BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Reviews

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The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

it does not work

Reviewed on Saturday October 9, 2010 by , saskatchewan
I have owned the pearl for just over a year now and I wish someone warned me that the phone doesn't receive text messages all the time. It will delete them and automatically erase them. You must remove the battery in order to clear up memory if this happens. I hate the phone and will never get another. I want to advise people not to get one.
1 Star out of 5

they don't work

Reviewed on Sunday April 11, 2010 by , North Battleford
this is my second one they just brake down for no reason and leave you hanging peace of S*#T
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Monday October 12, 2009 by , toronto,on
so where shall i start..... Everything was good with this phone for a year, and then..... 1) my trackball basically has to be pushed sooo hard that it leaves a severe imprint in my finger. 2) it freezes all the time, even when I am texting or trying to scroll to a different application, so I have to remove the battery to restart it. 3) the battery is hardly lasting for more than 4 hours now, even though it is fully charged (And I hardly ever use any music, camera or anything) 4) the internet is really slow, compared to my frineds who have newer blackberries, from Telus. 5) sometimes the phone just shuts down on it own.

So if you would like one I say go ahead, but after a year you will regret it. Mine started giving me problems, 3 weeks after the warranty ended, and Telus won't replace the phone for me and just gives me a repair pricing list, so buyer beware, the $0 for a 3 year contract might sound nice, but you will be paying $200 + to a buy a new phone before your contract ends.
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday March 5, 2009 by , ontario
Well, I have had my blackberry for less than a year. And I give it about a 3 out of 5, reason being I fid it quite slow, it freezes alot, and my trackerball is starting to come loose. Took it to Telus and they checked the phone for me and there is nothing "wrong" with it, so they say. I really regret getting this blackberry.
4 Stars out of 5

blackberry pearl is amazing!

Reviewed on Saturday February 21, 2009 by , mississauga, ontario
i have had this phone for about 1 month and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!
it is perfect size, i love the ball, the keys are very easy to use, the screen is crystal clear, and the voice quality is very good. the only downside is the fact that it can not record videos. then again, its a PHONE, not a CAMERA, so you should not need videos. my pearl is my life. it schedules everything for me, and i can get everything done well and on time with my notes and alarms. i love my pearl, and will never regret buying it!
5 Stars out of 5

best phone ever !!!

Reviewed on Wednesday October 29, 2008 by , brooksville, florida
i am an alltel customer and i can tell you that i have owned just about every phone the have had from the the razr to the razr v9m, the krzr, htc touch, 6800, 6700, the scoop and the lgs. with my bb i never have a problem hitting the net its small enough to fit my hands. i found the wider bb i had a hard time holding. but with this one i dont have that problem. i found the blackberry very easy to learn and use. i highly recommend this phone
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday August 13, 2008 by , Edmonton,Alberta
About 3 months ago i purchased a Blackberry Pearl 8130 from telus. Not only am i in love with the outer appearance (mine is pink)but i am astonished by the amount of features provided by this phone! The music player is to die for, imitating the features of an ipod. the web browsing is amazing, giving you the full appearance of the website. I would recommend this phone for busy business men/women, busy parents, or like me, a needy student. This phone is for everyone!
5 Stars out of 5

It may be small, but it does it all!

Reviewed on Wednesday December 12, 2007 by , Vancouver
After many months of research, I finally decided to go with the 8130 pearl. I'm not an international traveler so it was not necessary to have an 8830. My impressions of the pearl are nothing but positive. If you’re experienced on a regular keyboard, then typing with the pearl is no issue because it's still a QWERTY and you use your thumbs. As far as the features on the 8130, it's a blackberry, and that's all that needs to be said. It does all that it is suppose to do very well. After asking many people with smart phones what their experiences are, it's clear the ones with a blackberry are very happy, the others wish they had a blackberry. If you’re not afraid to go without the full keyboard then I highly recommend the 8130 pearl.