Kyocera K494

Also known as the Kyocera Energi

Kyocera K494 Front View

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Canada: TELUS


October 2004


  • Built-in flashlight
  • Voice activated dialing
  • Downloadable ringtones
  • User changeable faceplates


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4 Stars out of 5

(Almost) Everything you need!

Reviewed on Saturday April 16, 2005 by , Toronto
After losing my Nokia 3390 I needed a new phone amd chose the Kyocera Energi (K494) on Telus Pay & Talk.

I'm quite impressed with the features and ease of use of this phone -- the transition was painless!

I won't bore you describing its features (you can read about them elsewhere) but I will tell you what is missing (a couple of small things that would be nice to have but aren't a huge deal.)

The faceplate is removable but the keypad is not, so you really can't change the look of the phone or replace a worn-out keypad.

There is no provision for entering long distance calling cards. I got around this by putting my cards into a regular phonebook entry.

You can't get this phone to vibrate and ring at the same time. It will vibrate THEN ring, but that's as close as you get. If you're somewhere loud you might not be able to hear the ring, but if you're not in contact with the phone (say it's in your coat pocket) you won't feel the ring.

And finally, you can't recharge the phone and talk at the same time. Not a problem for me since I charge my phone at home and if I'm at home I'm using the landline.