LG 385 Reviews

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The LG 385 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

Its a pretty good phone

Reviewed on Thursday February 19, 2009 by , Canada
I got this phone for free so i really have nothing to lose, i find the internet really fast, everything loads fairly quickly, there may be a few second delay but how impatient are some people?, the cameras nice, you can shut off the sound it makes, the music works really good, i like how you can make playlists, texting is fast and easy, you can add your own words so they work in T9, the only thing i hate are the quick alarms, on my last phone the quick alarms were, 15 min 30 min 1 hour and 3 hours, on this one there one min, ten min 30 min and 1 hour, who is ever going to use a 1 min timer.... but i find this a very nice phone, no problems what so ever, it doesnt scratch if you take care of it... i really think some people just need to know how to respect there things
2 Stars out of 5

On the plus side...oh wait...

Reviewed on Tuesday December 16, 2008 by , Dauphin, MB
Like Lindsay said, it's not that great. I mean, the camera's slow, it is pathetic when it comes to trying to browse online. It has an expansion slot and a nice music player. that's about all I can say that's nice about it. Front protective cover wore off mine within 3 weeks. Also, there is a big lag when you want to access your text message inbox. Other phones I've played with open up instantly when asked. There is about a 2 second lag which is more annoying than anything else. I still have 1.5 year contract left. Ugh.
1 Star out of 5

What a lousy work on the on line manual !

Reviewed on Sunday August 31, 2008 by , Toronto
The user manual is about as poorly sorted as you can get ! Someone at LG cannot COUNT !
3 Stars out of 5

Not all that great......

Reviewed on Sunday July 6, 2008 by , Dauphin, MB Canada
This is my first cell phone and I like it but I dont like it. The navy paint or whatever on the front wears off so easily and finger prints are very visible. When you take a picture the sound is loud and sounds very atrocious as if someone broke a bone or you snapped your neck. I do not like camcording or going on youtube because the sound is absolutely horrible. But otherwise its a nice phone and theres a lot to do on it.
5 Stars out of 5

solid phone from LG

Reviewed on Monday April 14, 2008 by , Vancouver
had the phone about 1 week, previously owned lg shine lost and find this lg 385 as substitution. Other than the shy of the shinny looking of lg shine, I am happy to choose this new phone just launched by bell Canada.

1. First satisfied with the battery life at idle state for about 5 days (I had only about 5 mins phone calls after the first fully charge).
2. Sound quality is detectable better than my lost lg shine.
3. touch button on Surface make play music much easier (though not big deal for me).
4. camera is so so, and Lcd size is ordinary.
5. allows voice memo used as ring tones.
6. vibration is weak, ring tone's sound is same as lg shine.
7. button design is comfortable to push.

Given the limited choices from bell CANADA at $275, I prefer this lg 385 than the $250 samsung m510 or m600.

But do think bell did chop the their customers off a lot by sell this phone as high as $275. But if you choose bell canada, I will recommend this phone to any one look for a practical low-to-midle range phone
5 Stars out of 5

Love it!

Reviewed on Monday March 31, 2008 by , cobourg, On, Canada
I'm loving this phone
I just got it about four days ago and it's super cool.
i kinda sucked that it doesn't come with a memory card or USB cord, but what can you do?
testing is good :) T9 is very nice and speedy.

Super cool!