BlackBerry 8703e

BlackBerry 8703e Front View

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Canada: Bell


April 2009


  • Blutooth capability
  • EV-DO support
  • Speakerphone


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3 Stars out of 5

Blackberry 8703E - Almost Right!

Reviewed on Friday February 16, 2007 by , Toronto
Short and sweet. The Blackberry folks have yet again come up with a great product that falls just slightly short of the mark in terms of intuitive performance. To be sure it has what appears to be a great feature set... I say, "What appears to be" as I simply cannot find out how to use some of these features! Take for example the simple task of transferring a contact from one unit to another using Bluetooth. IMPOSSIBLE. Someone please try to explain to me how to do this? The list is endless. A good user manual would be a godsend.

On the plus side, this is the best performing RADIO that I have used in over five years. It will make and receive phone calls in places that I never had a hope of having my old cellphones work from. Outstanding performance guys. To be proud of.

Just get the intuitive side of performance of tasks sorted out and you have a real winner here.

I love the unit... just help me figure out how it works.