Kyocera KE424C Reviews

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The Kyocera KE424C has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 17 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

Not bad

Reviewed on Monday January 24, 2005 by , Orillia, Ont
Picked it up near the end of August 04. MY first phone with Telus, got a good deal on a plan and the phone for free.
It works and performs reasonably well. I get good reception 95% of the time. The little flashlight has proved useful on more than one occasion. It's a good looking phone. Bright, colourful.
Sadly, there are a few drawbacks. I find the audio does cutout frequently, especially if your not in an area with perfect signal. I've also noticed the paint starting to wear off of the buttons. I use this phone maybe 100-150 minutes per month; how is the paint already wearing off?
I think I got a good deal at the time, but I worry that in about 12 months this phone is gonna just stop working one day. Until that day, if it does come, I will say that this cell phone serves its purpose well.
3 Stars out of 5

Broke after warranty ran out

Reviewed on Friday January 14, 2005 by , Pitt Meadows, BC
I like the phone, I rarely use it, just have a pay and talk card $10 month and my minutes keep carrying over month to month. I use it maybe 5 minutes a month. My husband bought it for me in Christmas 2004 and just after the one year warranty ran out on January 13 2005 I ran into my first big problem and the phone went dead even though I'd last charged it up a couple of days earlier. I plugged it in again, and off I went to work on Jan. 14. On my drive home I noticed the phone was dead again. I plugged it in when I got home and but now all I get is the hourglass flickering on and off at me after two hours. Prior to this the problems I had were freezing up and I'd have to reboot the phone frequently. Maybe this model needs new batteries every year or maybe its junk now.
5 Stars out of 5

Its a great phone

Reviewed on Thursday November 18, 2004 by , london ontario
Ive had 12 phones and this is the only one that has lasted me a whole year without any problems.
1 Star out of 5

ITs a Amazing piece of JUNK

Reviewed on Thursday November 18, 2004 by , London Ontario
This phone was like the best phone ive ever had until the woraenty ran out then it broke, the connections wwould always cut in and out, the numbers would lock up. It would freeze,and it will ring when nobody calls and wont ring often when someone is calling. Also the screen will lock and be really jumpy. I STRONGLY recomment that you never buy this phone!!!
5 Stars out of 5

Great so far!

Reviewed on Tuesday October 26, 2004 by , Burlington, Ontario, Canada
I've had this phone for about 3 months or so now, and I really don't have any complaints about it at all.

This phone has a lot to live up to though; my previous phone (a Sanyo SCP-4000) lasted me about 5 years, original battery and all, covering around 18000 minutes over almost 8000 calls. My only reason for getting a new phone was because I needed a tri-mode phone to be able to get good reception in some places.

As I said though, so far, so good. I'm amazed all of the features that are packed onto such a small and cheap phone. I originally didn't figure I'd ever get any use out of the flashlight, but it's already come in handy a few times. Having Tetris on it is great too. It's like I'm 14 again with my old GameBoy. :) I really appreciate being able to set different ring-tones for different people as well. It makes it easy to tell whether it's my girlfriend, parents, buddies or the office calling without even moving. I think the best feature though, if you take the time to use it, is the scheduler. It nearly rivals a BlackBerry, except for the phone's keypad being a much less efficient keyboard.

The only negative I can think of at all is that I've noticed the silver paint on the corners of the star and pound keys is starting to wear down just a bit, so I'm being a little more careful about how I put the phone in my pocket.

One thing on my wish list for a future software upgrade to this phone... It seems to have GPS capabilities in that it can tell the phone carrier and 911 exactly where you are, however it'd be really nice if it shared that functionality with phone owners too. If this phone simply even just showed my current GPS position (which obviously it already knows anyway), that'd be absolutely amazing!

By the way, I'm normally really good with my phone, but it has already had it's first incident of being dropped - from about waist high straight down onto pavement. Luckily, there was very little damage to the casing (I lightly filed a very small bit of plastic so it wouldn't scratch my hand), and no functional damage whatsoever.

A big "Nice work!" to the folks at Kyocera on this phone, and a big "Thanks!" to Telus for making it available on their network.
3 Stars out of 5

Cute but some problems

Reviewed on Wednesday October 6, 2004 by , Whibty
The phone looks really cute and seems to be designed for girls.
1. The screen is too small
2. The keypad is not comfortable. Maybe it's OK for a teenager's hand, but not working for me.
4 Stars out of 5

Putting things in perspective

Reviewed on Monday September 27, 2004 by , Canada
In response to an earlier comment on the frequent repairs that this handset required. Please note that the comments provided are being looked into and must be an uncommon experience as the repair and return rate for this phone is less than 1% of our total volume sold. This is an outstanding track record for this handset in the industry and is something that makes Kyocera Wireless stand out from the other handset manufacturers!
3 Stars out of 5

Bon téléphone

Reviewed on Thursday September 23, 2004 by , Montréal
Je possède ce téléphone depuis quelques mois et je n'ai eu aucun problème pour le moment, sauf que parfois on s'entend parler et ce n'est vraiment pas agréable. La réception est bonne.
1 Star out of 5

What a peice...

Reviewed on Sunday August 22, 2004 by , Calgary
I got this phone for my birthday in december to replace my samsung A4540. It was really great at the time, color screen, flash light, not a flip phone, small, everything i wanted. I had it in my purse one day, i took it out and the plastic top screen was cracked. I hadn't been doing anything harmful to my purse, i was simply carrying it. The screen is too tiny and the color on the buttons wears off really fast. About 50% of my calls sound like i am talking into a tin can, i can hear myself talking, which is really distracting and you cant hear the other person talk. I wouldnt recomend this phone, even if you are young and think its cool, im young it is cool, but ive had it for about 6 months, the screen has 3 cracks all the way across it, and all the color is off the buttons, just spend the extra money and get an LG, my dads hasnt broken yet he's had it for about 2 years.
4 Stars out of 5

Kyocera KE424C

Reviewed on Friday August 20, 2004 by , Montréal
This is a great phone for the price. I am only 14 years old and I spent a BIG 57.50$ for that phone, because I give my OOLLDD Nokia 5190, witch was working with Fido. Plus, I got a 50$ pre-paid card. There are 3 games, Tetris, Brick Attack, and Doodle, a drawing game. Great reception, with Telus Mobility network.

There is only ONE thing that I dislike (or maybe this is just a problem with THAT phone, and not all) but the quality on the speaker is a little bad, even when I am in the Telus' Zone.
4 Stars out of 5

Objective Review...

Reviewed on Wednesday August 11, 2004 by , Toronto
This phone has a bright led flash light that runs for a loooong time (2 hours on a fresh charge). I almost chose not to buy the phone because this seemed to be a cheesy option, but found the option to be worth it's weight in gold (fuse box, under the car at night, reading in very low light, etc). The buttons are sub par to most nokia and samsung phones, but operate well once you have adjusted to them. The display is bright under all conditions. A Large amount of included ringers and pictures, with options to download as many as 10 more pictures and 10 more ringers. As with many 3g phones, midi type ringers are not as loud as they should be, however there are a couple of built in ringers (attention, siren) that are intensely loud and can be heard even when listening to a 140db stereo system! I have had many expensive phones, but chose this one after having my last samsung replaced 3 times. I have used this phone up north, all around the city, and have had generally very good results so far as reception. Volume of the ear piece is excellent (I have checked voice mail in the middle of a concert!). Add on ear phones are only mediocre in volume (not acceptable in most cars at 120kph). Phone includes a simple voice dial system. This works well when you train it in a quite room. The features go on and on (including a licensed version of Tetris!)

I wasn't expecting much from this entry level phone, and aside from it's display screen being a little smaller than newer phones, it is an awesome value.

It's all about the settings. All networks have problems, lately Telus seems to have the least. The only trick I have found with this phone for reception and battery life... change the network option to digital only. If you leave any populated areas, you may have to switch back to automatic, but I haven't had to since my trip to Newbrunswick.

PS... This phone has the ability to flash the screen while ringing. When it is turned on, it will turn on the intensely bright button pad until you answer the phone, or more importantly, until you check the phone. This will drain your batteries prematurely if you are away from the phone for any length of time, giving the illusion that the battery is not functioning correctly.

I would recommend this phone to anyone in Ontario on a budget.
1 Star out of 5

Do not purchase!

Reviewed on Monday August 2, 2004 by , Toronto
I work for Telus Mobility and I've seen this phone come back for repair more than any of the others. Just a word of recommendation -- do not buy this phone. It is designed poorly. If you're looking for a cheap phone that will last you less than a year, then go for it and buy it. If not, spend the extra $$ and upgrade to any of the others.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday June 18, 2004 by , toronto, ontario
I'm only 15 years old and I got this phone around January for only 50 dollars. If you give in an old Fido phone of any sort, you can get this one for only 50 dollars, plus, a 50 dollars pay and talk card is given to start off with. I still use pay and talk now, and only pay about 10 to 20 dollars a month (which is exactly just what I need.) It's a small, colourfull, easy to use phone. I get great reception and only 4-5 calls have ever been dropped ever since January (it's now June). It charges quick, and their are many advanced, useful features I really like. One small thing that bugs me a tiny bit is that it doesn't ring as loud as I would like. It's loud enough to hear, but I just like those cell phones that are extra loud so that I don't miss calls that could been gotten. Besides that, everything about it is great. Theirs a leather or a plastic case available, and I got the plastic one. I don't like it with the case, so I don't even use that. It's a great phone for teenagers, and new face plates are comming out. I totally recommend it.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday March 24, 2004 by , Calgary, Alberta
Wow this phone is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned! First of all the phone is always freezing up and you can't use it and it takes forever to turn off. Second of all Telus's network sucks, I can't get service anywhere and my calls are always getting dropped, and once your free internet browser runs out you can't send text messages, it won't let you send them from the messaging program on the phone, what's up with that? I have my phone on a Pay and Talk plan so it was really expensive in the first place to buy it and paying $0.40 a minute because you don't fill your account up in time is really stupid, and if you want to get back to $0.29 a minute you have to put on a $50 card every time it happens. I am really digusted with the service and phone I got from Telus, I will never get a cell phone and plan from them ever again. I am heading to Rogers ATT (my previous cell phone provider who was EXCELLENT) or Fido on the advice of friends and family. Stay clear of Telus if you don't want to get ripped off!
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday February 29, 2004 by , sointula, b.c.
Boy it is sure pretty and the kids like it. To bad it dont work, especially the left side of the key-pad locks up and
either will not function or else it sends a one and seven
together such that you can not get a phone number entered.
It is coming back via collect courier service! I have a
friend who has exactly the same problem. Do you have any
recommendations before I send it back?
Gordon M.
5 Stars out of 5

Great phone!!!

Reviewed on Sunday November 9, 2003 by , Windsor, Ontario
I'm pretty new to cell phones so I wasn't looking to spend to much. This Kyocera is a brand new model and for just $200 you get the phone, battery, belt clip, charger, and a $75 Pay and Talk kit for pre paid phone service or you could just buy the it for $130 without the Pay and Talk kit. The phone is nice, small, and it has nice hard metal buttons so you don't have to worry about hitting the wrong button or rubbing the numbers off the button. This phone is web ready so you can do instant messaging, email, browse the web, play games on the internet, download ringtowns. The phone comes with 20 ring tones programed in it, not to much of a selection but you can always download more. The phone charges fairly quick. The only flaw, its actualy not that big of a deal but I should still mention it, is that the colour screen is a little to small but you easily addjust to it and the letters are easy to read. However, most other colour screen phones have bigger screens....then again most other colour screen phones cost over $300. Another thing is that they should include a cover case for the phone but you can probably buy one for $20. I highly recommend buying a case for your phone. Since post colour screen phones are flip tops you don't need to worry about scratching the screen, ex. if its in your pocket and you have your keys or loose change in your pocket as well. The only real problem I had, which you really can't blame on the phone, was the activation is a little frustrating but that Telus's fault. This is a high tech entry level phone. I would recommend it for teenagers since you get alot for your money.
5 Stars out of 5

Top Class Entry Level phone

Reviewed on Wednesday October 22, 2003 by , Toronto
A handset so simple to use , you don't even need the user manual. There is an information button and a feature called "SMART SOUND"that automatically adjust the volume based on the surrounding noise level.There is also "Missed Call Alert." You can enable/disable this feature.
Flashlight. This is the first phone I have ever seen with a built in flashlight. I was able to use it in a pitch black room and find my way around. It's just like the LED flashlights that are being built into keychains. Worked wonderfully. You can even set it to stay on just by holding the Back/light key and pressing OK at the same time. Set the phone down and the light will stay on until you press the end key. Very cool.
A picture caller id, very good sound incoming and outgoing.Full review later