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The LG Gossip has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 19 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

Dies Out

Reviewed on Thursday December 13, 2012 by , London, ON
Phone Died after 1 Yr
I've got my phone last November 2011. It's December 2012 now and it just died. I charged up last Monday (4days ago) and just the info "LG 300W" comes up. Then it turns itself off?

Passing the Buck
First, I went to the company I got it from & they said to call the company. I called the company & they said to go see the store I got it from?

Company Doesn't Give a Damn
They said it couldn't be the battery as it turns on. I don't think they really care or give a damn because they don't give any real help.

Their suggestion was to cancel my contract (over $100) & then get a new phone!!! I live on a budget & can't afford it!

I don't care for companies who take your money & then something goes wrong they tell you, "Oh well. Pay us MORE MONEY & we'll give you another phone." They have no back up solutions.
1 Star out of 5

dont buy this

Reviewed on Tuesday November 6, 2012 by , vancouver
I have had both the LG gossip and now the LG gossip pro.the fist one was ok but i didn't have network .when i got the pro i add that feature.wow what a mistake! Now when ever i try going onto my Facebook or what ever it tells me i don't have enough phone memory and freezes.over and over again.i finally have enougf fide dollar's to get a new one.let's hope it better than this one!PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR DON'T BUY IT!
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday October 10, 2012 by , Vancouver
The worst phone I've had in my entire life. I don't write reviews ever but I'm deciding to write it for this piece of trash. Over time problems develop with this phone that will make you want to drive it up a f*****g wall. Absolute waste of time and money. Please I'm begging you don't go through the anger and frustration of having this phone.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday March 8, 2012 by , canada
I got my first lg gossip in august 2010 and the one i've got now is my second one. I've had so many rediculous problems with this phone, I hate it so much. I've never done any damage to it, it hasn't been dropped more than a few times and I haven't ever gotten it wet so there's no reason it should suck this much. The reason it's so frustrating is because I had the exact same problems with both phones, so it's obviously not just that single phone. For example, it often shuts off when I'm on the phone with someone or when I'm exiting internet or apps. Opening texts takes over a minute and it distorts pictures, and it will say i've got unread texts and then when i go to read them i have an empty inbox. it sometimes wont send texts, and that may be the network but i wouldn't be suprised if it's the phone itself. Theres probably tons of other small things i've left out but i would definatley never recomend this phone to anyone. the one good thing is the keyboard. it also beeps really loudly when it's dying even if it's on silent and theres no way to turn that beeping sound off.
0 Stars out of 5

Worst Phone ever

Reviewed on Saturday February 18, 2012 by , toronto
I got the lg gossip about 3 months ago and i have gone threw 2 .... the first one started freezing all the time and the second phone camera broke and turned multi coloured then a month after i got that phone it started to go really slow. the messeges can take up to an hour to recieve aswell i would never buy this phone again.
4 Stars out of 5

Happy with the LG Gossip

Reviewed on Thursday September 22, 2011 by , Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
I purchased the LG Gossip because it has a Calendar and a To Do list, which I wanted to replace my paper pocket calendar and note pad. Also it has a Memo function which I use for making grocery lists, and recording other important information. The phone works fine, and the FM radio reception is excellent. The QWERTY keyboard is important, also. After one month as an LG Gossip owner and user, I must say that I am happy I made the purchase.
4 Stars out of 5

decent phone

Reviewed on Sunday July 10, 2011 by , Toronto
had the phone for a year and a half now. does what i want it to do. battery life is ok. lasts about 3 days.
there are some problems that i encounter every once in a while. shuts off randomly or will freeze.. but thats maybe once or twice a month. going through menus is a bit slower then i think it should be.... once you get to 200 msgs in your inbox or outbox, it really starts to slow the whole phone down.
other then that its a decent phone. i have used the phone a lot txting over thousands of txts a month and the phone has been used for thousands of minutes in calls..
call quality is alright and txting is pretty easy.
its what i expect from a phone at this price
1 Star out of 5

The worst phone ever!!!!!

Reviewed on Friday June 10, 2011 by , New York
I got this phone 1 year ago and i have gone through three of them, the first one would not turn on charge so i had to buy a new on the second one had issues with its battery, i sent it in for service and it came back in horrible condition with scratches and dents and the problem was still there, so then i sent it in for repair a second time and it came back with the same problem again after a month of fighting with fido and my phone geting lost in the shipping process i finally got fido to give me a new phone for the contract price witch unfortunatley was the white gossip, The phone is slow and mine has never been dropped but the paint is coming off and the buttons on the keypad are fading, also the video camera does not work it makes the recording tone then it shuts itself down and restarts. Overall you get what you pay for so spend a little extra and buy a different model. LG i am very disapointed in your customer service and the quality of your phones and other products.
2 Stars out of 5

LG Gossip is the most annoying phone ever

Reviewed on Wednesday May 11, 2011 by , canada
i had to go buy a whole new sim card cause myn locked and i didnt know the password so i guessed to many times and right now i am having problems texting like i can recieve messages but when i send them they go in my outbox and wont send for hours...........does anyone know how to fix this?
4 Stars out of 5

new phone

Reviewed on Saturday February 12, 2011 by , toronto
love it, light better than blackberry...
1 Star out of 5

lg gossip sucks

Reviewed on Sunday December 26, 2010 by , toronto
horrible phone, like its the worst phone ever, you'd think because its a messaging phone , it has the best messanging features, well it sucks , it doesnt even have t-9 or fix ur mistakes.

it shuts of on me when i txt or go on the web and the battery meter is stupid because it will stay on one bar while its charging and charge for the whole day and still be charging

i hate it dont buy it, its the worst phone ever. worse than my razr v3 and nokia 1661.

dont wAste your money on it , the nokia c3 is better because it looks just like the lg gossip but better it comes with wifi and is just better than the lg gossip .
1 Star out of 5

Une petite question

Reviewed on Thursday December 23, 2010 by , Montréal
Bonjour je vais sûrement acheter ce cell mais j'ai une question est ce que on peut avoir accès a Internet la ou ya du réseau sans payer ?
Et est ce que vous croyez que je fais bien d'acheter ce produit ?
Je sais que ce n'est pas une foire aux questions mais si quelqun pourrait me répondre sa serait sympa :)
2 Stars out of 5

disappointed with the gossip

Reviewed on Saturday November 27, 2010 by , calgary,ab
I have had my phone for two months now. In the two months have exchanged it once and now have sent away for repair.The latest is the phone says battery is fully charged,however when you unplug the phone it goes dead. Will not turn on, and the browser page keeps flashing when you go into to it. The phone otherwise is good, great reception and is easy to use.I sent it away this time to be repaired,so will see exactly whats happening.
5 Stars out of 5

great phone

Reviewed on Monday October 18, 2010 by , ottawa
good phone and the price 100 bucks is cheap for the quality look at first i wasnt sure cause i loved my nokia candy but the lg is easy to figure out easy to use and text is more fun with the lg I reccomend big time!!!
2 Stars out of 5

Carte memoire

Reviewed on Monday October 4, 2010 by , montréal
dans les specifiacations, la compagnie indique que lg gossip supporte jusqua 4gig, mais je ne crois pas quil supporte plus de 1 gig..jai essayé une carte micro sd 4 gig, il n'accepte pas, jai tenté avec 2 gig c,est le meme probleme, il ne supporte que le 1 gig.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday September 21, 2010 by , Montreal
Does anyone know how to turn on a visual notification for missed calls or messages? So far there is no indication of a missed call unless I unlock phone to see the menu.
Much appreciated
4 Stars out of 5

Nice phone

Reviewed on Wednesday August 25, 2010 by , Toronto
You get what you pay for, for $90. I bought the phone two days ago, and I so far have no problems with it. The reception is great, I love the QWERTY keyboard, and it is overall a light and simple phone. If you are an avid texter and would like a phone without any hassles, this is it.

The only problems I have so far is navigating through the phone - I find it difficult to find certain features. There is no way of putting the phone on vibrate mode, and it always randomly opens the browser.
5 Stars out of 5

Well done, LG!

Reviewed on Wednesday August 25, 2010 by , Belleville Ontario, Canada
For $90, this phone has more than I expected, as far as features. It's easy to use, and having replaced my BlackBerry with the Gossip, I'm not disappointed at all. Value and performance!
3 Stars out of 5

Great phone! 1 problem

Reviewed on Friday July 30, 2010 by , Montreal
I just bought this phone and I like it a lot. The reception is really good, easy to use, nice qwerty keypad and mobile mail is fantastic too.

There's only one problem, my battery meter will not go down. My battery read full and when I checked my mail it powered off, I tried powering it back on and got a battery dead message. When I charged it the phone was fine but I noticed that the battery meter still would not go down. It always appears full. I've been using the phone non stop today, email, games, mp3 player and mobile browsing and the battery reads full. Either the battery is incredible or there is a problem, any ideas?

Other than that I'm very very pleased with this phone but the battery meter makes me give it 3 stars.