire.juste avant j avais un motokrzr 1km, la betterie ne tennais meme pas 2 jour.mais ce cellulaire je lé chargé jeudi passé et on est mercredi ,il a perdu 2 bar mais la batterie est encore chargé ,j ai jamais eu un cellulaire qui tienne si longtemps,et je suis en région éloigné et les onde sont pas tres bonne ,mais ce cellulaire pogne la ou presque tous les autres ne pogne pas ,
pour la personne qui se demande comment le syncronisé avec son pc tu doit acheté une carte mémoire et la programé avec ton cell ensuite tu le brance dans ton pc et cela devint comme tout autre carte mémoire tu peux téléchargé ce que tu veux
5 Stars out of 5

excellent Téléphone

Reviewed on Tuesday March 24, 2009 by , canada ,Québec,Lac-st-jean,st-bruno(Alma)
Jai acheter ce telephonne chez koodo mobile,cest un grand téléphonne,la réception en zone urbaine et eloighé est de boucoup supérieur,a mon précedent apparail sanyo-katana( solomobile)la réception etais pauvre en region periphérique)

Pour ce Keybo aux nom accrocheur je lai acheter avec le combo bien garni de koodomobile,afin de remplacer ma ligne téléphonique filiaire de la maison et jesn suis entierement satisfait,le volume de lécouteur est très puissant et la réception de cette appareill est supreme vous pouvez faire et recevoir des appels de partout même pour le prix de 225.00$ cad +taxe je recommande ce LG 9100 KEYBO.

cest mon 13 ieme appareil de téléphonnie cellulaire et celui la est le plus grand.
4 Stars out of 5

I like the phone...one problem so far!

Reviewed on Tuesday March 24, 2009 by , Aylesford
I have had this phone for a few months, it didnt come with a software disc so I am unable to transfer my pics to the computer, they wont come off with the cord or a card reader....does anyone know how to get the darn pictures off?
4 Stars out of 5

Very good phone

Reviewed on Monday March 23, 2009 by , Montreal
This is a very good phone except the fact sounds are loud when you take a picture and you can't lower it. Also, MP3 player doesn't support WMA files but the rest is very very good.
5 Stars out of 5

LG Keybo Review

Reviewed on Sunday March 8, 2009 by , Hamilton,ON
This is a great phone. the full QWERTY keyboard is easy to use, and alot faster than a regular text pad. The camera located at the back of the device is a 2 megapixal camcorder as well. It takes great, clear photos and videos. The only problem that i had was that i find the front screen a little to small to comfortably work with. The sound quality is very clear, and loud. This is the best,most durable phone I've ever owned!
4 Stars out of 5

so far so good

Reviewed on Saturday March 7, 2009 by , ptbo
i just bought this phone yesterday and id say so far my favourite features about this phone are the easy to dial large front number keys and being able to send a text or check my inbox on both the outside and inside screen. another good thing to mention is that there is no browser button on the front keypad so there is no accidental access if the keypad lock is left off unintentionally.
the only downsides are the battery life is not as good as my old samsung (3 days as opposed to 5).the camera lens is also in an awkward place unless you hold it sideways. but those are dealable (not getting frustrated with t9...grr)
1 Star out of 5

Extremely disappointed

Reviewed on Wednesday February 25, 2009 by , Nova Scotia
I bought the Keybo yesterday and am already extremely disappointed. I spent $200 on this phone because it is advertised to be capable of downloads, using games, and windows messenger. Now, I have gone through several cell phones, and I know how to use them, and I know what I want. My current one is the LG Chocolate slide, which I absolutely loved for all features, except that the touch sensitive screen/buttons are finally starting to go, which is why I switched. As soon as I got the Keybo, I checked out all features including downloading: ringtones worked fine right away, but no games or applications. The phone keeps saying no products are available. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Telus, trying to fix this problem, and the girl was getting the same problems as me. No matter what we tried, we couldn't download games or applications. On the phone they are not available. On the computer, via website, it says that no games are compatible with the keybo phone (it is frickin advertised to be good for games and IM!!). If we go ahead and send the game to my phone anyway, it is impossible to be installed. Finally, last result was to send away a help desk ticket on my issue, which will take 2-4 days. I'm near positive they're going to call me back and say there is a bug and it will take forever to fix. Also, to top it off, when the girl was testin out games, she was purchasing them under my account and having me make calls and send text msgs, and said she was crediting the money back to my account for each. After I got off the phone I checked and I have $27 left out of my original $50, so she didn't credit me back anything!!!!
SO DISAPPOINTED. False Advertising. Check your bugs befoe you put the product out!!!
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday February 1, 2009 by , laval quebec
i hate this phone too cuz the key board is not good and the battery too if you txt alot it will last you about 2 days like mine ... but still the camera is freaking good :)

6/10 haha
4 Stars out of 5

LOVE IT....but....

Reviewed on Sunday January 11, 2009 by , Canada
I bought my Keybo about a week ago. I waffled between this and a Blackberry...I chose this in the end because Koodo carried it and I didn't have to pay the big bucks for stuff I wasn't using. I have the 100 hrs and unlimited web browsing. I'm 43, so I don't do a lot of texting...okay, none... but I LOVE my internet. I'm a huge FB fan as well as subscribe to a zillion Blogs. The Keybo covers all of this for me. I love it! I can update all my FB friends with a full qwerty keyboard (my old cell would take me two hours just to input info in my contact listings *LOL*)right away. I've bookmarked all my favorite blogs as well as FaceBook, of course. I've taken a bunch of photo's (I would have preferred it to have a flash) and I've downloaded all my crappy 80's music *L* My SIL just had a baby, and I was able to get photos, update all our FB friends on the labour etc AND keep track of contraction times, as well as make NOTE of them, I also made note of all the Nurses & Dr's who helped...and kept myself sane over the 30 hours by listening to my crappy 80's music. Okay.... enough about me. My only issues with the keybo: 1. NOT ENOUGH INFO in the manual. I've had to spend a lot of time 'playing' with the phone to figure out how to make what do what. I'm a little afraid of my first bill, as I keep going into places I'm sure aren't a part of my 'plan'. 2. Not enough space in 'NOTES'. I am a list maker, and it only let me get about 10 items down. That doesn't even begin to cover my Costco list! *L* 3. It doesn't come with games. Not that I'm bored with it yet... but you would think at LEAST the standard solitaire. With no instructions, it's gonna take me a month to find out how to download games (if it actually DOES). 4. Limited web browsing. I can only access so many sites on-line. If the site is too complicated, like You-Tube, it won't let me go there.... 5. oh yeah! and it doesn't let you sample the songs for ring-tones...so you better be up on your music. I spent $4.00 for a song I THOUGHT was something else.... *sigh* could have had a Starbuck's for that. and also regarding ringtones... It doesn't explain if you can use your own downloaded songs to be ringtones. I'll have to play a while longer. All-in-All I LOVE my new phone. I may even start IM'ing or *gasp* texting as the phone makes it so simple... I highly recommend it...even for old ladies like me.
3 Stars out of 5

Manuel et Software

Reviewed on Friday January 9, 2009 by , Montréal
Je me le suis procuré hier et je laime bien déjà. Mais je trouve le manuel (plus un feuillet à mon avis) incomplet.

Aussi, j'aimerais savoir où me procurer le software pour le synchroniser avec mon PC. quelqu'un p aut m'aider svp ?
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday January 8, 2009 by , Theme
I love this phone so much if u get unlimited text like i do well its just amazing
2 Stars out of 5

Help with taking pictures

Reviewed on Sunday December 28, 2008 by , Vanderhoof BC
Can someone help me with directions for taking pictures. I have figure out how to do this if you open phone and go through all the menus, but there must be an easy way while the phone is closed. Help
All explain how I send a picture in a text message. Thanks
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday December 24, 2008 by , darthmouth
.....Um whatever you just hating this phone is AWESOME!
5 Stars out of 5

Awesome Phone

Reviewed on Saturday December 20, 2008 by , Toronto
This is a great phone. Excellent stereo sound quality, fun to use. Many useful features. The camera is pretty good, as is the video. It's easy to use, but still, I wish it came with more instructions so I didn't have to play around with it for a couple hours to figure out all it's features. It came in a box with only the battery, and charger, nothing else. Guess LG is cheap. There is no info on how to transfer pics to my pc and vice versa. Other than that, I am happy with the phone. It works great!
5 Stars out of 5

LG keybo

Reviewed on Thursday December 4, 2008 by , Saint-anselme
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5 Stars out of 5

best phone eva!

Reviewed on Monday November 24, 2008 by , canada
the absolute best phone ive ever had. i go through about 3 phones a year because i get them and then later find out i hate them. this phone i wont ever give up! i recommend it to anybody! (and all my friends are jealous) BUY IT NOW!!!
2 Stars out of 5

i hate this phone

Reviewed on Friday November 21, 2008 by , new brunswick
I hate this phone, the battery only lasts 4 days with minimal use and then you have to press ok every time you are about to use it, close ot, ot open it, this phone is so anoing, and most people say that their is a setting for the ok thing and i said i know but you know what their isn't thats the way it was made, you can't chsnge it. thats so stupid :@
3 Stars out of 5

Battery life

Reviewed on Sunday November 16, 2008 by , edmonton
My battery only lasts 4 days with minimal use. No internet/games/calls/music. Sent maybe 3 or 4 texts and flipped it open to check the time. BOOOOO
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday November 11, 2008 by , Calgary,AB
OMg i hate this phone soo muchh as soon as i recieve 50 txt it says ma inbox is 100% full lol....

5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday November 1, 2008 by , canada
I love this cell its so user freindly and it great to text people!!!!
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Monday October 27, 2008 by , Comox, BC
I LOVE my phone... I like the tunes, I found them easy to download from my computer. Also downloaded pics. Took pics, camera works good. Like the ZZOOOOM. And it's a phone too, Texting is easy now, even for my big fingers.
I'm a 50 yr old contractor, and I love my phone!! LOL
4 Stars out of 5

Just got it

Reviewed on Monday October 20, 2008 by , On Canada
I just bought this LG Keybo cell phone so far so good.The music is good, I used my itunes to download my music online. Yes this cell does look like an old calculator but what the hey, if it works then its ok, I like the keyboard. I found the LG chocolate cell to unsturdy within a week the keyboard letter key (jkl) was not working right. Hope this cell is better.
4 Stars out of 5

neat device

Reviewed on Monday August 18, 2008 by , NB Canada
Hi there!
I just bought this phone yesterday!
hahaha and unlike a smart person, I didn't do my research. That being said so far so good. This phone is generally user friendly. Ran into one problem while adding music....it won't sync up with windows media player....well, it will but the keybo saved your music to the micro disc. This is because windows media player puts your mp3's into individual file folders. To recify this problem hook your phone up to your pc or laptop. go to my computer and into your phone....remove the songs from storage and put them into "my music" then remove them from the folders....then you'll be up and running. This issue sucked because there was nothing in the guide book to fix this, but the nice man at telus helped.
Second flaw i've found thus far...there is no flash on the phone.....it takes GREAT pictures as far as megapixels but you can't take any pics if your out at the bar, or a concert (or under the covers! :P joking) because they won't turn out.

I give this phone an 8 out of 10 so far.
5 Stars out of 5

lg keybo

Reviewed on Thursday August 7, 2008 by , canada
This phone is the bomb!! No doubt... Some people say it looks lika old school calc. But who cares it is awesome you need to get it if you are addicted to texting!! I love it and i have done my reasearch about it and the env2 cause they are the same thing and many people love it!! It is a great way to text.