Firefly Mobile Phone for Mobile Kids Reviews

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The Firefly Mobile Phone for Mobile Kids has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday October 11, 2007 by , Ontario
When I first saw the firefly commercial I thought that it was SO BAD, but now I read about it, and it is so amazing! Its great that it only lets you talk for 2.5 hours so you aren't always on the phone! My mom thinks its great. And thankfully it can store 20 numbers so I can call my friends straight from the phone book! I love the mom and dad buttons and the emergency button and if you hold it down for 5 seconds it will go to 911, NOT ACCIDENTLY! Parents, this phone is for your daughter/ son! Thanks!
5 Stars out of 5

5 seconds to be exact

Reviewed on Friday March 16, 2007 by , Vancouver, B.C.
I am 11 years old and i love this phone ! ...

To be exact, you have to hold the Emergency button on the right side of the firefly phone for 5 SECONDS ! and after that , on the screen it will say : Are you sure ? then you say yes or no!

And for those who have bought a new or used Firefly the default password is : 1234 !

I recommend this phone !

thanks for reading
1 Star out of 5

Not Happy at All

Reviewed on Wednesday February 14, 2007 by , Winnipeg, MB
I bought this phone for my 10 year old son and had nothing but problems. It had terrible reception. Sometimes I could get a hold of him and sometimes I couldn't. I returned the phone to the dealer, they gave me a new one...SAME PROBLEM!! I bought it to have peace of mind, and it did not do the trick. I have other Rogers phones which ALWAYS worked in the areas that my son was in. This phone was returned again and I did not get another one.
It's a great concept, I really wished it would have worked ALL THE TIME, but it failed to do what I wanted it to do!!
1 Star out of 5

Thumbs Down.

Reviewed on Wednesday December 20, 2006 by , Tbay
I think this phone is WAY to big, bulky and ugly. The translucent shell of the phone is embarassing. If I had this phone, I would NOT want to use it.
5 Stars out of 5

Fantastic First Phone For Young Kids/Tweens!

Reviewed on Thursday November 3, 2005 by , New Jersey USA
My daughter has this phone and just LOVES hers! And her having her own cell phone gives ME peace-of-mind when she's not with me...yet I don't have the worry of her running up huge cellphone bills with text messaging and whatnot, because THIS cellphone has no keypad-which means, kids can not use text messaging!

It was easy to set up, easy to program and even my daughter, who's 11 has no problem putting in new numbers or using her Firefly phone at all.

You can add minutes by buying more minutes via Firefly phone cards in various denominations.

The Firefly phone can hold 20 numbers of friends/family, PLUS there are dedicated 'Mom' and 'Dad' buttons, which will call mom or dad with just a push of the buttons!
AND, there is another button just for 911! Its on the side, but has to be held in for a certain amt. of seconds before it will make the call to 911-so it can't accidently be called.

There are great and fun accessories you can get for the Firefly phone too! My daughter, being a girl, wasn't too happy with the blue outter shell case-so she now has the Bubblegum pink shell and just loves it!

As a first phone, this phone is fantastic for younger kids, who lets be honest, really don't need all the bells and whistles of a regular cellphone and mom and dad sure don't need the high bills from them!

Many of her friends love her Firefly phone and some have even gotten their own-they think its, and I quote...'cool' and 'Awww..its so cute!' lol